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Banned for hiding from us, the Spear of Destiny.
Banned for seeking for that which is not to be found by you
Banned for seeking Yoohoo rather than Nesquick.
Banned for not mentioning Swiss Miss hot chocolate
Banned for making me now want hot chocolate.....brb, gotta hit the store for a bit.....
Banned because I'd buy that for a dollar!
Banned because I'm broke and could need the dollar xd
Banned because you should have invested that dollar in bitcoin two years ago
Banned because i invested in you working magic for me and you 've failed me.
Banned for calling blackmail an investment.
Banned for calling an investment blackmail.
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Banned for not diversifying in precious metals
(Didn't take the advice to rent a helicopter, though.....cuz a limo works just as well & is cheaper)
(Note on vid: The sound quality isn't cr*p...the voices are supposed to be drowned out for part of the video)
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Banned because you should drop down immediately that fugly thing you're holding and pick up a cat, instead!