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Banned because DO A BARREL ROLL
Banned for being on a less spicy food diet.

EDIT: I got ninja'd. Banned for being a ninja!
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Banned for not expecting the Spanish Inquisition!
Banned for creating insulin by accident.
Banned for calling other forum users "weaklings" in his avatar description. Such Nietzschean statements of superiority have no place here.
Banned because you mentioned THE, Overman, without prior contemplation and paying due respect.
Banned for insinuating that morolf is disrespectful.
Banned for insinuating that he isn't.

KiNgBrAdLeY7: Banned because, you just reminded me, what is the one and only thing i 've never tried yet; preggo sex!
Banned for having had sex with a dead underage boy who was genetically related to you while licking feces off of his face and being sodomized by a horse and whipped by a dominatrix who shouts that you're too pathetic to even deserve what you're doing.

jsidhu762: Banned for creating insulin by accident.
Banned because penicillin is the drug that was created by accident.
Banned for confusing me with multiple bans (of people who already have been banned!). Also for coming up with a disgusting necrophiliac scenario...even Bradley probably isn't that much of a sicko.
Banned for thou failed to ban HMA verily and forsooth.
Banned for trying to sooth health network beaucrats.
Banned for coining a neologism without explaining it...what are "beaucrats" supposed to be? Rule of the beautiful?
Banned for being a Komodocrat.
Banned for opposing the rule of the giant lizards, who are the rightful owners of the earth.
Banned for being way too outdated. The rule of giant lizards has ended eons ago. That's why you should study history, so that you won't repeat your ancestor's failure. Or rather...archaeology, it's way way before history. Or paleontology, pick one.
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