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Banned because, you just reminded me, what is the one and only thing i 've never tried yet; preggo sex!
Banned for being a sick pervert. I don't even want to imagine what kind of things you've already tried.
Banned for kink-shaming yet again.
Banned, because only Church-approved sexual practices should be allowed anyway, that is missionary position for procreation ONLY.
Banned for owning komodo dragons as pets, everyone knows they don't exist.
Banned, because Canada doesn't exist.
Banned because you 're unable to discern between those which exist and those that don't.
Banned were correct.
Banned for admitting failure... even if it wasn't your own.
^ banned for running over a Texas speed bump (armadillo)
Banned for hypocrisy, you were the guy after all who caused the death of that poor chicken which was crushed by a monster truck.
^ banned for thinking that armadillo meat "tastes like chicken."
Banned because everything tastes like chicken.
Banned because you have never tasted wasabi.
Banned because I'm trying to eat less spicy food.