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Banned, because I'm sure any God would be proud of our wholesome, harmonious Gog community and regard it as the pinnacle of creation.
Banned for not getting the Spy Kids reference
Banned for spying on kids.
Banned for being overprotective towards kids.
Banned for making me think of Randy Pitchford, who I believe is a very cursed individual.
Banned because i am getting desperate; i will stop at nothing to reach a certain star, once again.
Banned because being desperate is an antidote to success in love.
Banned, because talking about antidotes makes it sound like "Love is poison".
Banned for not realising love is poison, especially when it's only a one way thing.
Banned for not getting straight to the point and mentioning life is poison(i.e. it all ends the same way and it ain't pleasant for any involved).
Banned for nihilism.
Banned for not using a periapt of proof vs poison.
Banned, because we're not in a role-playing game here.
Banned because .. are you sure?
Banned for trying to induce existential anxiety ("are we living in a simulation?") in other users.