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Banned for not exposing our simulation overlords & trying to steal my recipe for dark matter

Protip: It's 4 parts Cesium and 3 parts bottled water with some plutonic quartz

(Warning: Don't try this will actually cause a nasty explosion/reaction)
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Banned because you're not supposed to drink it.
Banned because it was two way, until some ediots interfered; and yes, poison is strong.
Banned for spiking Socrates' drink with hemlock.
Banned for travelling the wrong way down a one-way street.
@jshidhu: Banned for anti-democratic elitism, because Socrates deserved execution.

@trooper: Banned for caring about traffic rules in a gaming forum...with that attitude GTA will never come here.
Banned for executing people who disagree with you.
Banned for disagreeing with me. And now off with your head :-)
Banned for ordering such an act that could cause the extinction of pikachu's.
Banned because electric mice are not endangered. Not in Kanto anyway.
RedFireGaming: Banned because electric mice are not endangered. Not in Kanto anyway.
Banned because koalas are. There are only 80 000 left. (No seriously. They say it's functionally extinct, but 80 000 sounds like a lot.)
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Banned for being serious. This is not a serious subject, and you only have to glance over the rest of the forum to see this is universal. :p
Banned because I find it kind of funny that a population as large as 80 000 equals extnction.
Banned because a population is extinct when it can't replenish its numbers.
Banned for not realizing that they are trying to, but scientists are watching them all the time and they are shy.