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Banned because I'm a serial banner. Ka-Ban!
Banned for Ka-Banning.
Banned for having an avatar that looks like a squashed skittle/bowling pin.
Banned because my anime avatars are what made some ediots angry against me.
Banned for making people angry.
Banned for making Mr. Bigglesworth upset.
Banned, because I need my daily banning. Now for a cigarette.
Banned for smoking... There is a No Smoking ban on GOG. :p
Post edited May 17, 2019 by Trooper1270
Banned for trying to ban my avatar by extension.
Banned for having an incompatible extender for your avatar.
Banned, because that made me google "extender", and now I know penis extenders are a thing. Disgusting.
Banned for calling google extensions disgusting.
Banned for not acknowledging that 50% or more of extensions are ripoffs or cr*p in general.
Banned for having OCD. I had it but it's gone and nowhere to be found. Life was more challenging and interesting at the same time, now I'm living like a normal (simple) person. You lucky son of a... :)

P.S. Important remark, it's just another stupid reason for a ban.
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Banned for being a boring normie without any mental health issues.