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Banned for being a bird brain.
Banned because I have a cockatiel and is very smart bird.
Banned because I don't have what you have.
Banned because what they have there, is something your homeland is much better without...
Banned for not being specific.
Banned because if i get specific, i will be banned (again). GOG isn't the same GOG we all knew, anymore; Freedom of speech is over!
Post edited September 18, 2017 by KiNgBrAdLeY7
Banned because there's plenty of speedom of freech... that what you said, right?
Banned by GOG for discussing said matter that cannot be talked about.
Banned for talking about it to tell me not to talk about it.
Banned for not talking about while talking about it.
Banned because dirty Barry will for president again!
Banned for mistaking Dirty Harry with Dirty Barry.
Banned for being dirty and hairy.
Banned for having a cup of tea, or a beer if that's more your thing.
Banned because I'm drinking lemon tea out of a bottle, not a cup.