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Banned for comparing me to a bee.
Banned because Exhodos is comparing you with a wasp, not with a bee.
BfB, Banned for Bees.
Banned for excluding the bumblebees.
BfnBfUA, Banned for not Banning for Using Acronyms - remember the strict no acronym policy that I made for no reason and always break anyway.
BfBAH, banned for being a hypocrite.
Banned for crating hippos.
BfPHiC - Banned for putting hippos in crates.
Banned for thinking that crite spells crate.
Banned for crikey.
Banned for croaky.
Banned for drinking while driving. If you are going to do activities that are both fun and safe, you should at least have the courtesy to invite me.
Banned because he didn't invite me either...
Banned for not actually being a king
Banned for not hailing the king.