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loenatik: a question which troubled a friend of mine :

dude, do you think well- hung- shemale dwarves with big boobs have backpain?

hahahaha, try answering that
Might also have knee pain.
The release of the STALKER series on GOG.
I ordered my first region free DVD/Blu Ray player! Now I can immerse myself in shitty UK television and German imports since Germans get all the Blu Rays for some reason! And my wife can yell at me for spending more money on movies and shows! Win-win!

So excited!
Three things:

I discovered that iTunes finally got two cd's I've been dying to get: "Candleland" by Ian McCulloch and Hipsway's self-titled debut.

Also, I found Echo & the Bunnymen's "Reverberation" on Amazon and got it for six bucks.
Went for dinner with a friend of mine (a former girlfriend from some years ago). Every time I met here somewhere (she's often to be found at the same meetings I attempt), there were promises made to do some catching up, but it never got to an appointment, me being too busy or she not calling back. But I saw her at a meeting that lasted till 17:00 and it was in the city centre, so it seemed like a good idea to go have dinner together instantly, she agreed and we had dinner at a cheap restaurant (both of us are living on disability benefits). It was nice, we met some other people too at the restaurant and now I don't have to feel so guilty if meeting her again for noting taking time to catch-up. Saw some characteristics treats in her behaviour though, that reminded me why I chose for her to be my ex-girlfriend (and have been happy single ever since, well, not happy with life per se, but at the least happy with being single).

Edit: and it was good to see here doing fine and being happy in her life. Not surviving life, not living life, but enjoying life as she called it. Quiet an accomplishment for people with mental illnesses!
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Being a Good Guy pays off at times.
I got a 'big' bursary
Today I sold a couple minor used machine parts that I figured I'd be sitting on forever.

Also, got word earlier today that I'm probably going to have the opportunity to get my hands on another old machine to cherry pick the prime salvage parts. This one has some newer electronics that I *know* I can sell within the year, so the payback is almost-but-not-quite-guaranteed. That, and it has some other parts that I ran out of a couple years back. If I get access to it, this will be a nice boost to my inventory. Don't know where I'm going to put all of this stuff, though...
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A coworker and good friend repaying me, in full, a not insubstantial loan I gave him to buy the car he ardently wanted in the local classifieds.

Some of my other friends had grave doubts about his reliability, and desire, to repay such a loan. "Neither a borrower nor a lender be, for loan oft loses both itself and friend," and so forth. He's something of an eccentric character.

But also a close friend. And he proved to be one. I didn't even need to harass him about it!
tinyE: This.
That :)
tinyE: This.
AdamR: That :)
It's so cute!
After signing up three times since Beta was started, I finally received my Beta invite to The Elder Scrolls Online last night :D

So I redeemed that key plus my Imperial Edition key :D:D:D Woohoo
Finally buying the Dungeon Keeper series (Not DK: $money$) & the Stalker series
Yesterday. It's incredibly rare for nice things to happen to me for no reason, so I hope there's plenty of this wave to ride.