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matterbandit: I know this isn't the forum for such discussions, but I felt the need to respond to your remark, GR. ;) Just because a certain publisher decided to push their drm game onto our platform, does not mean I will punish all those other cool publishers who wholeheartedly released their games here drm-free.

So, what I'm saying is that I use my GOG wallet like a bag full of delicious cat treats: I do my best to reward good cat behavior. And if there's a cat out there who thinks it's cool to vomit all over my face, well then, that cat ain't getting a single treat from me. :P
Well said and agreed 100%(it's the same stance I hold). :)

matterbandit: With Autumn and Winter at my doorstep, I noticed that the general decline of bright sunshine has a profound effect on my mind and every year, it gets worse and worse. So, today is my second morning experimenting with light therapy and I already feel a positive difference. :) Hope this treatment will carry me through the dark months ahead!
You should/could also try soothing/uplifting music as well...that often works for me. :)
(I also sometimes like a good cup of coffee/etc when getting up)
There's a quaint Vietnamese take-out joint newly opened in my neighbourhood and I must say my tastebuds were quite impressed. I love quality authentique Asian cuisine very much, so I'm happy to have this new place within reach. :)

WinterSnowfall: I know it's an oldie, but it cracks me up every time I see it:
Never seen that oldie, but it's now etched in my mind. xD
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I cleared a "hurdle" on going back to Linux.

I have an NAS on which I keep media files, in preparation to go back to Linux I installed a VM on which to run test, one of the test was to access the NAS. I originally was unable to access its shares and the error I was given was not helpful because I knew it was wrong (something about a wrong share name). I eventually figured out that my NAS uses an older CIFS version and I just had to tell that to my mount command.
I rarely buy clothing in thrift shops. Books, kitchenware and other stuff, yes, but rarely clothing. Often, I find that the men's selection is so sparse and bland, compared to the variety of choice available in the women's collection, so I don't even bother browsing it.

But today I accidentally stumbled upon a gorgeous charcoal grey wool sweater with a pronounced collar, just perfect for the cold days ahead! Not often do I hear myself say, "Wow, that looks great on me!". I paid 2$ for a sweater in mint condition. :)
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A phenomenal springboks vs all blacks game, with a wonderful opening try :D
Matewis: A phenomenal springboks vs all blacks game, with a wonderful opening try :D
Very sneaky. Who won?
Cambrey: Very sneaky. Who won?
Springboks this time :)
My cat's blood glucose numbers were 166 last night thus didn't get an insulin shot and was 119 this morning. Normal for cats using the cat meter is 80-120. He won't get tested this evening for another hour.
I did a video chat with friends... though after the short call I cried because I realized how sad I am and how I have no friends on this side of the country so they are all 19 hours away...
Cruelty Squad, though not in the... "normal" way
Went to a protest, and I'm glad I went.
Yesterday before i went to bed (technically it was today because it was past midnight) and - out of the blue - after i left the bathroom I realised how good everything at the moment works for me.
My entire family is healthy, I'm financially safe, I have a job that I really like and my work-life balance is somewhat even and theres no indication whatsoever that will change in the future (in both ways) ... and all of this in one moment which brought a really broad grin to my face .. so, yeah .. can't really explain why my body thought it had to be, but it happened. And I'm glad it did!
dtgreene: Went to a protest, and I'm glad I went.
Against the law in Texas? Kudos!

I'm currently happy about the autumn weather. It's so cozy and colorful!
Being alive?. Spring warm weather i guess...
Apparently Facebook is down worldwide xD

Whatsapp too though, which sucks a little bit.