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It makes me happy whenever I find something that I like at my neighbourhood thriftshop! Today, I purchased two hand-painted, made-in-Japan stoneware bowls and three similar plates. Their floral artwork is colourful, bright and very cheerful! I figured they would make a great breakfast set. ;) A splendid way to jump start my mornings, especially on rainy days.
playing games online make me happy, I found cool game at and I've already won a few times. This is so entertaining. Just place a bet. The initial stake is determined before the start of a game. The maximum stake is 30 EUR and the minimum stake is 1 EUR and you can stop and take your winnings at any level.
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A week of vacation where I can just relax and do nothing. Also got some money back from my tax return so that's nice. Vacation + money = win!
It's suddenly seeing that God of War (2018) banner on the store today when I came to GOG. I was totally not expecting that and thought it would take much longer for the game to get actually released here. Man, this was a really welcome surprise!
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We took one of the cats to the ER cat vet this morning due to rectal bleeding, and it's looking like it was just extremely severe constipation. He's still over there as they're giving him an enema, and it's going to take time to get all the stuck poop out.

As awful as that all is, I'm happy that it wasn't something worse.
Recovering from an Easter weekend hangover. xD Four consecutive days of entertaining friends visiting from out of town. Been ages since I last subjected my body to so much decadence. Today, I am very, very, very happy the party is over. xD
I'm happy to have been alone for most of the Easter weekend, but today I've had so much interaction with people I feel totally exhausted and over-stimulated. My head is spinning far too much to do anything but mindlessly browsing fora.
A family-sized bag of discounted chocolate mini Easter eggs. :) Do I feel sick to my stomach? Yes. Did they make me happy? Absolutely. :) But, I won't be buying another bag... I must not buy another bag. xD
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today I won few coins while playing Wolf Treasure pokies Love this game, it has the fantastic graphics. The background shows a beautiful forest scene with misty mountains in the distance. The reels are set against a stone wall and are adorned with symbols such as wolves, buffalo, eagles, and other animals. I found reliable casinos at where I can play this game.
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After a long period of nothing but wind and rain, today is sunny and warm (though still a little windy).
Witnessed the solar eclipse today! :) I'm still buzzing from the experience. It was spectacular!
matterbandit: Witnessed the solar eclipse today! :) I'm still buzzing from the experience. It was spectacular!
I watched it on tv as there was two hours of eclipse coverage showing it in different locations. My favorite part was actually when it was reported that the bats that were being observed didn't react to the eclipse at all even though birds, bees, and even plants were.
matterbandit: Witnessed the solar eclipse today! :) I'm still buzzing from the experience. It was spectacular!
Took a nap since it went dark. Such beautiful (wet)dreams.((;--))
For 30 years, the outlet near the foot of my bed has been tethered to an over-stuffed bundle of wires that never should have been. But today, all that was finally fixed and the new outlet even has a pair of USB ports!
One of my favorite shows is Chopped, and they replayed the episode where the ingredient basket was:
- Snack Cake Wedding Cake
- Durian
- Kale Candy Canes
- Vegan Ham

I finally got to see the durian episode that I missed when it first aired! The kale candy canes and vegan ham are just bonus!