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That I got settings right at the Witcher 3, and found some sneaky good sword and better armor.

No quick killed anymore, the world is waiting!:D
A little perturbed that my hammer doesn't come with Collision Avoidance, and that my thumb doesn't have airbags.

But ultimately okay with that since the next day the thumb wasn't bothering me at all.
The star wars theme played outside my window for no apparent reason.
Mmm... Today. I am very happy. My chi currents control is already stabilized for myself and it now started manifesting on others, too. I have limited control over the energy flow of others... Stimulating the energy level of others on base chakra center has very funny results and is very enjoyable, especially for me. Aizen Myo, the light of passion, has yielded me divine blessing.
3 Double cheeseburgers with mac sauce and an Arizona Green Tea.
I found out that Double Fine got their rights for iron Brigade back so they were able to finally remove GFWL so now I can play it without feeling dirty... even if it is still on Steam and not GOG.
Today I showed my end of degree project to my teachers and they liked it.
Bought a sweet t-shirt from
Finding out that I really won an Underworld Ascendant t-shirt and it wasn't just a phishing mail. :)

Also, looks like Valve is now offering unconditional 14 day refunds, as long as you played the game under 2 hours. Not that I'm buying there much, but it still makes me happy.
Need to learn a lot but can play witcher later
Blatter's retirement.
Some *certain* clickmongers keep at their thing, abusing downvote on my latest entries, continuously! I love watching them try so hard to push me back a few points down, as if they are achieving anything, by wasting time to hunt my posts and do their thing!

I am so amused and at the same time, happy, that *certain* people have so much free time and nothing better to do! Maybe i should send them a death threat too, for the lols? Nah, they don't deserve MY free time and i certainly wouldn't waste IT on them, even if i wanted some free, wild lols. :D
Lost 8 pounds so far with diet and exeercise (currently 180 from 188 at 6 feet and a hair) .

Can now do 200 situps in a go.