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I joined a gruop of peolpe at my university called "anonymous gamers" where we talk about video games in general, the industie and news in the szene in a semi-scientific way.
I hate my life but I do enjoy hoarding games.
PabloEscobar: I am happy I went to gym today. Finally managed to deep squat 190 kg raw.

jk ;) thats really impressive. Im stuck on around 120 lowbar and 80 kg highar for reps.
how long are you lifting?
madengang: DO YOU EVEN LIFT?

jk ;) thats really impressive. Im stuck on around 120 lowbar and 80 kg highar for reps.
how long are you lifting?
I have been training for a bit over 3 years now with no discontinuity. Before that I have quite a bit of on/off time from the gym. All in all I have done fair amount of training I suppose.
Hey do you work out at Vince's?
No, of course not, I would have seen you.
I'm there every day.
Did a good day in the gym after having been in the dumps for a bit.

Even managed to do some pushups. I do the knuckle stance to alleviate intense wrist pain that I get from my job as a professional masturbator ;)
pigdog: I once managed to do 190 grams raw. I felt pretty buff afterwards.
PabloEscobar: Not bad... You got to start from somewhere. To even do that you also needed to get up :)
I wish my tiny ass gym had a barbell.

We only got a bench, some dumbells (up to 50 punds, I can only use 35s for now), a treadmill and a busted ass rowing machine.

Any tips on dumbell bench presses?
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Right before arriving home for lunch, I helped a woman and her little daughter change their car's broken tire. That fulfilled me so much! :) And yeah... I ended quite hand-dirty!

That even the weather opposes me. Weather became crappy here as of late, clockwork (almost daily rains) and destroys all my plans for anything involving short trips or interacting with other people.

Damn, have seen better summers for sure. But all this make me eager and curious, to discover the "reward" for all this, later. Always my fate has it to get some form of compensation, even if brief, fleeting and borderline deceptive, for anything i am forced to endure through.
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Picked up the cat today, after his surgery to 'de-bulk' the big tumor on his right side. That damn tumor has been bugging the crap out of me for a while but the university oncology folks told us to wait a bit before getting it out. This isn't a cure or anything - it's really just a temporary thing done for comfort - but I feel better now that the mass is gone for a while. Hopefully it won't come raging back right away, but it could. For now, though, Oscar doesn't have to deal with that big ol' thing hanging off his side.

They gave him the Cone of Shame but that didn't last long. Not that I blame him. He doesn't particularly love it when we try to get Kitty Morphine in his mouth, but he sure is mellow. ; )
Philae philae philae philae philae yayyyyyyyyy
I was "fanserviced" really good, beyond even my wildest expectations.

On the downside, i got sad for still being too shy and practically unable to go after something more and something stable myself and claim the initiative.
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Brutal Doom v20.
Young and pretty girl flattered and then started flirting with me at the gym today. Before she came to me and opened the conversation we had quite a few awkward moments which is really odd for me since I don't usually ever end up knowing how to react on a situation. Maybe it is cause I am usually quite focused on the training and not that much on talking at the gym that made me feel the way I did. Although that doesn't explain the awkward moments before she came to me and we started talking...

Anyhow that made me happy today and perhaps other days after today... :)
I just realized that after tomorrow the days will start getting shorter. This makes me happy because I have to wake up so early and I'm tired of going to bed when the sun is still up.
I dont need to work today. :D