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Themken: Just single missions, random maps and custom maps in Cossacks - Back to War and Cossacks - Art of War. The Cossacks Anthology ("Cossacks 1") is always installed on my computer(s) and I seem to play it by spurts.

Been looking at and trying other games but nothing else tempts me right now. I could try installing something new but not sure what then and already have so many installed now.
I am riding a huge RTS binge but I don't know if I could handle a Cossacks right now. :P Those games are beyond brutal.
Adding two more Monolith games to the list..

Blood II: The Chosen
It's hard to explain, but something feels off about this game in comparison to the first Blood. The combat feels nowhere near as powerful, the setting feels more generic, and it just feels like a lesser game. It has in no way hooked me in the same way as Blood.

Shogo: Mobile Armor Division
This one, on the other hand, is a lot of fun. The concept is original, the gameplay feels really fun and responsive, and the humor just appeals to me. The line from the soldier in "Calm Before The Storm" had me laughing for a good minute. Plus there's this cat quest I keep hearing about that I'm looking forward to just to see why I keep hearing about it. It's easy to tell how dedicated this team was, and it shows in how they went on to make NOLF and F.E.A.R.
Just finished Elminage Original.
Finally my level 40 adventurers beat the last boss with no damage taken! (Fortunately, I got surprise attack advantage in the beginning of the battle, and my 3 magic users cast the highest damage all attacking spells to annihilate the enemy group).
By the way, this game has a good post-ending dungeon, but I'm rather tired the game, so I want to play other Elminage games.

Now I begun Elminage Gothic.
This time, I made a Valkyrie instead of a Brawler, other members are the same jobs (Fighter, Thief, Cleric, Mage, Alchemist).
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Going to try StarCraft 2, Part One. I waited till the end of the month to download, when my allotted bandwidth was gone, so I could download it throttled "off the clock". Took 18 hours, which isn't so bad. It usually takes me longer than that to open a child proof cap
tinyE: Going to try StarCraft 2, Part One. I waited till the end of the month to download, when my allotted bandwidth was gone, so I could download it throttled "off the clock". Took 18 hours, which isn't so bad. It usually takes me longer than that to open a child proof cap
What? You're able to open that uncrackable shit? You damn inta... inti... SMART ASS!
hurvl: I've only found multitools and lockpicks lying around or in crates, never heard of anyone selling them.
timppu: LOL, it appears I didn't realize or had forgotten that you can break the wooden crates with e.g. a crowbar, and find goodies inside. Now that I realized that, I found a couple more multitools and stuff from e.g. the docks where you start the game. Duh!

I had even dropped my crowbar somewhere from taking inventory space, thinking "is this supposed to be a weapon?". I got back to collect it to open the crates (albeit I presume many other melee weapons etc. can be used for that too?).
Yeah, there are lots of melee weapons and you can use them all to break crates. I like the baton, because like in Thief you can knock people unconscious from behind. If that fails (and there's only one guy around) it's funny to beat him with the baton until he falls over, hehe.
Playing the freebie carmageddon TDR 2000 and i am actually having fun. Beaten this game only once before and am now replaying it since it also has nosebleed pack which is missing in my cd version that has carmageddon 2 and tdr 2000 together.
The timer is the biggest problem of this game, think for normal stages you get a limit to 4 minutes maxium at least i am playing it on the yellow difficulty in the middle. Usually you need to learn where time bonuses are since you won't always get a lot of chance to crash the other cars so much or get enough time from them since not always will it give you lots of time for crashing. So best option is to race for checkpoints, find time bonuses and crash the cars then, also kill some pedestrians on the side. One thing that also bothered me at start was that physics acted weird and i was quickly wasted because of this i believe. Easiest way to prevent this is to simply fill your armor slot. Sometimes i even destroy the cars fast now, powerups like acme power intesifier and solid granit can destroy cars pretty fast, also i found a nuclear bomb a few times in the game and it usually destroys cars right away when it explodes but does have a timer, one mission this was very usefull since all the mortars weren't enough for 3 cars to destroy in mission.
Am currently at military base, the game also has missions a lot of missinos usually consisting of collecting 3 parts either bomb,fuel, engine, or money for now. The mission usually go like this collect 3 parts from 3 different locations and then drop it on a certain location where you will either have to escape if it's a bomb, money droping was without the presence of police needed and also missions have set timers sometimes you will lose because of this and sometimes you have to wait for the timer to end until you go to the next event.Sometimes there is an arrow showing the way and some of the locations of mission objects can be tricky requiring jumps.

Nosebleed pack i played only a little for now, like the 1920's and speedway racing, i didn't play much 1920's since i usually got wasted by those big police trucks,only used the eagle car for now which has max inside.
Does anyone know what the particulars are of StarCraft 2 as it pertains to Everything seems to be running smooth so far but I'm a little weary because I recently found out it varies from game to game.

For some, it's like the Steam client. While you technically need to be online to play, it doesn't have to be a good connection, because the game is being run off your system, and you are just using the connection to the client as a key card of sorts. The original StarCraft is this way.

THEN I read about Diablo 3. :P Holy Shit! Even if you are SPing it, a slow connection effects the game. Evidently the game is actually being run off of their system.

Anyone know which of these SC 2 falls into?

I just Googled it, and it looks like I'm good.
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Started playing Magic Carpet Plus again, none of the 2017 saves I made work.
I'm playing CS:GO through esports management network here That's so entertaining! With its help I can choose new players and teams and even get some money. I play not just for fun, I want to become a pro one day.
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I'm currently playing nothing... if anyone has a recommendation of a game that is worth playing, fell free to tell me.
Bass47: I'm currently playing nothing... if anyone has a recommendation of a game that is worth playing, fell free to tell me.
You could play Metro 2033 and then Metro Last light
So you can be hyped all year long until the new Metro comes out =)
<starts up Metro 2033>
Max Damage
Finally better enough to play at the computer, so I've been playing Candle. Really like it, tricky puzzles but really good. I know I'm probably going to be finishing it soon, so I'm thinking of going back into Stardew Valley after, then maybe another adventure game. I'd love to start Trails in the Sky, but trying not to do too many big RPGs at once (finally finishing up Monster Hunter Stories after 75 hrs in but will still be doing some post-game quests/egg hunting, and just reached chapter 5 in XC2).

As for Candle though, I'm impressed and would recommend to any who enjoy puzzle adventures. It's similar to Abe's Odyssey.