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Worms Ultimate Mayhem played this the story and some matches and challenges, i kinda like this 3d worms game. Though i do have a lot of story to play and then try the 3d story of worms which has over 30 missions i think.
Learned how the wind works a little, think it's fun for now.
Still on my Fallout kick, well into New Vegas now. I watched a couple of episodes of the show premiere last night and had to get back to the game to wash the taste of the show out of my mouth.
Still slowly advancing in Soul Reaver 2.

The main reason I advance so slowly is the console-like save system where you have these prefixed save points where you can only save. Many times when I've played the game in wee hours and played for over an hour since the last save point, I just have to quit the game as I need to go to sleep, losing the progress and having to restart from that earlier save game. For some parts I feel I've replayed them for ten times because of that, until finding the next save point. Yep, not a big fan of console save game systems... (I think SR2 might have a user-made mod that enables save anywhere? Maybe I should check that...).

Besides the save game system, I kinda like the game, it isn't that hard and complicated, and unlike the first Soul Reaver, or even the first Legacy of Kain game, it is considerably more linear, even if you do revisit places here and there (e.g. now I am backtracking towards the beginning after being sent to another timeline in the game, but already found the new area I was supposed to explore, that was unavailable before).

I like the story too, especially how you don't really know who is good or bad, or maybe everyone is a bit of both, including yourself. I've especially liked it how the antagonist of the earlier game has kinda become your closest "ally" and seems to understand you and your motives the best.

Ps. I think I said it earlier, but the gamepad controller fix is pretty much compulsory to play this game. Without it the gamepad controls are useless with modern gamepads (not sure if they worked any better with DirectInput gamepads), and the mouse+keyboard controls are also very weird, at least I couldn't understand how you are supposed to play with them.

With the gamepad fix and reassigning the gamepad controls to my liking, it became pretty much perfect for this type of melee fighting and platform jumping game.
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Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem
- Going through the New Game+ cycles that have been introduced in a previous update. Currently on run 5. You can also start upgrading weapons in NG+ and every run introduces a different set of modifiers. Current run conditions are: +50% player movement speed, +40% enemy movement speed, x5 enemy spawns, +40% player fire rate and double ammo.

To fully upgrade all weapons, NG+9 has to be reached, so still have a couple runs to go.

- Playing through the english version that has voice acting. But it has to be said, that although the english version has voice acting, it drastically cuts down the original written dialogue. Previously played the czech version, that doesn't have voice acting, but maintains the original french texts, just translated. These have been drastically shortened in the english version so they didn't have to voice act as much, meaning most of the actual mythology related stuff is gone and the NPCs mostly just tell you "go here and do this".

So it's hard to tell, which is better.
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Re-playing Stramger of Sword City Revisited. Just reached post game again.

The game is easily one of the harder Japanese DRPGs, but it gives you tools to deal with that difficulty. That's especially true of the Revisited version, which introduces the incredibly powerful Clocker and Puppeteer classes, as well as the Guard Counter mechanic (which makes at least one otherwise unreasonable late game boss manageable if you also have decent offense).

Still have yet to get to Realms of Antiquity.
Now playing WrestleQuest!!!!
The Tenants, game like Sims but with better graphics, new game mechanics, and useful tips. I like to play it. It bring back good memories when I played The Sims games.
Saviors of Sapphire Wings, again.

Some bugs:
* If you use a multi-hit attack (like Rush or Stardance), and a mid-battle cutscene is triggered in the middle of the attack, the game will softlock.
* If you step on an enemy point, starting a battle, then you select "Restart" from the menu that appears when you press a certain key (something like select or start, might be F1 on keyboard), you'll reload your save, but the enemy point won't be there.
* I found a bit of untranslated text. It appears if you reach a point where Merlin is out of commission without having started Earth training, and then try to start it.
I swear, the more these last 16 tetrino challenges stump me, the more I want to forfeit my ticket into Robot-Heaven and climb the sin-tower.

But that's The Talos Principle for you, you either die a devout Elihiemist or live long enough to see yourself become a heretical tower-climber.
Mostly old console stuff (on handhelds).
Still playing Saviors of Sapphire Wings.

I managed to get a certain item that casts Final Wish before completing the main game. (I think you're not meant to see that spell until post-game, since you get it at level 45 and my main character is only level 32.)

I won't post the name of the item or the exact way to get it, but here are some pointers:
* The item in question is mentioned in dialog; in fact, it's the subject of a quest line.
* Supposedly, it "grants wishes".
* Something might happen if you max out someone's Soul Rank.
As I just finished "Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver 2", I now proceeded to Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2, which supposedly is in the same series, even though the protagonist, again, got swapped, this time from Raziel to Kain.

BO2 is apparently a one year newer game than Soul Reaver 2 (both PS2-era games), and apparently from the same publisher/developer, but it feels quite different from SR2, both in controls and graphics, as if it was made by a different development team. Who knows, maybe it was.

The graphics and the game engine feel simpler and more restricted than SR2, and the controls also feel different, closer to the Tomb Raider 1996 kind of tank controls than the freeform movement in Soul Reaver 1-2 where the camera would follow you lazily. I am unsure which I like more, BO2 controls may be less unpredictable in platform jumping puzzles and such, but just feel "older".

I recall hearing complaints about this game before, like it is so much worse than the other games in the series, but so far I can't say for sure. Seems ok-ish, so far.

On the technical side, the GOG version of Blood Omen 2 would get "stuck" in the start menu on my Windows 10 laptop, sometimes I could see the menu when alt-tabbing to desktop and back etc. I also read it has problems unless you restrict the CPU affinity to 1... but it appears nowadays the best way to fix the game (including the GOG version) is what is suggested in the PC GamingWiki:


Ie. use the "Re-vamped" fix. IIRC it is just one dll file you drop into the Blood Omen 2 installation directory, and boom everything just works, no need to change CPU affinities, XInput controllers respond as they should, no game crashing or getting stuck so far etc. It would be nice if the GOG version had that one dll included by default, but oh well, maybe it is hard to make agreements with unknown fix makers etc., should they be paid for their work etc.
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Turn to play a new adventure, i'm starting "Dude, where's my beer?" The graphics have a different style with black and white and only one color in them. The plot seems simple and promising. With the classic scumm interface, I have to say that it is difficult to play again when you play with newer interfaces recently, simpler and more efficient. In addition, the translation into Spanish must be carried out by AI because has more mistakes. We'll see.

The critizins to hipster society looks fun, but i expect some gags for laugh or something, atm nothing happens.
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I've been meaning to play Starlancer and Freelancer for ages (I've owned the retail versions from 2005 or so), and now finally had the audacity to try to install them.

To my surprise, at least Starlancer seems to mostly work just fine on Windows 11... as long as you use a crack to remove the SecureROM copy protection which does not work with Windows Vista or later anymore.

The graphics seem fine (I didn't need even dgVoodoo2 this time, even though PCGamingWiki recommended using it; I might still try it to see if it changes anything for better), the intros and full motion videos are fine, the audio is fine (including music)... the only issue is that if you check your medal case in your room, closing the case crashes the game.

According to PCGamingWiki, this is a known issue, and there is a user-made fix for that. However, I am unsure if even that is needed, I guess you don't really need to check your medals? Or if you do, you know it will just cause you leave the game?

One thing though: for some reason I was under the impression Starlancer would be fully playable with mouse + keyboard, but that doesn't seem to be the case? At least it supports a joystick, and if you don't have one, the only option is to play with the keyboard?

Either I remember that wrong, or it is only Freelancer which is playable with a mouse. Oh well, time to dig my flightstick from the cupboard, I guess... I guess I could try it also with a gamepad but I think you need to access the keyboard so often that it might get irritating.
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Against the Storm Demo

I am still unsure if I should buy the full game

I do like the presentation and the flow, but at least the demo becomes very repetitive very fast. Is there enough content in the full game to justify the purchase?