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Just managed to finish the GTA V story. I have about a dozen games of different types in progress and I play a little of each depending on whatever my mood is at the time.
I beat Baldur's Gate 3's honor mode, which felt pretty good! I don't usually do ironman modes or whatever, but I personally found BG3 to be a rather easy game even on "tactician" so I thought I could do it. Glad I was right. It was my second run, my first one ended at the Githyanki Creche. In the end I'd say act 2 was much easier and act 3 was a breeze. You're just way too powerful at that point if you know what you're doing.

Current replaying Chrono Trigger. It's fun and nostalgic, though the JRPG style isn't really my thing anymore and the story is overall quite juvenile.

Conflicted on what to play next. The probably coming this year Dragon Age 4 makes me want to replay 1-3, but I did that like 2 years ago so it still feels a little fresh. Kinda want to do BG1 and 2, but that's a huge commitment and I have so many things I've never played before to get to. Arg!
A bit over 40 h in Gothic 2 Gold, lvl 13. And yes, still in Chapter 1. Investing lots of learning points exclusively in Hunting skills and Strength, made me rich and powerful, respectively! OK, not so much powerful yet, but certainly better than the difficult start.
World of warcraft, I might be 19 years late but I am having fun.
Fixfox, only about an hour so still in the tutorial, it is soon to make an opinion.

Edit: i played until chapter four. It is a weird game. Graphics are cool, story is ok and music is excellent. But the puzles are bored and repetitive, open world is big and empty (probably because i am doing only the main quests folloling the tips and avoiding missions and loot). But this is because repairing machines are the same, and the same and the same, again and again.
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Hey there! Currently, I'm diving into some awesome games! I've been hooked on a few, but one that's really got me excited is "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." It's just so immersive and full of adventure! If you're into gaming or looking for some cool apps to try, check out for some awesome recommendations! Happy gaming!
Let me write what happened to me recently. I encountered a major gameplay mistake in Gothic 2 Gold. You MUST NOT solve Fernando's quest, while you're in Chapter 1, but leave it for when you're in Ch. 2. I thought it was a side quest, but it seems it was part of the main questline, and I got myself involved in it too early. (Maybe it shouldn't become available before its appropriate time, then, and the items concerning it should become available at the 2nd chapter??? I'm just saying). Then I couldn't proceed and solve the relevant main quest in Ch. 2. My playthrough was ruined. Such mistakes were very common in old RPGs. I was 50 h in, people.

So, I left it, to restart it another time (not in 2024 though), and I started the Two Worlds series. It will be my second time I play the series. Yes, they're such pleasant games, although Two Worlds 1 also has a same major gameplay bug (I had written about it in my review of the game, after my first time finishing it).
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Getting back into Elden Ring to bling myself out. I want to at least look good when the expansion kicks my ass.
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Sword of Hope.

Currently in Shabow's domain, and it's become quite apparent that this is the sort of game where a bit of bad luck will send you to the morgue.

Well, not really; what happens is that you're sent back to the start, current HP/MP set to 20 (the starting values), and no other consequences; not even loss of half your gold.

(This game is an adventure/JRPG hybrid with a non-combat interface similar to Shadowgate.)
I'm ready to jump into the first installment of the Avernum series, Escape from the Pit. All the reviews say if you're an olden times RPG nut like myself, it will be enjoyable. Time to find out!
Aside from an AVN, I'm playing Army of Ruin and I can't believe, how much fun it is. It looks like one of those mobile games which have more MTX than you could ever pay but it's on GoG, so.... no MTX at all, just pure fun!

Once you understand the (simple) game mechanics you will have a smile on your face slashing through the massive hordes of evil :)
Sword of Hope 2.

Some notes on balance:

In Sword of Hope 1, for a large portion of the game, physical attacks are not viable. Neither are support spells (though for the end game there's an item that inflicts sleep status that actually is useful, even though it doesn't always work). As a result, you're using attack spells as your sole form of offense, and using herbs to heal when necessary. (Another thing worth noting: Combat is brutal to the point where healing during combat isn't a good idea until near the end of the game.)

In Sword of Hope 2, enemies get extremely powerful later on, and support spells are incredibly powerful. Hence, in random encounters (including, for example, what would normally be called "trash mobs"), you're having one character attempt to inflict a status aliment on enemies so that they don't get to use their deadliest attacks, while another casts a spell that drastically boosts multiple stats of its target; then in the second round you can now actually attack for decent damage. Having multiple characters also means you can afford to heal during combat.
I have wanted to play the Resident Evil 4 Remake ever since it was released, but I couldn't because it was expensive. I finally bought it two days ago, finished my first playthrough and immediately started my second run on Professional difficulty.
Bloodstained: RotN.

Specifically, the just released Classic Mode 2 DLC.

And I'm really enjoying it. I've been wanting a game like Castlevania 2 for quite a while, and this game mode definitely qualifies.

I have had one unfair death, however. There's one spot where I had to fall off the screen to proceed, but earlier in the screen there were some gaps as well, so I thought that there might be something worthwhile down there. Well, I went around, jumped off the screen in that other part... and the game decided that I'd fallen into a bottomless pit, and I lost a life.