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I finished Darksiders yesterday. 20 hours.
Broken Sword 4, surprisingly an amazing adventure, although screens are a bit dark, i need to put brightness at full.
comradegarry: Grim Dawn DLC's - GOG (Not sure atm,leaning to buy)
I've recently played Grim Dawn too (no DLCs, only the base game though). My hero was a soldier with a gun, but the game became somewhat repetitive and rather boring so I stopped it for a while.
This is also true of Titan Quest too. Perhaps these Diablo 2 clone games are not my cup of tea (although strangely enough, I love Diablo 1, which is a not-so-long game).
I have The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut in the backlog too. If I beat Grim Dawn someday, I'll try it.

Right now I am mainly playing Cold Waters, which is a modern submarine game, it's a rather complicated game but I played all tutorials and read the manual, and finally begin to play a few scenarios.
Also, a bit played the original X-COM (more precisely saying the OpenXcom) and original Master of Orion 1 too.
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HIRO kun: (...) Right now I am mainly playing Cold Waters, which is a modern submarine game, it's a rather complicated game but I played all tutorials and read the manual, and finally begin to play a few scenarios. (...)
Hello HIRO kun!

I am not an expert on the game "Cold Waters", but what helped me a lot in my playthroughs was paying attention to the sonar signal strength and detection thresholds as well as some hardcoded parameters!

- Detection thresholds:

The Signal tab on the right-handed interface console (the one where you also cycle through the frequency profiles to identify the contacts) displays in the SNS COMP(uter) the signal to noise figures both of your currently selected (targeted) CONTACT and of your OWNSHIP with respect to that contact. The quality of this information depends on a correct vessel identification.

And here is the deal, both the player's and enemy's threshold for initial detection is a figure of =/> +10 on any single sensor (for an active sensor it represents only a detection potential, the contact still have to use the active mode repeatedly)!
As soon as the player's or enemy's figures on all available sensors drop to =/< 0 again, they loose track of the corresponding contact!

While all sensor's signal strength figures of your currently selected contact are negative or below +10, you remain invisible for him. And if you see large negative values (typically around -50) it means you are effectively in the contact's "baffles" (roughly 60 degrees from stern, where engine noise and ship wake prevents any detection) so that you can increase significantly your speed and even can launch weapons undetectable for that enemy until they are too close to him. Beware, other nearby vessels or contacts with expanded "Towed Array" sensors can still detect you!

Combine entering their "baffle" zones and launching wired torpedos on 'boot legs' (sending them off in one direction and later turning in the direction of your target) and clearing 'datum' (place and time from where you have been at torpedo launch or detection) to increase your chance of survival.

- Next the hardcoded parameters:

"Cold Waters" incentifies torpedo evasion by letting the enemy vessel automatically detect the player in a certain proximity range (distance) which strangely enough is still being modiefied by the distance scaling option in the settings!
Hence, choosing a distance scale of 1:1 (instead of the 1:2 default) allows you to approach them further before passing this hardcoded threshold! (I do not know, whether mods as DOTMOD change this kind of behaviour.)
You realize that you entered an enemy's automatic detection range when he spontaneously starts to ping you constantly on active and soon launches weapons against you.

The other parameters are a little softer (include a range of variation) but have a huge impact on enemies' initial awareness of your presence in an combat area - which is your sub's movement speed during engagement on the global map!
There are three types of movement speed during encounter on the map: fast, slow and full stop!
Your ship moves FAST when clicking or holding the LEFT mouse button. You can move SLOW by using the RIGHT mouse button, but ideally you are not moving at all (FULL STOP)--instead waiting for the target group to intercept you!

An encounter during FAST movement results in an engagement with 20 kts as your own speed, usually at closer ranges and at depths around 600 feet. => In that case you have already been detected by enemy vessels at the very beginning of the encounter! (They know you are there and where!)

An encounter during SLOW movement enhances your chances of not being detected already (the enemy does not know where you are!), but the enemy could still be alerted to your presence. You start the engagement with a speed of 10 kts at medium ranges with respect to one of the targets and usually at shallow depths.

The best benefits come from a FULL STOP before the encounter! The player remains undetected, starts at longer ranges, but can CLOSE TO the target with less risk of being detected initially at all, and your own initial speed is a quiet 5 kts at shallow depths!

Keeping those characteristics of "Cold Waters" in mind and frequently making course changes of 60 to 90 degrees to enhance your own firing solution building and hindering the enemy to do so made my playing sessions much more pleasant.

And lastly, regarding mission objectives, target vessels in your primary mission objective count to the more than 50% success requirement. When your primary mission objective is to sink a tender, merchants, tankers or landing ships those vessels have much higher priority than accompanying escort vessels! (Sinking the majority or all of the escorting warships but failing to sink the target vessel(s) still causes you to miss the mission objective!)

Enjoy your ride in "Cold Waters", and maybe you get interested in trying out some other submarine simulations, as well.

Kind regards,
Finally have some free time to play, I return to Pathfinder Kingmaker, Fallout New Vegas and next The Witcher 3 Complete Edition.
Gothic 2 Gold with the Union installed + tweaks like "learning costs from G1" and "mana regen" because expansion raised mana cost to absurd value it turned my mage into heavy drinker after few casts.
Sir Whoopass. Janky and a bit unoptimized but a lot of fun. It's a good 'ol fashion hack and slash.
foxgog: ...
Wow! Thank you for the detailed explanation!
The sensing in this game is very difficult to grasp but I enjoy it a lot of fun.
I just finished Cyberpunk 2077 and the early access for Baldur's Gate 3. Now i am installing BATTLETECH.
Lately I am playing mostly Assetto Corsa Competizione, and slowly getting back to some games on my backlog. Today I have finally finished off last missing achievement in Rebel Galaxy.
System Shock CDROM 1994, 4:3, original controls Mouse + Keyboard.
Cold Waters, I've beaten the NATO 1984 campaign with the Los Angeles class. The game is very immersive (helped by excellent BGMs) and a lot of fun. My only complaint is that the game doesn't simulate other AI allied sub/ships, so I felt that there is only myself who actually fought against entire Russian sub/ships/airplanes. lol.
After finishing the American campaign, I want to play on the Russian side too. It seems some mods allow it to happen.

As my next submarine game, I download/installed Das Boot, which seems more like an arcade game than a REAL simulation, but I don't mind it.

EDIT: I found a severe problem in this game. The game (or DOSBox?) didn't recognize ALT + 1-5 keys, which are commands to speed up/down the U-boat, so my boat can't move anywhere... duh! The game got the fate of uninstall.

Also, I finished my first playthrough of Master of Orion 1 (original). All in all, I enjoyed it a lot, but some rules feel arbitrary and not intuitive (for example, a ground battle only begins by sending a civilian immigrant to an enemy planet ... seriously?). Therefore, I still prefer MoO2 to this original.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and Warcraft II.
Hello. I love playing counter-strike global offensive. This is quite an old game, over 10 years old, but in my opinion its graphics are still relevant. It is also interesting to watch cuts from the matches of professional cyber teams in cs go, the platform helps in this This is an exciting thing.
Lately, I've been indulging in the world of retro gaming, immersing myself in the nostalgic charm of classic titles. Whether you're a fan of nostalgic NES titles, SNES classics, or even rare collectibles, Retro Gamer Store has you covered. Currently, I'm hooked on several retro games that take me back to my childhood. From the pixelated adventures of Super Mario Bros. on the NES to the epic battles of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64, I can't get enough of the retro gaming experience.