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Currently playing Tomb Raider 2013 and Broken Sword 3.
I decided to drop Minecraft completely as it was taking too big a chunk of my life.

I was going to play Divine Divinity, but instead I spent almost an entire evening playing Disciples: Sacred Lands while blasting some metal music in my headphones. Jeez, I forgot how much I love that game with it's grim, slightly grotesque atmosphere. It's by far one of the best turn based strategy games, and in fact video games in general, that I've ever played. My love for this game is in fact only overshadowed by how much I love the second one which I'm going to play soon.

Other than that, I decided to drop my habit of playing one game at a time. Honestly I'm getting too old for that and I just want to relax with my vidya games instead of stressing out about finishing them one at a time.
Currently I'm into the Dracula main pentalogy of games. I have already finished the first of them. For a long time I have longed for trying them!
Now I play CSGo
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I didn't realize I needed this game in my life until I tried it. It's great. Buggy though.
Finished a run through Wing Commander last night. I'll probably start on the expansions soon.

Also playing Star Wars Rebel Assault for the first time since I originally had the CD. It's...just as I remembered it.

Also also playing Dreams in the Witch House, which has been really impressive.
False Skies. I'm generally enjoying it. (Game isn't perfect, but really no game is.)

In comparison to Crystal Project, there are two major differences:
* Crystal Project is a platformer/RPG hybrid, while False Skies is a pure RPG. (Well, there was a block-pushing puzzle in one of the earlier dungeons, but that's an exception rather than the rule here, whereas in Crystal Project you're constantly doing platforming.)
* False Skies is linear with a few side quests, mostly for unlocking classes. So, more like your typical JRPG structure-wise. That's in contrast to the less linear Crystal Project, though Crystal Project's structure is more like a metroidvania with sequence breaks than a WRPG.
After a whole lot of hours to complete Pathfinder: Kingmaker, I'm jumping back in time to a classic I never played in my youth, Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos. Should be fun!
How to Survive 2
pretty grindy but way better than the first
I'm now playing Stronghold 1 HD for the first time.
This game is tough to understand the rules, I watched TWO Let's play battle campaign scenarios on Very Hard difficulty on youtube, and then I played myself on EASY difficulty, and even so cautionary playing, the game is still difficult. lol.
I've just finished the stage 5 scenario.
Juggling a bunch of stuff:
-> NIER Automata: YORHA on Steam.
-> Far Cry 6 on UbiSoft Connect.
-> Lake on UbiSoft Connect.
Full Throttle Remastered on Steam
Diablo 2 LOD
After about 20 years I actually got around to beating Diablo 2 LOD on Hell Difficulty(Solo) using my somewhat new Hammerdin build(Which I love playing). Not sure what build to really play next, maybe I'll try a Physical Bowazon or a Sorceress which I generally stay away from elemental casters in games but hey I didn't think I would like playing a Hammerdin for the longest time either..

Sea of Thieves
After getting over 50 hours into it now, I thoroughly enjoy the game with only slight complaints about pvp.

Titan Quest Anniversary Edition
Just started playing it, I was really thinking about getting all the DLC's for Grim Dawn but I really wasn't sure,I didn't enjoy the beginning in the base game but I hear it gets better with story and DLC's as it goes on so I thought before it comes on-sale again I'd give a look at the developers previous game(TQ) to gauge if I would actually play it if I gave it a good shot with all the DLC's. It[Titan Quest] has been in my steam backlog for some time now, so far I just got to Sparta with a warrior type class, I have been enjoying it(more than expected tbh).

Path of Exile
I did play some more of the current league(which I firmly do not like Crucible at this point), I got to maps/endgame in SSF Ruthless(my first time with Ruthless) with my Hammerdin-like build(Spectral Helix/Throw Champion). The campaign was actually somewhat fun with the build in Ruthless though when I get to maps I just don't have the motivation to really go further due to damage scaling(lack of finding support gems for build) and it being a very stationary/slow build.

Going to try and play soon:
Dark Messiah of Might & Magic - demo on steam
The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut - backlog
Stray - backlog
Meowjiro - finish steam achievements

If they go on sale I'll buy and play:
Iron Lung - ITCH.IO
Fate Series - GOG
Dredge - GOG
Grim Dawn DLC's - GOG (Not sure atm,leaning to buy)
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Replaying Crystal Project on Hard (though with a few things, notably teleport stones and maps, from the previous playthrough).

As expected, Hard is harder than Easy. (Every once in a while, there's a game where this fails to be true, or where some part fails to be true. For example, I've heard that, in Touhou 6, Cirno's first spell card is harder on Normal than on Hard. Also, Hodj 'n Podj has one minigame, a pac-man clone, where higher difficulties give you more points, and more points means more extra lives, making the minigame actually easier at the harder difficulties.)