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I've been on an AJPW kick lately, then I remembered there are a few AJPW-licensed video games out there that I haven't played as much as I should, so I started playing Virtual Pro Wrestling 2. I haven't played an AKI game for a while but the muscle memory came back pretty quickly. Started the campaign mode with Misawa, played a couple of rounds and found it too easy (I squashed Vader in my very first match), so I bumped the difficulty up to hard and immediately eeked out a 29 minute tag-title win over Kobashi and Ogawa that the game hailed as a classic. We'll see how that goes or if I'll have to move up again to expert. Game is great and is indeed better than No Mercy.
Hollow Knight
Warlords II Deluxe

Classic "just one more turn!" MS-DOS turn-based strategy :)
comradegarry: Grim Dawn (Normal - Veteran Difficulty)
Well the DLC's went on sale during this summer sale so I decided to buy them and give the game another chance; I'm so glad I did!
I really love this game, it might even be my favorite game at this point and take Diablo 2's #1 spot.
Everything about this game is spot on and well crafted, the story has been very good and interesting so far, the skills feel nice and synergies well with the dual class system(playing as a Druid), the way the game just tells you all of your stats in the menus is just a godsend compare to other action rpgs, the story setting reminds me of a {DARK} Fallout with a hit of the witcher mixed in with certain dialogs, the loot system is very refined, rewarding and comes with it's own loot filter to boot.
The only problems I have had with the game so far is the performance will tank every now and then(using a cpu core switching program has been helping though) and I had a couple of crashes/freezes when using the portal system but outside of these two issues I haven't had ANY problems.

At this point nothing else (for me) is worth playing compared to Grim Dawn, I am thankful I held out for a sale and I didn't blow all my money on Diablo 4. I am still hoping that the Fate series goes on sale at some point soon but even then I don't think I want/can stop playing this game at the moment.
I love Grim Dawn. But it has a problem, the elite difficulty level doesn´t add anything to the game. In fact, in my opinion, it detracts from the game since you will level up maybe to level 100 and that will take a bit of interest off the Ultimate difficulty level.

In the Forgotten Gods main area, once you reach Ultimate level, you can buy a rune that allows your future characters to skip Elite or even Normal too. I think that to jump from Veteran to Ultimate is the way to go.

Keep enjoying the game. :)
Finished up some stuff:
-> Ghostwire: Tokyo on Steam.
-> Alan Wake on GOG.

Still some stuff I've been juggling on and off:
-> NIER Automata: YORHA on Steam.
-> Far Cry 6 on UbiSoft Connect.
-> Lake on UbiSoft Connect.
-> Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on GOG.
Grand Theft Auto 5, again :)
I just finished Grim Dawn as a level 49 gun soldier. I enjoyed the game a lot, and I want to play a similar game.
So I began to play Van Helsing Final Cut which had been slept in my GOG backlog in a while.

Maybe I would just continue to play Grim Dawn (with DLCs on sale right now), but in later the game became a bit laggy and sometimes doesn't respond with a mouse click, so I decided to end the game.

As I enjoyed being a gun soldier in Grim Dawn, so I play again a gun character who is a bounty hunter. I use an area of attacking skill as a main attack. and entered the capital city (chapter 2).
After finishing Outriders, Far Cry 6, Watch Dogs Legion . The Crew 2 , Resident Evil Revelations 1/2 now i am playing Call of Juarez Gunslinger .
Always been strictly a CRPG player going way back to Ultima, Bard's Tale, and such, but decided to try RTS with King's Bounty The Legend. Visually it looks quite nice, hoping I enjoy it!
Finished up recently:
-> Alan Wake's American Nightmare on GOG.

Playing these games a lot lately:
-> Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut on GOG.
-> Yakuza Kiwami from Steam.

Still some stuff I've still been juggling on and off:
-> NIER Automata: YORHA on Steam.
-> Far Cry 6 on UbiSoft Connect.
-> Lake on UbiSoft Connect.
Wizardry 8

And in this playthrough, I'm actually experimenting a bit with a high strength dwarvien Bishop, which is not what people typically do with that class. (I also have an elven Bishop with a more standard build for that class, and a mook Ranger who has Power Cast.)
Spent three month playing only Assetto Corsa Competicione on LFM service, and ended up on 8th place in Division 2 of GT4 racing. I am driving exclusively GT4 cars, as I find them more fun to drive than GT3s :P

Now that there is off-season, I went back to Tales of Arise and defeated the Grand Gnome super boss in Earth Spirit Temple.
I just got AEW: Fight Forever as a gift. The best thing about it is that, as I've been playing Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 lately, my skills at playing that game translate almost perfectly to this new game. It has its own quirks, but it really is a spiritual successor to the classic AKI games. I do have to ding it a little because it is still a modern game and therefore it has some stupid crap like carving finished content out of the game so they can sell it to you as DLC, but the game itself is quite good.
The Surge.

Basically sci-fi Dark Souls, though it does a couple things better, in my opinion, like being able to store your tech scraps (aka souls) at the med-bay (aka bonfire). It's also easier to farm resources/upgrade items from enemies because you can target certain body parts that drop those items and when you insta-kill them by slicing off those body parts, you're guaranteed the items they drop. Saves quite a bit of time when you want to craft/upgrade armour and weapons.
Finally I was able to find all hidden owls in Tales of Arise :D Got an Artifact as a reward :D The culprit was hidden behind one very powerful Gigant Zeugle, so I had to skip him for a veeeeery long time. Even today, the boss completely obliterated my party in the last phase of the fight, but I was able to finish his remaining 16k HPs with last Law standing, and thankfully I was able to outdodge his attacks and finally defeated him. The reward was last owl and last missing recipe in my cookbook :P