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low rated
Northgard and Age of Emp 4
oldgamebuff42: Still playing:
1. Warcraft 3 Reforged
2. Diablo1 (I gave it another chance and I beat the base game on Normal. Now playing through Hellfire.)
3. Deus Ex 2-Invisible War
4. Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC

New since last post
1. Asura's Wrath(PS3.) I pretty much suck at it, getting mostly Bs and Cs in my ratings after each episode, but I'm still enjoying it a great deal. I'm on episode 9 right now.
diablo 1 isnt good anymore ,it is just too old too clumsy and slow
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These days Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition.
Got back to A Hat in Time.
One of my favourite platformers.
'Have' to replay the whole game as I lost my save file, it's not a big deal since the game is amazing. I want to finish every challenge...which is going to take me a while. :P
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After finishing "Inferno: Beyond the 7th Circle" I started Just Cause 2. I bought it because it's supposed to be the best game in the series and I wanted some mindless fun. But the story puts me off and the game is not that great. So I also started "The Quest" yesterday.
Wonder if Morrowind goty with MCP and MPP was crashing for me due to me using the launcher shortcut to start the game instead of the exe that MCP changed that doesn't say original.
Had no crashes at all this time for hours, i do noticed that the window is a little different when running straight from the exe on my old pc.
Well continued where i am, with my high elf magicblade and i am level 18, i also used the rumors fix and delay dark brotherhood and they showed up at level 18.
Trying to become Hortator in the great houses and i already am a Hortator in house Redoran, now trying Telvanni and then i will try Hlaalu to name me that also think i am gonna do some quests for Hlaalu after i am Hortator with Telvanni.
Telvanni i still need two but i know one council archmaster will have to be killed for this.
I also got a way to enter Mournhold or what it's called but i though i will leave that for latter and returned to morrowind.
Fonzer: I also got a way to enter Mournhold or what it's called but i though i will leave that for latter and returned to morrowind.
Mournhold is actually in Morrowind; it's just not on the island that the main game takes place. In fact, you can visit it in TES: Arena, and it's in Morrowind province there.

(What I like to do, in the game Morrowind, is to go there to pick up a Fortify Skill spell, then use that to create my own Fortify Skill spells back on Vvardenfell (usually in Balmora).
Mostly Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition and a little bit of Grim Dawn and Braveland.
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These days as usual - Titan Quest - Anniversary Edition, Braveland and... well, Grim Dawn. Damn, that last one still has awful balance issues after all these years of updates.
I have tried out Battle Chasers - Nightwar, and so far so good. Looks interesting, and it feels good playing it. I will see what happens when I play more.
I'm rotating between Ziggurat 2, Ruined King and Tomb Rainer 2013.
XCOM The Bureau Declassified. Very similar in squad management to the Brothers In Arms series and wish there were more games set in the 60's with that Earth vs The Flying Saucers vibe.
I am also leveling up my characters in Torchlight.
I'm leveling up my characters in Stranger of Sword City Revisited.

I've been finding that Random Shots is actually really good in this version of the game, particularly in the first post-game dungeon where you fight smaller groups of enemies, so the Assault Slash skills are not as useful. Even better is if you get Overclock, which lets you do it twice every round. (At least Overclock isn't learned until 28; Clock-up, which is similar except that you always go first and you can't use any skills the next round (note that spells are not skills), is learned at level *1*, which I think is too early of a skill of that power.)

Also, Guard Counter feels like it might be overpowered. I guess the developers really wanted the Defend command to actually be useful, but it's possible they went too far. Have your front line defend, and there's a good chance there won't be any enemies able to attack you next turn.
I mostly play a few games at the same time (mostly to have a bit of scenery change). At this moment I am playing Trails of Cold Steel IV, but also Atelier Lydie & Suelle and Blue Reflection Second Light. I am planning to buy and play Fairy Fencer F the coming time, and The Caligula Effect - Overdose is in my "soon to play" backlog.

I really would like to see all the Atelier games here on GOG. I already have (nearly) all games from Falcom here, so it would be nice to see a collection of games from Gust here too, but I guess that depends also on the publisher (Koei Tecmo).
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The hunt for Black Friday deals. A free to play -- pay to win game with in-game purchases. If not careful it can get really expensive fast.
played through nox campaign now playing that other mode "solo quest", any1 have idea on how to spot secret area easier? there's so many i missed