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Starting Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones soon.. Leaving skyrim for a while before steam summer sales for dawnguard & dragonborn.
Wizardry 6.

Rolling a Dwarf monk took fucking forever.
Drakensang: The River of Time. Seems pretty good so far.
Holy god damn why do I find Reckoning so boring? It's just... so boring! Ack!

I'm 20 hours in almost and still in the first big area. Nothing is interesting, combat seems well done but not my style. I dunno, fighting to not abandon this game.
Trying to hold the Western Roman Empire together in the Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome Total War. It's not going so well right now :D
So...Mario vs. Donkey Kong (GBA).

EDIT: Beat the Plus Worlds. Yep. I'm done with this game now. Don't really care about the Expert Levels now. Decent game I guess.
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I finished Cognition 3 yesterday (yum) and started The Walking Dead. So far so good. Original suffered from dumb dialogues and boring characters but the game is written really well and creators managed to build the tension just right.
StingingVelvet: Holy god damn why do I find Reckoning so boring? ...
Tell me about it. It plays like Fable but I always zone out while characters talk. I don't think I will be able to finish this game.
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Civilization V!
Mivas: Tell me about it. It plays like Fable but I always zone out while characters talk. I don't think I will be able to finish this game.
I'm switching to just doing the factions and main quest. See how that works out. Still boring though.
Might & Magic: The World of Xeen
MDK. So far the game is friggin hilarious! Perfect for my mood!

<sniper mode activated>
<careful zooming in>

Eat this you worthless scum!
Brütal Legend. Only one word to describe it: METAL!
This weekend random.org chose for my, from my list of 20:

C&C red alert - completed the 2nd half of Allied mission 11

Realms of the Haunting - got to Chaper 17

Lord of the Rings War of the Ring - completed the evil campiagn mission where you unleash a BIG spider and take a tower

The Whispered World - got to the second area / first inventory reset (with help from the walkthrough)

And slacked off playing that Dracula hidden objects game from the Sherlock Holmes bundle in between like an middle ages ex-goth cat lady or something!

As well as the usual Word With Friends on Facebook (Played a real live Scabble game at my friend's place too actually)
Cursed Mountain, a PC port of a Wii horror game. Started off pretty good, but has since fallen into the trap of repeating itself over and over, so no longer scary. Checkpoint only save system, which I hate. Game occasionally interrupts itself to do something like ("move the mouse in a clockwise circle for three minutes") and I'm all "What the hell is this bullshit?" before I remember, right, Wii port, they faithfully brought their idiot motion control gimmick sections to the PC.

edit : And, done. Never achieved greatness or sunk into awfulness. I've had it a long time, so being able to strike it from my backlog is a bit of a relief.
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I finished my second replay of Half-life 2 (before which I replayed through Half-life + Opposing Force + Blueshift), and also HL2: Lost Coast. HL2 was better than I remembered, I think I originally didn't like the linear gameplay as I had just played Far Cry before that, but beyond that, better than I remembered.

And how come the graphics are better than I remembered? Pretty good for such an aging game, but then it might be Valve has improved the graphics over years (like using the more advanced graphics engine from Lost Coast?), and naturally now I could easily run it in 1920x1080 with all possible bells and whistles at max, when earlier I guess I played it on medium level graphics and lower resolution on my old PC.

Now I started what I really meant to play, HL2: Episodes 1&2. Unfortunately Ep1 seems to have even more of that "virtual girlfriend" stuff that I don't really care for. "You know, you're kinda cool, and thanks for saving me. I was so worried about you. I'm thinking about you all the time. Can I be your girlfriend, giggle giggle?" blaa blaa blaa, shut up already and let me kill some monsters. I don't quite need that kind of mental masturbation from my games, thanks.

I hope none of the Tomb Raider games have any virtual boyfriends in the story who are telling "me" (Lara) how much they love me, that would feel even weirder.
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