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Playing these games a lot lately:
-> The Outer Worlds: Spacer's Choice Edition from Steam (thanks, Humble!)
-> Hard Reset: Redux from GOG.

Still some stuff I've still been juggling on and off:
-> Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Director's Cut from GOG.
-> Yakuza: Kiwami on Steam.

Put aside, for now:
-> NIER Automata: YORHA on Steam.
-> Far Cry 6 on UbiSoft Connect.
-> Lake on UbiSoft Connect.
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MysterD: Still some stuff I've still been juggling on and off:
-> Yakuza: Kiwami on Steam.
I just began playing Yakuza Kiwami with the GOG version after finishing Yakuza 0.
Since I bought the Y0, K1, and K2 bundle on the last sale of GOG.
Yakuza 0 is one of my all-time favorite games, but some mini-games are rather repetitive and boring but necessary to earn a lot of money, which needs to develop the main characters (and it requires really A LOT of money).
On the other hand, Kiwami 1 (and to some extent Kiwami 2 too) uses a traditional exp and skill up system, which I prefer to what Yakuza 0 uses.
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X2 - The Threat

Started in sandbox mode with no specific goal in mind, and I've somehow ended up roaming around the galaxy in a Pirate Ship I captured (because I liked how it looked).

Flying the X equivalent of a "technical" certianly makes you keenly aware of potential unfriendly damage sources.
Memorise'n'run, by JOZGamer

Overall, it is being simple but fun. The only BS level so far was Stage 6-5.
I also play GTA 5 (one of my fav games ever) and Dota 2
Replaying Dow 1 and 2 since both are on GOG now.
The Knife of Dunwall (Dishonored DLC)
I'm enjoying it, as much as the main game. It's not short - more like the old expansions from days long gone.
Underrail, close to finishing it
Time to revisit another classic from my youth, one of the earliest, Ultima I!
Resident Evil 2 Remake.
teceem: The Knife of Dunwall (Dishonored DLC)
I'm enjoying it, as much as the main game. It's not short - more like the old expansions from days long gone.
I'd say larger expansions have come back into style quite a bit, honestly. At least in the genres I play.
Mech Arena on mobile. Play it to support my fav Twitch streamer months ago, but I got hooked in it since (yup I've fallen to the competitive online mobile games trap :) )

Also so long not posting here
Akka Arrh, the remake. Jeff Minter did a good job on this one. It's not quite like the original. It has the same elements but it's a bit more subdued. I was kind of amazed when I beat one level by only firing a single shot, but that's how the game works - you make one thing explode and if it's in the right place it causes chain reactions. It's like a really abstracted, trippy version of Missile Command. The original was so, and Minter of course just jacks that up as far as he can.

Not sure why this isn't on GOG, though, or why Atari's distribution here is so spotty (Steam has other games that are still missing here, and there are games on sale in the Steam summer sale that weren't during GOG's summer sale).
Next up for me is Eschalon I. Has a somewhat classic look, let's see if it also has the classic feel.
Yesterday i had my first 2,5 hours in bannerlords 2 and today... i'm actually looking forward to spending a larger part of the coming wkend in that game. Roaming the countryside for the occasional bout with the outcasts of society (for now), shouting from your horse, watch a platoon of fairly experienced guardsmen fail, fail holding the line then to slaughered by some mere, outnumbered!, rabble is actually pretty rewarding.
This title should be a nobrainer for our local resident right?