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I've discovered that apparently TQ has been getting updates while I wasn't looking and I got the Anniversary Edition just pop up in my library. Previously I've strictly played IT with Soulvizier. So I've been playing TQ: AE. Nice to run through mythology with spear and shield sometimes.

Enjoying Across the Obelisk with friends, as well. It's like a cooperative Slay the Spire with some elements of something like Darkest Dungeon.
Entropy Zero 2, Bioshock 2 Remastered and Greedfall.
Guild Wars 2 (PC), Hellpoint (PC) and Grim RPG (Mobile).
Playing Skyrim for the first time right now.
I feel an itch to play Might and Magic 4-5 again, so playing it right now.
Actually, I don't plan to finish it. It is enough for me to just enjoy the game for a while.

Perhaps in the next, I will re-play Kingdom Come too.
Next up on my run of revisiting games from my youth is Pool of Radiance. Remember thinking how hard this game felt the first time I played it way back when, let's see if it still feels the same today,
I think Im gonna get back to gaming, maybe start with Elden Ring. Maybe BG3 Early Access. Diablo 4 is also in closed beta as far I know.
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A modded version of Galaxy on Fire 2 on J2ME, Galaxy on Fire 2: The Indonesian Fleet
Overhauled graphics (not so much, compared to HD version on smartphones/Super HD version on PC), added new sound effects, Indonesian translation over all text in the game, and slight other minor modifications.

If somebody do know about the game, & wanna give a try at the mod, contact me, and I'll make the English version of it, but i can't promise when it will done, since the original mod maker isn't me
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Started Far Cry 3 yesterday. I finished it twice before, but, yeah.
After finishing a Wizardry 6-7-8 marathon, I'm playing Wizards and Warriors right now, in which the developer (D.W.Bradley) is the same person who made Wizardry 6-7 (so some fans said that it is the true Wizardry 8).
I feel that it is like Wizardry 8 but the battle speed is quite high and unlike wiz8, it is not frustrating and the dungeons are excellently made.
My party is Fighter x 2, Thief, Cleric, Mage x 2. The magic in the game is quite strong, so making 2 mages is a good decision.
I finished the first dungeon and beat the quest monsters for the toad people. After that, I explored the wast cave and found a new city, and in the southern forest, I found a snake temple, after exploring a bit, I found the secret door to the temple and entered here...
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Ghost Recon. I had to do some trickery, but I managed to get both Desert Siege and Island Thunder working with the GOG GR release. I installed the Heroes Unleased mod and now I'm back in the action and as frustrated as ever. Good times.

I'm also playing Dark Forces with the Force Engine source port. It's not as refined as something like GZDoom or EDuke32, but it works.

DCS World. Because I'm always playing DCS World. I'm getting dangerously close to topping 1000 hours.
I just played through "Submerged Hidden Depths" ( I had "Submerged" on the PS4 at the time). Similar to the first game; it seemed to me a little easier in user guidance and help (but maybe that's just the impression from routine...). However, some locations were devilishly cunningly designed, and you had to visit the same positions several times and take a good look around.

In the "Siachen Cathedral" I noticed an apparent bug: I could climb up a small ledge, but I couldn't get back, because Miku is apparently only allowed to climb up the marked walls. See pictures. I could only escape by leaving the place through zip mode.

A wonderful game that relaxes and impresses with beautiful pictures.

Unfortunately, since I was running it on Win7 with a 1GB graphics card, the appearance of the "giant black man" had such a strong impact on performance that the game crashed several times. Only massive cooling with 2 fans kept the temperature below 60° C. At least a good upper mid-range system is recommended..

Now I wanted to try "Lost words", but I'm afraid my English isn't good enought (this is a DeepL translation...)


PS Is a spoiler tag available?
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Fisimatent: PS Is a spoiler tag available?
Not forum software provided one's, no. Sadly you'll have to provide your own user created 'spoiler tags'...

(Translated with DeepL...)

Nicht die von der Forensoftware bereitgestellten, nein. Leider müssen Sie Ihre eigenen benutzerdefinierten "Spoiler-Tags" verwenden...
For Honor. Despite its challenging gameplay and the toxic community which you may encounter sometimes, this game will always be my guilty pleasure. I hope this game would last forever despite its small player base, because if this game were to die, there's no replacement for it, at least as far as I'm aware.

Dead by Daylight. This is also another game with a love-hate relationship between the devs and the players, just like For Honor. Where in For Honor, the devs would bring in new broken heroes, in Dead by Daylight, the devs would add new changes that could alter the balance between the killers and the survivors, sparking a never-ending war between the two types of players. I guess it's no wonder that the two games had a collab together once lol.
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- Bioshock 1 (2007 version) -> Humble Bundle version (DRM-FREE).
- The Evil Within 1 -> Steam version.

Bioshock's great, of course. Ain't played this classic in years. Side-note - also own Bioshock 1 on Steam and old Retail disc-version too (Day 1'd that).

Own the whole BioShock Collection on Steam, including the Remasters.

The Evil Within 1 is awesome so far. On Chapter 6. It's really good; really enjoying it. Feels like a more bizarre and trippy RE4 type of game to me - and I loved the heck out of RE4.
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