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KSP and Warzone 2100 and Rimworld and Minecraft and Prey and Cosmoteer and DCS world and 7DaysToDie and Legend of Grimrock and Oolite and SpaceChem. Mainly.
Omega Strike

So far a charming 2d "metroidvania" with a cool soundtrack, yet not very challenging.
Got a pretty big backlog (I got a friggin' shelf dedicated to the games that are physical.).
What I'm playing at the moment is.......nothing actually.
I log into Caravan Stories every night for log in bonuses but that's about it.
low rated
I love games where I can win smth cool while playing. Not so long ago I read what online mystery boxes are, never thought the game could ve so exciting. All you need is just to pay for a box with secret content and hope to win something worth more than you put it. It's a win-win game for every player.
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i've just finished heartgold- it was fantastic!- and that was my first pokémon game[ source : ] . i'm thinking about getting fire red/leaf green (i have a ds, so i can play gba games on it no problem). i had a look and there are so many fakes, and legit ones are few and far between, so do you think it's worth it to get the game?

tl;dr: did you like fr/lg and would you reccomend it?
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Currently I play Wasteland: The Original Classic again after I tried it a few years ago. But I had to restart it a second time again because of a annoying bug in which one "deletes" a shop ingame if one saves in it and then end the game. And there aren't that many shops in Wasteland that one could ignore it.
Restarting my French campaign in Empire: Total War. Louis XIV died very early in the game, which is historical. But he was succeeded by Elisabeth I, which isn't historical. I enjoy playing with a queen as the leader though. It's much more pleasing to see a woman ruler than a man wearing long and big wig, which describes most leaders in the game from Europe. The succession triggered a declaration of war by Austria, so this is the War of French Succession then? Austria and France both allied with Wurttemberg and Bavaria. But the two small states have chosen to side with Austria in the war.
I promise that they'll pay dearly for this.

I declared war on Britain from the very beginning, although I have no plan to invade them, except Ireland, for my naval base in the Atlantic. I capture British warships and basically destroy their navy and maintain the French navy's place as the world's naval supremacy, to rewrite world history. I blockade all their ports and isolate them, like what Napoleon dreamed of.
Currently going through all the Arkham games. Done with Origins and almost done with Asylum.
Just played an hour or so of Splitgate. They weren't kidding that it plays like Halo with Portal(s). I can definitely see myself enjoying this some more in the future.

The Dropball mode is especially fun as a ball-bearer can quickly create escape routes via the portal system. :)
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Yessss, I was finally able to finish Wasteland. Sure, I used the Survival Guide and the fan wiki but at least I was able to beat it.
Diablo 2 Resurrected Open/Closed Betas
I didn't enjoy the game nearly as much as I thought I would; It felt slow with hit detection and item sorting (perhaps bad netcode?), the graphics felt too "bright" and "colorful" most* of the time. It also didn't have the necromancer class in the beta's so the whole experience that was kinda of a let down for me. I thought I'd buy when it came out but after playing the beta's and blizzard canceling the tcp/ip networking multiplayer options I going to past and just play the old client.. After what they did with w3 reforged I don't trust them to get more features down the road.

Diablo 2 (Modded)
I just came across the D2DX mod recently randomly while looking for mods for D2 (the D2 remastered buzz got me interested in D2), I have to say this mod is magical, I can run the game way over the original framerate while having the old graphics set.. Then add other mods like PlugY and it's already much better than what D2R is offering at no extra cost...
Randomly out of nowhere I was addicted to Mortal Kombat for a couple months there. Hadn't played them since I was a kid, but I dunno something caught my eye and I ended up spending a couple hundred hours beating the modern trilogy with every character. Weird.

I was playing Solasta but I find it extremely boring because everything outside of combat is generic, bland and poorly presented. I need something other than combat to motivate me, and Solasta ain't got it.

So with those out of the way I'm mainly waiting on Pathfinder 2 in a week, but I'm playing the new Quake Remaster (which is excellent and so easy to use) and playing the Hitman 3 updates from the past few months (which are solid, but it's good that trilogy is done as it's feeling stale).
KSP and Rimworld mainly.
I got my first Destroyer Class ship in Rebel Galaxy, it cost me over 2 million credits. I had to save more than 7 millions to be able to get good enough weapons to complete missions which give you enough money as a reward, else I would still be grinding. I really like how they made the game balanced mid-game, if you are willing to spent a lot of money on ridiculously expensive weapons. These upgrades are powerful enough, to be able to take much harder missions. I got from 800k to 2.5m ship faster, than I got from 150k to 250k ship.
Taking my first steps in Age of Wonders.