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Divine Divinity. It's the reason that I am on the site.
i am playing legend of zelda skyward sword, bully and duke nukem 3d
Planescape: Torment
I'm currently playing Omikron - The Nomad Soul, Oknytt and Plants vs. Zombies.
About to start one of the freebies here. Beneath a Steel Sky. Enough of you have said its good so giving it a chance.
Edit nm, I was lucky to ninja a game so playing Luxor mahjong soon lol. Steel Sky will wait again.
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Arx Fatalis! For the first time!

Dunno how I missed that one. Is good.

Also. Spelunky HD
Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut edition and Batman: Arkham City GOTY edition.
Theme Park
Path of Exile.
Bio Menace! Just finished episode 1. I am kind of dreading episode 2 since, if I remember correctly, there are some horrid ant colony levels in the episode.
I am currently enjoying Icewind Dale quite a bit. Second level on the Dragon's Eye dungeon now, in chapter 2. The game has been progressing quite easily, now I feel maybe I should have cranked up the difficulty level a bit, but then I bet I encounter some mid-level boss (demi-lich or something) which is suddenly ten times harder than anything I've seen before. Maybe I'll just keep the default (core) difficulty level and speedrun through the game (finishing all the subquests I can find, though; my multiclass characters need every bit of experience points they can find).

I don't quite understand the complaints(?) that Icewind Dale is like Baldur's Gate without a story. So far it seems to have just as meaningful, if unoriginal, background story as the first BG. The main difference though is that it is not tightly related to the protagonist, you are an outsider helping people in need etc. Maybe the story doesn't matter that much to me.

Baldur's Gate 2 was different though, the story was much more integrated to the gameplay.
I'm in catching up mode as I was unable to buy games due to financial reasons, so to satisfy my hunger for Bethesda games I recently bought Fallout 3 complete and Skyrim complete on steam and boy was that a bad idea. On top of that, after the announcement of the new WoW expansion - which looks very promising - there was a Mists of Pandaria expansion discount in my area which made the CE version cheaper than the normal (how could this happen?). So I had to do it. Returning to WoW after 2 years of 'freedom'. Why there is only 24 hours in a day?
While googling for exact information what the difficulty level settings change in Icewind Dale, I came by several complaints of IWD being too hard, like this:


I don't know, I am not finding the game that hard, at least not yet. I think I had more problems in both Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, in the early game. Especially the semi-bosses have been push-overs so far in IWD, like that Lizard King or something.

Playing IWD on normal difficulty, but:

- "get max hitpoints on level up" is enabled; I dislike the idea of leveling up being partly based on luck, even if rest of the game is.

- I used quite a lot of time and rerolls during character creation, to get something like 85-89 ability points to all my characters. And generally also trying to find out a great party with correct classes and races.

Those probably affect it too.
Aw heck, I decided to crank up the difficulty to max in Icewind Dale, just to get more challenge. And that it certainly did, I went to save Mother Egenia (second level of the Dragon's Eye dungeon), and see like dozen trolls and five powerful magic casters run towards me. I could take only a couple of them down before fleeing to the earlier level, sleep and heal there, come back, kill a couple of them and flee again, etc. Dunno, maybe that's cheesy too.

It is nice though you get extra experience points for the extra challenge, I keep leveling up much faster now.

Let's see how long I can play the game like this. I wouldn't be surprised the same happens later as with Baldur's Gate, ie. at that point when I reach the XP cap and can't get any better anymore, the later encounters become far too hard and I have to put the difficulty back to Normal. Oh well.
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Finished off Deponia 3 last week. Once again, I very much enjoyed it even if the ending kind of sucked. =/ Oh well.

Rogue Legacy is still getting lots of playtime, but that may die down a bit now that I've started playing Guacamelee, since I picked it up during today's promo. I'm having a lot of fun with it, and I got a few good laughs out of the many not-so-subtle references to other games. That tongue-in-cheek humor is definitely appreciated. As for the gameplay itself, thank goodness I have a gamepad because, yes, I can see how this game would be a bit of a pain via keyboard-only controls. It's pretty good fun. Love the presentation of the game. A great metroidvania. :)

Also picked up RCT3 again, and playing sessions here and there when I'm looking for something more relaxing.
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