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Syberia for the first time. Beautiful game graphically, and I'm liking the story so far, but honestly playing it for too long leaves me on the verge of falling asleep. I can only walk up so many flights of steps before I have to stop playing to either do something else or take a nap.
Having lots of fun with Titan Quest - Immortal Throne. It's a Diablo clone, but a bit easier, I din't manage to get past one boss in Diablo II and quited it out of frustration, for having to battle through hordes of monsters I already fought just to get to the boss and die again. With Titan Quest, if you die - unless you reload - all the monsters you battled stay dead, so you can just walk to the part where it went wrong. And the spawn-points are well-placed. Only thing that's irritating is you find so much loot you want to sell and the walk to the towns to sell are often long and the walk to a caravan for storing and interchanging items is often even longer.

The game can get too easy though if you do multiple playthroughs simultaneously, as the characters can interchange their goods between playthoughs, by storing them with caravans, so your advanced characters can give advanced gear to your low-level characters, giving them goods they wouldn't find so early on by themselves.

Besides it, I'm still busy with Fallout 3 and 9 characters currently going through Dragon Age: Origins and the 10th one in Dragon Age: Awakenings.
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Right now, I am playing Trine. I know some of you here might have finished it already but I just got this game for myself. Since I don't have the luxury of time to play computer games, I can only hope that I would be able to finish this without seeing the ending or the whole game play in YouTube. That would ruin the whole gaming experience.
The original xcom enemy unknown - brilliant and unforgiving. I wish I had the time to give it the attention it deserves, without savescumming :P
Starting GameCube The Wind Waker, and trying Neverwinter MMO.
Beat and 100%-ed Guacamelee yesterday. Once again a rarity. Good thing though as I got the happy ending, too. :) It was a good ~12 hours of fun, but I don't see the point of playing it again in the now unlocked 'Hard' mode. The normal difficulty was just right for me, especially since I'm not very good at the whole combo-chaining thing. Played a bit of the challenge rooms in the hell stage, but man are they tough. Unlocked bronze and silver, but it's not looking good for gold even if I only need three more to unlock the last door. Oh well.

Moved on to Trine 2 today. As far as puzzle platformers go it's not shabby, but without its gorgeous presentation (like its predecessor) it probably wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable. I'm trying my best to collect everything - gotta upgrade those skills! - but if I end up missing a few potions here or there it's not the end of the world. I'm doubtful I'll be bothered enough to do another 100% for this one.
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Eador: Genesis and Disciples: Sacred Lands. Disciples I've beaten before, but I'm giving it a try on "very hard" to see how it goes. Eador's a new experience but it's been sucking up a lot of free time so far.
The Binding of Isaac.
Funny little crawler. Its like Zelda, random dungeons/items only.
Needs something like JoyToKey for gamepads.
A game that I always callously dismissed until now: Actraiser 2. Turns out that it's a quality side-scroller with plenty of content and a wonderfully crunchy level of challenge. I'm enjoying it a lot.
Dear Esther. Played it for a few minutes but had to stop because I'm getting a headache. I'll try again later.
I'm close to finish a really intensive marathon of Chaos Overlords. The game has only one major flaw - it would have been so much better as a proper tabletop game. Aside from that it's super addictive! The atmosphere is great and variety of gangs mind blowing. I just love reading gangs' descriptions: just a few words but it creates the atmosphere of this game...
Currently trying to finish:
1) Desperados 2 - playing it for months now - some levels are booring. But i finished Desperados 1 and Helldorado and i want to finish this one to.
2) Mass Effect 1- My second playthrough
3) Lionheart - my current favourite - should finish it next 2-3 days
4) Commandos - beyond the call of duty - challenging one
5) Heroes 4 - finished two campaigns , i'm waiting for an inspiration to play more
6) Myst uru Chronicles - unfortunatly game crashes at one point i need to find way to resolve problem
7) Smugglers V - nice one when i have 20-30 minutes of free time
8) Diablo 3 - on a break until i finish Lionheart

and installed on HD The Book of Unwritten Tales this weekend
Zombie Shooter....take that Bundesprüfstelle
Shadowrun Returns....still unsure if i like or dislike it
Diablo 3....again, don't know why, its so boring after the 4th playthrough, guess i want to reach Paragon 100
Mass Effect. It was inevitable. It's been a few months since I last and I started getting the itch. This is playthrough six (or seven, not sure), and so far, it isn't any less fun. I'm attempting the second hardest difficulty (can't remember if it is Veteran or Hardcore), as all of my previous playthroughs started out a little tough but became cakewalks around level 25. Difficulty is definitely one thing the second and third games did better; even if the Normal difficulty in both is actually pretty easy, it's at least consistent, and the higher difficulties provide excellent challenges. I'm also taking my time. Except for my first playthrough, I've had a tendency to speed through this game as fast as possible so I could get to the second and third games, which, for various reasons, i like slightly more than the first game. However, it's been long enough since my last playthrough that I'm not quite as aware of the differences among the games, so I can actually enjoy this one instead of viewing as a long, inferior game that serves as little more than an introduction to the second and third games.
Still Icewind Dale. I was just about to enter the last chapter 6, so instead I decided to go to Heart of Winter + Luremaster expansion at this point. I think you need minimum 9th level party for that, my folks are now around levels 12-13 mostly (playing the hardest difficulty, not the "Heart of Fury Mode" though, I later saw that in the config program, it can't apparently be selected in-game).

I don't get it though, my Fighter is wearing an armor that is supposed to be health generating, +1 HP per round. And he even has a regenerating tag in his profile when wearing it. But his health doesn't seem to increase at all, no matter how much I wait. Naturally the health comes back while sleeping, but then so it does without the regenerating armor. Am I missing something, or do the regenerating items work differently in IWD than in e.g. Baldur's Gate 2, where half of my party had regenerating items, helping a lot in long fights and not having to cast 20x "cure light wounds" spells all the time.

Oh, and so far IWD hasn't really felt that hard at all, considering I'm near the end already. The combat in e.g. Baldur's Gate 2 felt more challenging to me, even when playing on a lower difficulty level than what I am playing IWD now!

In BG2 I used to come by some mid-level boss (usually a (demi-)lich, but dragons were quite hard too at first) that would be very hard to beat, usually having very high resistance to pretty much anything, so first you'd have to cast several magic defense stripping and resistance lowering spells on him/her before you could do any damage to it. And at the same time, he would cast death spells at your party which could cause instant deaths to you.

So far I don't recall seeing anything like that at all in Icewind Dale. The hardest part seems to be only if there are too many powerful enemies attacking you at the same time, but quite often it is easy to backtrack and funnel the enemy hordes to come through a narrow corridor where you have cast several druid and mage area damage spells.

And then some people complain IWD is far too hard, even on normal difficulty... I wonder how they ever could survive BG2? Why no one ever complains about the same in BG2?
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