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VVVVVV's Linux version was updated to 2.3.4

The Windows and Mac builds, at least the non-Galaxy ones, have not been updated, and are still on 2.3.3
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Hustlefan: Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1007874 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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VVVVVV now at 2.3.4 on all (GOG supported) platforms.

(Interesting that Linux got 2.3.4 on GOG first.)
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Kitaria Fables

Updated to 1.06 (In-game version number

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelog from Steam:
Update Notes Version

- Fixed an issue collecting items from elevated terrain
- Adjusted stone and log spawn duration at Paw Village and Thunderbunn Farm
- Reset event states to default on game start to avoid potential issues
- Fixed the no-sign key image while using a controller. (We are still monitoring this issue)
- Fixed (hopefully!) an issue that players fell into darkness and spawned in an un-walkable area
- Removed undetected screen refresh rate display in resolution settings
- Optimized DLC checks to speed up loading times on map transition
- Added automatic default language selection on Brazilian and Italian. (This won't affect your modified settings)
- Fixed several minor issues
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Linux - offline installer was updated to 3.1.1 this morning.

(Windows & Mac were updated yesterday)
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foxgog: Delta V: Rings of Saturn

Updated to version 0.387.6 - Sensory Overload (13.09.2021)

(currently, Windows offline installer only--not for Linux or Mac, yet)
Linux and Mac offline installers arrived this morning.


Sunless Skies
Offline installers updated for Windows, Mac and Linux from tp 2.0.3.c8261d41

Patch notes, as posted by the developer in the forum last week:
We’ve been unable to fully resolve the outstanding bug with the locomotive headlight which is seen on some OSX devices. However there is a workaround; using -force-glcore or alternatively -force-opengl as a launch command will resolve the issue. Full steps can be found in our troubleshooting guide.

Tech bug fixes
* The screen will no longer shake when docking, though the locomotive itself may judder slightly.
* After erupting from host locomotives, Guest tentacles will continue to writhe.
* Dreadnought Guest damage and death animations have returned.
* The animations on Chorister Bee’s wings should no longer freeze.
* Agent headlight intensity has been lowered slightly so it is easier to see their bullets on smaller screens.
* The chart label for the Eleutheria transit relay in Worlebury is no longer blank.
* Tutorial ambient messages and control prompts now have a background layer so they are easier to read.
* Gamepad exclusive fields have been removed from the Controls menu.

Narrative bug fixes
* The Researcher’s Crusade quest is now displayed in the journal rather than on the status panel.
* All references of Ministry-Approved Permits have been replaced with Ministry-Stamped Permits.
* The Poetic Forged Companion will no longer be mentioned when speaking to The Pugilistic Forged Companion.
* You will now always gain Terror when failing to climb the mountain at Lustrum.
* The Patchwork Devil quest will now update in the journal once you’ve captured a live Chorister Bee.
* If the Incognito Princess is on secondment you cannot forge a ring for her at Carillon, or help her meet the Measurer's demands at Crossroads.
* The safer and riskier options on prospect opportunities at Lustrum and Prosper now display the correct chance of success.
* Peculiarities on the status panel will now display a level description where appropriate.
* Several typos have been fixed.
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#508-winmaclin-gog@2235370 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Steam:
Tropico 6 Update 15 Hotfix 2 – “Es hora de relajarse”

Fellow Tropicans,

Tropico 6 Update 15 Hotfix 2 was just released for Windows, Linux, Mac and Xbox One. This update mostly addresses feedback to the Festival DLC – balancing the difficulty so that you can ease up during El Presidente’s big party. He gave every citizen a “free” ticket as well so that boredom gets vaporized into fireworks.

It also includes some bug fixes, for example, some 2x2 park variations not being able to be built and more remedies against party mood killers. The bug where the busker caught on fire has also been fixed – even if such incidents would have annihilated the boredom as well.
Thanks for your feedback and now get the Festival Party started with even more boredom killers!

Viva Tropico!

Balancing Changes

Festival DLC

- Buildings under the effect of boredom can now be relocated
- The overall boredom area growth rate has been reduced
- Balanced balloon trade prices and production rate to make it a more viable commodity
- Map 2: The last delivery quest is optional and a hint was added to suggest that this mission is not supposed to be done.
- The Festival campaign has been balanced to decrease overall difficulty
- Map 2 & 5: Increased time limits for timed missions
- Map 3 & 5: Reduced spawn rate of new boredom areas
- Map 4 & 5: Reduced global boredom increase

Bug fixes

- [Multiplayer] Fixed an issue where DLC settings were reset when the victory conditions get changed inside the lobby
- Fixed an issue where market manipulation for import routes also affected export routes
- Fixed busker visitors clipping into the gift box
- Fixed broken option menu tabs when switching between Arabic languages
- Fixed logging camp and coconut harvester not using nearby trees when relocating their buildings
- Fixed the busker being able to catch fire
- Fixed several graphical glitches and crashes
- Fixed a couple of text localization and display issues
- Several stability improvements


- Festival Map 2: Fixed an issue where attacks from axis sometimes don’t happen
- Festival Map 2: Removed random superpower demands for building a pirate cove
- Fixed some 2x2 park variations not being able to be built
- Fixed radius display for Festival ranges under some circumstances (relocation, multiplayer)
- Fixed festival effects not getting removed properly in some multiplayer occasions (multiplayer, solving multiple quests simultaneously)
- Fixed several visual glitches in festival maps 2 & 4

Carribbean Skies

- Fixed issue where mandate time didn’t decrease after winning the game (Caribbean Skies Map 2 and Festival Map 1)
- Caribbean Skies Mission 2: Fixed Wydham support money triggering even if player had enough money
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Surprise...yet another update for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous. Changelog is taken from steam, mac offline installer is updated to yestersdays version 1.0.3c while Windows offline installer is still 1.0.3c but hopefully updated soon to latest version.

PF: WotR: Patch 1.0.3d

We’ve just uploaded a hot-fix for the following issues:

Couldn’t choose the mythic path of Gold Dragon after retraining - fixed. If you retrained before the 1.0.3 patch, and Gold Dragon didn’t work, this should fix your problem;
The ruler of Alushinyrra and her guest wasn’t present during your audience with them in chapter 4 - fixed;
The game will stop pausing after the level-up interface now;
You will be able to retrain a character on the Demon Mythic Path now. However, if you retrained your demon in chapter 2 in version 1.0.2, you will need to load an earlier save, before you retrained. Otherwise you will have issues with the event when you get summoned in a dream and the following events.

Known issues:
In chapter 5, on the Mythic Path of Demon, Yozz will come to speak with you right after the summit and ask to come with him. If you tell him that you need more time to prepare, you won’t be able to progress the quest. The workaround is to go with him without delay.
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Updated to 1.2.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Slipstream v1.2 - Public Release!

After a year and a half of work, the new version of Slipstream is finally here. Calling it "1.2" is almost an understatement—it is a full rewrite of the original code. Calling it "2.0" would make more sense.

Initially, it was supposed to be just a "simple", straight rewrite of the original code, in preparation for a re-release (more on that later), however, as I rewrote parts of the code, I noticed there was a lot of room for improvement and decided to take a little more time and do the right thing, fix and add everything I thought was necessary. A 6-month project became a 1-year project that, as expected, took more than a year, but now it's here, and I'm very satisfied with the results. It's hard to even write a "changelog" because everything was changed, but I'll try to list all the major new features.

New AI, and no rubberbanding

The one change that set the ball rolling for all the others was rewriting the AI. The old version relied a lot on rubberbanding (that is, making the AI artificially faster or slower depending on the player's position in the race. If you're in first place, AI gets faster, if you're last, AI gets slower.), but I never liked that, it's a very obviously artificial way to balance things. The new AI should be equal to a player in every sense, use the same cars, with the same specs, same mechanics, everything. And, although the new AI still isn't perfect, it feels much better to race against now. The AIs use the same cars as the players, they crash, they use the slipstream, everything.

(side note: The new AI isn't exactly ideal yet. The amount of testing I can do by myself is limited, so the difficulty may be a little unbalanced. I will try to improve this with smaller updates in the following weeks.)

New Mechanic: Rewind

The non-rubberbanded AI created a problem: they wouldn't slow down if you made a mistake. If you crash your car, the only hope of getting back into the race would be if the AI crashed too. And it does crash, a lot, but relying on that wouldn't be a good way to balance things. To avoid locking the player in this almost unwinnable state, I introduced a new major mechanic that changed the whole game: the time rewind. When you activate it, you can go back in time for up to 5 seconds, so you have a second chance to enter a curve or avoid a crash. This was a very complex system to implement, but it made the game a lot more fun and strategic.

Difficulties out, Weight Classes in

A lot of people like how challenging and fast Slipstream is, but others have some difficulty with the controls and the speed. I want the game to be approachable and playable by anyone, regardless of their gaming experience, so I decided to change the difficulty system into a Mario Kart-like weight class system. Instead of easy/medium/hard, now we have light, medium and heavy. Heavy is the "classic" setting for Slipstream veterans, with very high top speeds and relatively slow acceleration. Light is the opposite: all cars have lower top speeds but faster acceleration, and they're easier to control. Medium is a midpoint between the two. There are no restrictions on trophies anymore, all classes are equally valid. The AIs are almost the same in all classes, so the focus of the new difficulty system is on the player cars, not the AI cars like before. Light is not necessarily easier to win
than Heavy, but it's easier to play. And now, making the game easier for players makes it easier for the AI too, so the light setting may still be quite a challenge. (If you thought Stardust Speedway was "too easy" in the original, do I have a surprise for you...)

Stock Cars, Custom Cars, Grand Prix rework

In the original game, there were two pure racing modes: Single Race and Grand Prix. Single Race always used "stock" cars (cars with predefined specs) and Grand Prix always used "custom" cars (cars with upgrades chosen by the player). Now they are two separate categories. Single Race is still stock-only, but Grand Prix now has an option to choose between Stock and Custom categories. The upgrade system has also been entirely reworked, now instead of 0 to 10, the upgrades go from 0 to 100, and the player gets more money for upgrades from each race.

Records, New Online Leaderboards

With all those changes, it wouldn't make sense to compare all times for a given track without finer categorization, so I raised the number of leaderboards from about 30 in the old version to more than 200 in the new. Each track now has 9 (!) online leaderboards, one for each weight class, in each mode: stock, custom and time trial. There's also a new Records screen on the main menu, which keeps your times for each track/category/mode, and it's also present in the DRM-Free versions.

New character art and dialogue

All the rivals have new faces and new dialogue, created by my super talented friend Victor, who also created the art of Dandara: Trials of Fear—check it out.


This is the one system I haven't been able to properly test yet. It already exists and it works, the base game content is already loaded through the same system that loads mods, and I have tested modded content on my own machine, but there's a problem: there are no modding tools yet, nor documentation. I have been very busy getting the game ready for this release, so I'm gonna ask for a little more time on this one. Basically you can add user-provided Cars, Tracks, Backgrounds and Scenery Props (but not characters for now, sorry). This content can be used in Single Race, Cannonball and Time Trial modes. Expect news about this before the end of 2021.

Quality of Life, Miscellanea

Many small changes and optimizations, too many to list, but, from the top of my head:

- Alt+Enter now switches between fullscreen/windowed.
- The graphical changes in the settings menu now happen instantly; no need to 'apply changes'.
- The in-game radar now shows your distance from the adjacent racers/rivals.
- The screen now tilts when you turn the car.
- Screen Shake and Screen Tilt can be configured from the pause menu.
- The keyboard icons now show the actual keys to which they are bound—no more X/C only.
- Battle Royale Mode can now be played with 4, 8 or 12 racers instead of always 16.
- NTSC Effect has been replaced with a faster/lighter version.
- Vibration has been reduced to a more sensible amount.
- Separate save slots for Single and Multiplayer in Grand Prix mode.

Save files from the original version will NOT carry over to the new one, but the two can coexist.

Re-Release & The Future

As I mentioned before, Slipstream is going to be re-released. I've signed a contract with a publisher and we're preparing to bring this new version of the game to new platforms. So, if you liked Slipstream and want to support me further, keep an eye out for when it shows up on your platform of choice. It will also probably work on the Steam Deck, but I can't confirm this yet. I'm gonna be running discounts on the Halloween, Black Friday and holiday season sales, so if you have a friend who might like the game, tell them!

When this update cycle is over, when the bugs are fixed and the game is stable, it will also be the end of this project, at least for me. I feel like it is complete now, it is the best I could do for this idea, this concept of a game. I've dedicated years of my life to this project, and it's been a great experience. Slipstream sold more than 15 thousand units here on Steam, and it reached more than 200 thousand people through the humble monthly package. It has a 92% positive review rate at the time of writing, and has been featured on SGDQ 2019; it surpassed by far all the goals I could have set for it in 2016 or 2018. It got me in touch with a wonderful community (even though I'm very shy and very anxious, sorry if I don't interact as much as I should!). Thanks for all of that, to each of you who ever played it even for a minute, it's been an honor.

But I don't want Slipstream to vanish. The modding system will be my way of saying farewell to the project and passing the torch to the community. If there's enough interest, maybe the community will keep it alive with new tracks and/or cars. And maybe I'll come back to make some DLC package or expansion in the future, but for now I want to start a new project I've had in mind for a long time.

If you want more frequent news or want to know about my next project, follow me on twitter—it's my only social media channel. Thanks again, and enjoy the game!
Edit: Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well
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art of rally

Updated to 1.3.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.2.0-1 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Hustlefan: Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#508-winmaclin-gog@2235370 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Steam:
Linux & Mac offline installers now updated as well.
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Death Trash Demo updated to version 0.7.15.

Changelog from steam:

- co-op: use left-aligned full UI on second screen for dual screen co-op mode
- co-op: fixed starting with black screen when enabling dual screen co-op mode from main menu etc.
- co-op: fixed a few UI issues when switching between different modes
- co-op: block talking to NPC for player B when player A is in merchant interaction with NPC
- fixed a few issues in Titan's Heart
- a few small dialogue changes and fixes throughout the game
- fixed missing skull item description
- allow binding right mouse button to rolling
- additional small bug fixes and framework improvements
Shardpunk: Verminfall Demo updated to version 2021.07.006.

No changelog.

Delta V: Rings of Saturn Demo updated to version 0.387.7

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.0.31 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Version 1.0.31:
- added Portuguese (Brazil) localization
- the first part of 'Luxus' Incorporated Complex and Empathetic's Restaurant no longer prevents certain achievements from being unlocked
- fixed a crash that would occur on game start-up when the 'gamedata.iv' file would get corrupt
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Astrox Imperium

Update to V0.0124.

No changelog.