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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.0 release ⇒ 1.01 release.
Patch 1.01

• Fixed infinite XP bug with Cult, Capibarov lair, Bayonet;
• Fixed infinite quest reward for Crooked's quest;
• Fixed ability to enter Seventh Heaven without pass or payment;
• Now the faction companion attacks character if their faction is assaulted;
• Radiolov's quest fixed;
• Ganiev's truck no longer walk-through-able;
• Achievements: Memoirs of the Nibbler, Incompetence, Death of Author now work correctly;
• Molotovs no longer burn during cutscenes;
• Tellerov now takes 100 rubles for his trick properly;
• Fixed bug with how Lost Northerners quest was represented in the log;
• Background for armor abilities description fixed;
• Fixed local map markers appearing on global map;
• Fixed combat on the Island;

Various lesser glitches in menus, etc. fixed
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Astrox Imperium

Offline installer updated to b 0.0124a
Build 0.0124a
- Fixed render layer bug for engine trails rendering behind billboard images.
- Fixed devlog display bug.
- Fixed bug causing ship file to not load propery when drone shipyard faction bonus is applied as decimal.

Build 0.0124
- Fixed collection mission bug generating missions for 0 qty of items when item size is large.
- Fixed mis-spellings on the name generator's npc title code database.
- Fixed bonuses for shipyard faction buffs.
- Fixed text display over-run on structure filename list box.
- Changed the max speed bonus for shipyard factions from Max Speed to Max Drones.
- Adjusted sandbox lighting coloration values in the sandbox generator to use new ligthing system.
- Adjusted size and scaling of a number of the background skybox props to reduce clipping.
- Adjusted structure editor material emission colors to match those defined in the structure file.
- Adjusted selection hitbox areas on all light objects in the structure editor.
- Adjusted campaign map lighting in most sectors, and adjusted sectors prop placement.
- Adjusted lighting, skybox and prop textures on the new campaign intro scene.
- Adjusted engine trail fx layering to render behind engine thrust.
- Added new prop object models to replace many of the place holder models.
- Added new Asteroid Statue prop models for Alpha and Temple factions.
- Added new background skybox asteroid fields to replace the flat billboard ones.
- Added new background skybox debris fields to replace the flat ones.
- Added new ship debris models and textures to replace the sandbox and campaign ship debris.
- Added new 2k res textures to all prop object models.
- Added new 2k res textures to all skybox background models.
- Added new 2k Textures to all Debris props and models.
- Added animated hologram shader effect to all of the tactical sensor objects.
- Added station restock event when docking. Change of restock is based on sector economy rating.
- Added random option to the structure lockboxes. Loot table is used for random item generation.
- Added new interior for small energy generator structure.

PC Building Simulator

Offline installer updated on 15 September 2021 to v1.12.3

Changelog posted by member Blade01 in the game's forum.
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Wizard of Legend

Updated to v1.23.4a (50157)

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Death Trash Demo

Update to V0.7.16.

No changelog.
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X4: Foundations was updated on the 13th of September to v4.10. Today, 21st of September, the Linux installer was added.

New Custom game starts, both such that will keep your game unmodded and a freer version that is basically a mod.
New smaller things too.

Better working graphics cards if you have a lot of or only a little (á la 2021 so less than 6GB) VRAM. Under 3GB is still no good.

Lots of changes in an attempt to improve the game.

UI improvements.

Lots of fixes.

Silly long changelog:

Last post is the latest.

GOG is still not flagging this game's updates.
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CrossCode offline installers for Mac and Linux are now updated to yesterday's patch version 1.4.2
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Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1008033 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Greetings Commanders,

Hotfix #2 is now available on PC! We’re working hard to bring it to the consoles as soon as possible - we’re currently aiming to release it to the remaining platforms, PlayStation and Xbox, tomorrow. Apologies for this!


Gameplay Improvements

- Remove the Micro-G Auto Extractor prefab from the default loadout for Asteroid Landers, so you don't accidentally include a prefab without having one.
- Visual improvement to the base of asteroids (mostly for photo mode).

Bug Fixes

- Fixed dome birth controls.
- Fixed the same anomaly event appearing multiple times.
- Fixed dust storms, cold waves, and meteor storms not triggering.
- Fixed the martian surface filling with water after connecting a lake to a water producer.
- Fixed asteroid landers sometimes not properly showing their status when returning from an asteroid at the very last second.
- Fixed drone control fix for broken food storages.
- Fixed a crash that sometimes happened when landing an Asteroid Lander with drones on an Asteroid.
- Fixed a crash when Asteroid Landers departed with drones.
- Fixed not being able to order seeds from the earth for old saves without B&B.
- Fixed cold waves not vanishing after they end, in old saves.
- Fixed the “must include” filter for seniors.
- Fixed missing images for anomalies.
- Fixed smart complexes not receiving electricity after loading old saves.
- Fixed the "Winter is Coming" rule not being selectable in the game rules screen.
- Fixed the RC Safari's missing UI panel (the one showing visitors).
- Fixed lamps of the elevator floating in the air in some cases.
- Fixed incorrect ground texture after refabbing buildings within a Mega Dome.
- Fixed missing warning when launching a rocket back to earth while still unloading cargo
- Fixed sponsor-specific rovers' weight being counted twice for Lander/Elevator/Resupply cargo.
- Fixed the asteroid lander not loading more than one rover of each type.
- Fixed the asteroid hopping achievement unlocking after visiting 10 asteroids, instead of 11.
- Fixed wasp drones in colony always showing 0 in the resupply menu
- Fixed the camera zooming into the wrong sector in the underground.
- Fixed Philosophers Stones Mystery that couldn't be completed after destroying a stone.
- Fixed a crash related to the Inner Light Mystery on old save games.
- Fixed landing pads being unusable after canceling the construction of a rocket.
- Fixed an empty B&B tech tree showing for old saves.
- Fixed drones facing the wrong direction while gathering Metals or Exotic Minerals.
- Fixed the Fast Radio Burst turning several colonists into Geniuses.

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Known issues

- The crash related to food storages has been fixed for the majority of saves but can still occur occasionally, investigation is in progress.
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The Tenants (In Development)

Updated to 0.63 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
The Tenants Patch 0.63


- Fixed an issue with renovation and cleaning becoming unavailable until restarting the game after using certain Services.
- Fixed an issue with babysitting jobs sometimes breaking the game due to late phone notifications.
- Fixed an issue with wrong apartment names being displayed in the finances panel for apartments located in a different district than the player was in.
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Shadow Man Remastered recieved a new update (Offline and GOG Galaxy). Seems to be a small internal fix judging by the very small size of it so I don't think there will be a changelog available this time.

Version 1.31 >> Version 1.31-1
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New update for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (Changelog taken from steam). Offline Installer is not yet updated to latest version.

Update 1.0.5g


A new patch is here*. The list of changes is quite long, so here’s what you’ve been asking about the most:
Now you can complete the quest about 21 daggers;
You won’t skip Gray Garrison anymore right after entering by teleporting to the top floor;
Now Gold Dragons can rest in Drezen;
Your crusade stats won’t get stuck anymore;
The Repurpose spell will stop destroying loot and breaking NPCs;
Cloaks will stop living la vida loca, and will start to behave;
Saves from Last Azlanti mode should stop disappearing under mysterious circumstances.

Beware of possible plot spoilers below!

Quests and companions
An Azata couldn't start a conversation with Maitresse Olla Devara with an active objective Visit the Court and talk to the Maitresse - fixed;
Azata's quest in chapter 4 could stop if Aivu died during the fight with Ramisa's guards - fixed. However you will need to load an earlier save, before the conversation with Ramisa, to continue Azata's quest line;
Borrowed dreams quest couldn't be completed if Ciar got mad at the player - fixed;
Dawn of Dragons quest wouldn't start - fixed;
It was impossible to discover the Greengates location if you attacked Arueshalae during the siege of Drezen - fixed;
It was impossible to enter the portal during the Devastation quest, if it was opened with Nocticula's help - fixed. It was possible to enter the portal without a key - fixed;
It was impossible to start a conversation with beggars again during The Art of Making Friends quest - fixed;
It was possible to find too many pages for the Storyteller, and uncover his story too early - fixed;
It was possible to get a quest A Conversation with Sosiel after finishing his quest - fixed;
Minor Improvements of Camellia's romance and epilogue;
Regill wasn't moving during his quest in chapter 5, if he had Hold Position toggled on - fixed;
The Dragon's Fate didn't fail when finishing chapter 3 - fixed;
Twenty-One Ceremonial Daggers could fail before you could actually complete it - fixed;
Yaker would come to Drezen and attempt to give you a quest even if you killed Regill - fixed.


Casting Dimension Door in Alushinyrra sometimes could break the game - fixed;
Fixed some cases of party teleporting "into the void" in Alushinyrra;
A band led by Merciless Tyrant in Alushinyrra Upper City could disappear right from under your nose due to an unlucky turn of the camera - fixed;
A chest in Alushinyrra was not lootable after solving the puzzle - fixed;
Added an autosave after the battle with Hepzamirah in chapter 4;
After completing The Enigma, the Enigma Rejection status could stay permanently - fixed;
Fixed the markers on the local map during the random encounter with Berenguer;
Fixed the visual of force fields in Blackwater;
In Gray Garrison the party could get teleported to the top floor - fixed;
It was impossible to rest in Drezen because of a Gold Dragon event - fixed;
Iz: If you didn't interact with the Sword of Valor, the fate of some NPC was determined incorrectly - fixed;
Jerribeth in Ivory Sanctum was too friendly to the Commander in some cases. Now she's back to being an evil person she actually is;
Moving islands in Alushinyrra Upper City could get stuck in the wrong position - fixed;
Removed electricity immunity from monsters in Blackwater dungeon. Reworked Cyborgization Feature a bit;
Sometimes characters could get stuck between the rotating puzzle's platforms in Alushinyrra's Middle City - fixed;
Sometimes devils would appear in Aeon's city when they shouldn't have - fixed;
Sometimes Greybor would forget to attack you if you refused to hire him in Ivory Sanctum - fixed;
Sometimes the combat mode would get stuck in Drezen in chapter 5, and some NPC were missing - fixed.


Couldn't start the project "Enchanting the Faultless Daybreak" - fixed;
Inquisitor's Divine Favor didn't work correctly - fixed;
Divine Favor was missing a description - fixed;
Fixed an issue when some NPC, related to the crusade, remained in the Citadel;
Fixed the cancellation of relic decrees;
Fixed the issue with crusade stats not growing and units not spawning in the 2nd chapter. The affected players will receive the missing points;
Fixed the issue with the Logistics after defending a besieged settlement;
Gold Dragon Mythic Path started the 5th chapter without a proper army - fixed;
Lay On Hands now works according to its description;
Leaders of enemy armies had incorrect names - fixed;
Military Rank was stuck on VI - fixed. New errand from Odan will start properly;
Some projects wouldn't update - fixed;
Some traps and abilities didn't work correctly - fixed;
Sorcerers from Pupils of Nethys event were not friendly when chosen as an army unit - fixed;
The "Areelu Vorlesh's Drafts" projects was available before its time - fixed;
The Pit Trap ability didn't work correctly - fixed.

Classes & Mechanics

Some choices in automatic Mythic level up weren't suitable for the automatic build - fixed;
A Bloodrager mercenary could go missing after their first level up, along with your money - fixed;
A Lich with Danse Macabre couldn't get a Selective Channelling feat - fixed;
Added descriptions of the groups of demons for the Favored Enemy ability;
After retraining, it was impossible to level up a horse - fixed;
Carnivorous Crystals and some other enemies didn't grant the immunity to their abilities on successful saving throws - fixed;
Sacred Weapon abilities for Warpriest had no description - fixed;
Some spells couldn't be dispelled - fixed;
Spelleater's ability Blood of Life didn't have a description - fixed;
Swarm-that-Walks Feast ability could start affecting only one enemy - fixed;
Targets of the Lich "Repurpose" spell couldn't have been looted after dying for the second time - fixed;
Using Repurpose on enemies that would later become neutral due to quest choices could break the game - fixed;
The Divine Hunter's Otherworldly Companion provided incorrect resistances to the said animal companion - fixed.


Bane of Flesh applied incorrect bonus values while using Doom Pulse - fixed;
Bloody Meat had no charges and couldn't be used - fixed;
The Headcracker weapon was affecting the enemies regarding of their saving throw - fixed;
Using a Midnight Bolt didn't always provide a desired effect - fixed.

User Interface

A spellbook button in level up and character creation UI wasn't working - fixed;
An icon for AoE kineticist spells has been added;
Duplicating enchantments have been removed from items' descriptions;
In descriptions of some classes and abilities, the names of some abilities were missing - fixed;
Technical tags were visible in some descriptions - fixed;
The deflection bonus from Smite Evil ability was hidden in the UI - fixed;
Clicking right mouse button on the class in level up menu will cause the percentage to display for BAB and saving throws instead of numbers - fixed;
While retraining a character, it was possible to open the inventory, after which mythic paths could stop working as intended - fixed.


Enemies would cast Dominate person on the undead - fixed;
Fixed the behaviour of Gluttonous Maw in battle;
Minor improvements of Deskari cultists' behaviour;
Necromancers and Cultists can now properly use the Channel Negative Energy ability.


Fixed the issue with Demon's epilogue;
The Last Azlanti mode sometimes didn't create a save upon quitting to the main menu - fixed;
Added an epilogue for Horgus;
Fixed the error in the epilogue regarding the Wardstones;
Fixed some epilogues related to the Aeon path;
Fixed an error in Greybor's epilogue;
Fixed a visual issue with cloaks, tails, wings etc.;
Get the Toad achievement didn't unlock - fixed;
A Flame achievement not unlocks correctly - fixed;
Fixed an error that led to a Unity VFX Graph crash on GPU Intel;
If you told Daeran to leave the party in chapter 1, he would stay until the Lost Chapel anyway - fixed. Now Daeran will listen to you. If you can't find him after Lost Chapel, you may have to load an earlier save, before you asked him to leave, if you want to continue your adventures together;
Fixed the issue when the Legend couldn't get the final reinforcements of the united forces of Golarion;
Fixed the issue with the incorrect colours of Aasimar's eyes and lips after character creation;
Greybor wouldn't appear in character sheet and was stuck outside of the map after The Price of Loyalty - fixed;
Repurpose spell could sometimes break the game in the most unexpected ways - fixed;
Sosiel could be seen paining in the wrong places, in the wrong time, and often without an easel - fixed;
The game could freeze when the Sword of Heaven was activated and the character attacked an enemy who had adjacent enemies - fixed.

*the patch is Windows-only for now, Mac version will arrive soon!
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dV: Rings of Saturn (and its demo)

Updated Windows Offline installer from 0.387.6 to 0.392.4. Based on the previous update, I'd expect Mac and Linux to follow tomorrow.

Changelog, posted in the GOG forum by the developer:
ΔV: Rings of Saturn release 0.392.4 - The Enceladian Order - comes with tutorial improvements, new geologist options, improved AI and new disguised taxes.

As always, demo was updated with all these changes above.

Strike of The Geologist Union ended
Today marks the end of the long-running Geologist’s Strike, spanning the planetary system. The conflict over the use of AI to phase human labor out of geological surface operations on Saturnian moons has run for over two years. Specific to orbital operations, this means the resumption of services in drone system management and mineral mapping.

New Enceladian Order
Fulfilling his electoral promises, the new president of Enceladus Corp has increased the tax exemption on inherited spaceworthy ships from 7,000E$ up to 35,000E$. While this move would help small family-based excavation companies, tax experts note that the very same bill established a general 9% shipcare contribution that, despite the promises, will increase the effective tax burden on most independent miners.

Maintenance Records
- Expanded tutorial with additional in-character notes left for new players.
- New Geologist tab in your Onboard Maintenance System, with local mineral excavation map and ability to control remote drone systems, focusing them on specific minerals or specific values.
- Improved artificial intelligence of ship-mounted mining companions and cargo containers. You can now order a return to your cradle if you launch any of them by mistake, and the docking protocol will now align them correctly and bring them close enough for you to catch without moving your ship. You still need to power up your cradle to catch them.
- Changed the icons for stat comparisons when hiring a crew to make it clear that you are upgrading or downgrading your current staff.
- Improved persistence of dialogues. Stations will not change their minds on what they want and who is aboard if you fly far enough and return to them.
- Increased the patience of your crew when you forget to pay their salary.
- The dealer will now ask for confirmation when buying or selling ships.
- Obonto habitats will not get offended anymore if you fire on independent miners.
- Removed a view button on the Dealer screen, which did the same as clicking the ship name.
- Mineral market polishing: highlighted month changes, all the numbers formatted the same way, added missing padding.
- If you lost a rock from the cargo hold, your cargo hold value would display state before losing that rock.
- Moved the OMS mechanic hotkey display to another column to make the power buttons more prominent.
- Fixed a bug that caused drones and ammo contained in onboard storage of drone systems and mass-drivers to disappear upon launching from Enceladus.
- Gimballed thrusters could operate well below their minimum power when pointed in the wrong way, causing your autopilot to use up propellant without getting any meaningful thrust.
- Fixed several graphical glitches inside the Space Bar and made it easier to spot the entrance.
- In some cases, you could launch the game without getting keyboard focus on any of the buttons, making it impossible to start playing without using a mouse.
- Updated translations.
N.B. This update includes at least one bug fix and one improvement I posted about in the GOG forum, 9 and 16 days ago respectively. Massive kudos to this developer!
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Updated to 20210921_1.0.45.r46254 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs posted by the developer in the game forum here and here.
Hi everyone!

The Hotfix 1.0.40 is now live. Thank you so much for being so supportive throughout all the social media channels and the stores. We know that there are still unlocalized texts in the game, which is our primary task to fix. The following Hotfix covers around half of the whole missing texts. Another Hotfix will be live at the beginning of the next week, and we hope that it should cover all the missing texts. We can estimate that the total amount of the translated text exceeds 95%.


- Added additional localized content to the English, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Russian, French, German and Spanish languages versions.

- The German localization will be tweaked in the more significant chunk in the next update.

- Fixed a blocker on a conversation involving Nanette at the Mushroom after the Harvest Time case.

Stay tuned for more technical information right after the weekend. Our support team will be available for you during the weekend to answer your questions and gather your feedback regarding the most crucial blockers or any other bugs that will occur during the game. Feel free to enter the discussion on the Gamedec Discord channel or the Steam Discussions. A more detailed roadmap of the planned hotfixes and patches will be available next week.

Team Gamedec

We're ready with the second hotfix, still focusing primarily on the missing translations. The batch is simply replacing the unlocalized texts, but please be aware that we're still not done yet. Some missing translations can occur, and we plan to fulfill them with the ready-to-go text by the end of the week. We are aiming for Thursday, so stay tuned for another batch of translations and additional fixes.

Additionally, Hotfix 1.0.45 is tweaking Harvest Time Deduction. We appreciate your honest feedback, and we're glad that you're supportive during those intense days. Feel free to enter the discussion on the Gamedec Discord channel or the Steam Discussions to share your feedback or report the bug. Our dev team is working hard to resolve all of them. The more precise roadmap, showing you the next steps of the development progress, will be available on Thursday. Also, we're extending the LQA service to constantly update all the bugs, missing tags, and other issues related to the text.

Team Gamedec
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 1 / 3
Update to v1.0.0.5. - FULL RELEASE


- New feature - bandits
- New feature - grabbing items.
- New Main Story
- New questline - "Dobroniega's story"
- New questline - "Sambor's story"
- New language - Korean
- New buildings: Well, Kitchen, Herbalist's Hut, Builder's Hut
- New furniture: Sitting Stump, Log Bench, Wooden Table
- New building type: Gates
- New animals: Badger, Moose
- New herbs: Chicory, Dandelion, Daisy, Deadly Nightshade, Henbane, Thistle
- New items: Clay and Wooden Vials
- New items: Potions
- New items: Poisoned Arrows and Bolts
- New weapon: Iron Spiked Cudgel
- New food items: Soured Milk, Quark, Cheese
- New Market Stall type: Herbs
- New Professions: Water Carrier, Cook, Herbalist, Builder
- New Vendors: Cook, Herbalist, Miner
- New people, buildings, and items in some neighbouring villages.
- New feature in dialogues: Smalltalk
- New dialogues: Asking about wild animals (player can pay a hunter to mark animal spots on the map)
- New sitting animations for NPCs
- New break animations for NPCs (for miner, cook, barn worker, farmer, seamster, blacksmith, craftsman)
- Combat music
- Standard dialogue is different for important NPCs
- Villagers need water.
- Ability to turn off bandits in the customizable gameplay settings
- Player can now block when using fists, pickaxe, axe, cudgel, or torch when players right hand is empty
- Interactive boards on buildings to access building management.
- Possibility of grabbing items.
- NPCs now use roads some cases (although not the players road)
- NPC alcohol intoxication reactions
- Building rotation for gamepad on d-pad.
- Decoration in some building modules
- New higher foundations for the largest buildings when the ground is too uneven for standard foundations.
- Ability to upgrade a building without destroying the lower level.
- Possibility of destroying individual fence modules.
- New parameter specifying the available number of employees in the village management window.
- New section in management tab that allows to control what NPCs can use to fill need for food/water/wood.
- New building status indicating that there are no assignments for workers.
- New NPC status indicating pregnancy.
- The skill point limit increases by 2 with each generation
- NPC profession visible in inspector mode.
- Cutscene when heir is born.
- Tutorial pop ups for chapter I
- The player's house in inspector mode has an additional icon next to its name.
- Extraction and damage parameters are now visible in item's stats.
- All items' details in knowledge tab
- Game difficulty presets
- Game mode settings descriptions
- Restore default game mode settings
- Bees in the Apiary building.
- Boiling beer to brewing station
- Animated background in full-screen UI windows.
- Heir name selection UI on child being born.
- Quest expiration time is now visible in quest details.
- Current day number is now displayed in map.
- Looped steering during selection of dialogue option (going from last to first and from first to last)
- Steering buttons for events
- Warning notification when trying to load old save file
- "Cure poison lethality" as a item parameter description
- Graphics pre-sets in Settings.
- Tutorial pop ups videos
- Possibility to skip season after 3 days in bed.
- Game settings for autosave intervals in time and for whether player wants to autosave after quest completion.
- Fast crafting added to game mode settings.
- Multipliers for skills, technology and reputation added to game mode settings.
- Spears and arrows visually break up when destroyed.
- New Toddler idle animations
- New hit animation for spears
- Planning animation for Player and NPCs for carpenter’s table
- New animations for Innkeepers in tavern
- "Lynx warning sounds".
- Sounds of Fists attack punch
- Voiceovers added to adult and teenager greetings and farewells
- Two new tracks - 1 for day, 1 for night
- Over 200 new locations generated on the map
- Smoke from chimneys
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 2 / 3

- Issue that caused timed interaction to cancel due to camera movement
- Sometimes the child goes back to sleep after talking to the player (in the morning)
- Durability of knives now decreases when skinning animals
- Durability of shears now decreases when shearing sheep
- Wife doesn't show personality while player has empathy skill (if the player had wife from version less than
- Issue when the heir follows player after talking to him
- Heir follows player when "BOY" quest fails on season change
- Lifetime and ownership of NPCs arrows
- Reduced cases where NPCs spawn on fences or benches (tilted forward)
- Sometimes NPCs occupy a stool or bench, but don't sit on it
- Issue, when there are crops in growth stage on the field, the player changes the crop type for NPCs and then changes to the previous crop type then NPCs remove those crops
- Workbench animation desynchronization with NPCs
- NPCs "slide" after finishing work in the evening
- Player can interact with occupied beds
- Tunic production was too fast.
- Inhabitants sometimes consumed incorrect values of food and wood.
- If player's weight is exactly at maximum, the colour is red instead of yellow.
- Item's details in crafting menu have neither text outline nor shadow.
- Scroll bar in schemes selection is visible even if there are no schemes in selected building
- Visible input for loading game even if there are no save files.
- If equipped item is assigned to different slot, then the item stays in hand and can be used infinitely.
- Icon for crafting fruit tart doesn't match ingredients.
- Development status is displayed wrong in the management tab if the player increased the default building limit.
- Weight sometimes goes to -0.0 if close to 0
- Autosave for completed quest in some cases fired too early and resulted in missing item (like Alwin's waterskin) or part of task not being completed (like recruitment quest)
- If player uses autosave from completing first talk with Uniegost, there will be no side quests to take from the NPCs in that season.
- Recipes for fabrics and threads use talents for crafting instead of sewing.
- Wrong position of survival technology compared to other technologies.
- When 2 items of same type are assigned to quick slots at the same time after one of them breaks it replaces broken item by the other one, but it doesn't clear the other one's quick slot assignment. If the player, then chooses this other quick slot the non-existing item will spawn in hand and may be used infinitely.
- In chapter VIII "newcomers" the goal of pledging task to 5 different people is not visible neither in HUD nor in journal.
- Mouse cursor is not hidden during intro.
- Non scrollable quest details in journal.
- Pressing ESC in crafting radial menu opens game menu instead of closing crafting UI
- Mouse is not locked inside window during "fullscreen" window mode
- It is impossible to assign worker to workplace if his/her age is exactly 18
- Keybind change acceptation pop up has wrong input icon
- In radial crafting/furniture/fence menu the colour of coins required to purchase the scheme was not always correct
- Some quests didn't make sense when they were selected for players NPC's, they no longer get assigned to them.
- Filled buckets with water due to events like vermin are emptied and the empty buckets are left in food storage instead of being transferred to resource storage.
- Incorrect icon for no bucket in interaction.
- Sometimes NPC to talk to from objective is not visible on compass
- Season description for wheat is incorrect.
- Stretched input icons for gamepad in some cases.
- Wrong icon for villager and animals during assignment.
- Item duplication on expire if item is on the ground
- Missing drinking sound for waterskin
- Multiplying buckets if the capacity needed for the recipe is greater than the most damaged bucket with fluid and the second most damage has count of one but capacity greater than required.
- Food storage door had diagonal plank placed in the wrong direction.
- An issue causing crafting animation to end prematurely
- Animals leaving engaged state too early
- Animals switching to warning state instead of attacking when hit while idle
- Various fixes for animal behaviour when in fleeing state
- Players should now have a proper position while riding on horse
- Horse summon, horse should no longer spawn in player
- Mounts are no longer being lagging while riding on it and looking up
- Projectiles should be less likely to get stuck in a weird way in other objects if they do not attach
- Stamina not regenerating after shooting from bow and aiming
- Rock and spears now consume stamina depending on the pull strength
- IK enabling in wait for crafting state and too early when finishing crafting
- Workbenches animations should now synchronize better with player animations
- An issue that caused animals to use their roam speed instead of engaged speed on start of aggro
- Trees should launch the player less now when walking over the cut logs (ideally not at all)
- Required technology points for schemes in kitchen I and II (earlier tavern I and II), Workshop II and Sewing II are higher than points required for building.
- Overconsumption of food by animals at night.
- Problem with kings and challenges not rolling when changing languages. (New king will be rolled on loading the game for the first time after the patch)
- Placing furniture and fences in caves.
- Incomplete blanking of the screen during sleep.
- Wrong Sewing Hut II module name.
- No water in bucket at anvil.
- Stretch should now update visually correctly for each bow
- Hit animation not playing once after using fists
- Multiple hit animations overlapping for player
- An issue causing player to get stuck in aiming state or attacking state when starting a dialogue with an NPC during those actions
- An issue causing animations to still play when opening inventory or trading menu
- Fields and orchards sometimes disappeared as soon as they were placed.
- Sometimes some sectors of the field were created incorrectly.
- Throwing rocks in production.
- Ranged weapons (bow, crossbow) behaving incorrectly when jumping
- Possibility to cancel reload animation for bows
- NPC head rotation when finishing dialogue
- Sounds of farm animals should now play a bit less often.
- NPCs stuttering when turning
- Alcohol and water levels may have been negative.
- Incorrect donkey names
- Sometimes the player can't interact with the double bed while the wife is sleeping in it
- Sometimes when a player talks to wife at night (she gets out of bed), she goes to sleep on floor
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Medieval Dynasty

Updated to (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:

PART 3 / 3

- Reduced save file limit per platform
- Reduced time to load large game saves.
- Numerous tweaks and improvements to the terrain.
- Numerous lighting improvements.
- Numerous improvements in post-processing.
- Visual enhancements of the sky.
- Visual enhancements of lake water.
- Visual improvements to snow-covered roads.
- Wind improvements.
- Numerous visual improvements in inspector mode.
- Inspector mode highlights only the interactive plants for the season.
- Optimising multiple systems.
- Rocks now require Pickaxe in Excavation Shed.
- Excavation Shed now can collect Straw from Reed.
- Food production has moved from the Tavern to the Kitchen.
- Visual improvements to the Small House building.
- Visual improvements to the Food Storage building.
- Visual improvements to the Barn building.
- Visual improvements to the Tavern building.
- Visual improvements to abandoned encampments.
- Many of decorative objects such as carts, ladders etc. have been visually improved.
- Initial rotation of some buildings.
- Notification of uneven terrain has a higher priority.
- House modules required resources and upgrade costs rebalanced.
- The amount of taxes depends on the development stage of the village.
- Fields and orchards are included in the tax.
- The stairs in the buildings are already visible at the ghost stage.
- The arrangement of furniture in residential buildings depends on the position of the door.
- Wife can't reset skills anymore. A new potion does that.
- Removed engagement dialogue until small talk is finished.
- The maximum number of workers in the Excavation Shed has been increased from 1 to 2.
- Waterskin mechanic has changed.
- Moved mushrooms to herb market stall type.
- Separated mushrooms in production
- Every raw mushroom now gives at least a little bit of poisoning.
- Food Storage has different door.
- The duration of skills that increase animation speed has been increased from 10s to 30s.
- Increased the time after which stamina regeneration starts from 1s to 1.5s.
- Tools use 50% to 75% less stamina.
- The minimum bow tension needed to shoot has been increased.
- During dialogue parameters of player character (hunger, thirst, poison, alcohol, health) no longer drops and player cannot die during dialogue.
- Animals no longer bleed when hit with blunt weapons or fists.
- Spears, arrows, and bolts don't always stick to animals anymore (the better the weapon, the higher the chance)
- Wooden and stone spear no longer sticks into wooden surfaces
- Dead mount won’t disappear now on skipping season, if they have any items in their inventory
- Animals aren’t now slowed depending on their hitpoints
- Animals now bleed depending on the number of projectiles impaled into them
- Aggressive animals will now try to flee if below 20% health
- Animals will try to attack from side from time to time instead of going always straight at the target
- Animals no longer try to attack NPCs beside bandits
- Wolves will now call their pack within certain distance when engaging player
- Husbandry animals will now regenerate to full health on season change
- Animal hp multiplier no longer affects husbandry animals only wild animals
- Wisent, Bear and Deer hit animations - they are not stopping now when hit
- Workbench interaction when it’s occupied by an NPC. Player now has option to free up workstation then must wait for the NPC to finish his action before being able to craft
- Crafting now starts with a little delay depending on the workbench and animation
- Crafting animations now play a full montage when using fast crafting cheat - duration is still affected by talents
- Adjusted movement speed, animations and IKs of animals
- Improved movement on mount
- Mount can no longer be summoned while in a cave
- Animations for Pickaxe, Axe, Cudgel, hammer, and knife
- Pickaxe can now be used with torch
- Interaction logic for tools, it should be now easier to hit things that are small without needing to crouch
- Blending when ending crafting animations in certain situations
- Blending for quern workbench
- Decreased FoV change for bows slightly
- Bow now needs to be reloaded even at start
- Improved hand behaviour when strafing
- Holding animations for two handed tools when moving
- Buying items also develops diplomacy skills.
- Knowledge is now taken from journal and works as a separate tab
- HUD statuses are now displayed in different way for better visibility.
- Counting fences,gates,buildings,fields and orchards in radial menus
- During trading/transferring items UI always starts with right side highlighted
- Create new save and overwrite use "Enter" for acceptation instead of "F"
- Changed name of challenge reward from "development stage" to "max development stage"
- Hidden mood for player character
- Instant animal selling instead of on season change.
- Upgraded event UI
- Icon colours on the map and compass
- Bigger icons on the map
- Numerous map improvements
- Black background for description in radial menus
- Each new journal entry adds with a blank line for better visibility.
- Chapter goals texts.
- Schemes in technology menu are in different layout if there are less than 4 schemes
- Save game name scrolls if it’s too long
- Tutorial videos in knowledge if the selected topic has one
- Alwin's hunt for bear challenge is now once again restricted to 8 hours.
- Changed input for closing tutorial pop ups.
- Events mechanic - hidden effects of decisions.
- If it's last day of season sleeping in bed will have text "next season" instead of "next day"
- Updated credits.
- Credits window now loops.
- New icon for house.
- Only tracked quest talk goal is displayed on the map for better clarity.
- If quest goal has time restriction (e.g. 8 h to kill bear) it's diplayed next to goal.
- Quest journal entries are now in it's own scrollbox.
- Positions and sizes of furniture in buildings.
- UI with input buttons' scalable background
- Icons for event's consequences
- Bigger scroll bars and they are always on the right side.
- Profession power in production/goods trading is now displayed with the icon of profession instead of skill.
- Increased size of market type icons
- Extraction and hunting vendors are now located near their work buildings
- Removed game modification that stops food spoiling.
- Cancelling the construction progress of the fence modules returns the resources spent.
- Replacing the residential building modules returns the resources spent on the previous module if it was not completed.
- Animal's health in game mode settings now can be changed to minimum of 10%
- Player no longer leans forward or backwards when falling
- Animation blending when player goes to sleep or wakes up
- Blending for threshing animation for player
- NPCs work longer in one workbench
- Herald and Exotic Goods vendor can visit player's village
- A player's son can only have one child (son)
- Crossbow position is hands for player
- Bolt position in crossbow
- Arrow position for bows when aiming and preparing to shoot
- Removed "breathing" when aiming using bow or crossbow
- Reduced "breathing" effect on player
- Hammer position in hand for player
- Shortened wake up animation for horse
- Animal have their physics enabled after dying
- Changed how much projectiles affect animal corpses
- Player now hides his tools for dialogue
- Main chapters.
- Alwin's Story
- New knowledge entries
- Events descriptions
- Challenges dialogues and descriptions
- Challenges values
- Names of furniture and fences.
- Technology requirements and prices for fences and furniture.
- Player can no longer throw a rock just by pressing left mouse button
- Head bobbing no longer affects player when in aiming state
- Head rotation limit and speed for NPCs
- Fist attack and hit animations
- Increased prices for almost all crafted items
- Animal's meat drop
- Russian language
- English language
- German language
- French language
- Spanish language.
- Hungarian language.
- Italian language.
- Turkish language.
- Ukrainian language.
- Chinese language.
- Brazilian language.
- Swedish language.
- Japanese language.
- Polish language.
- Portuguese language.
- Dutch language
- Czech language
- Hungarian language temporarily removed.