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Updated to 1.3.3117 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Multi-ideo colony viability

- Pawns of any ideo can now spectate any ritual, even if it's not of their own ideo.
- Rebalanced social ideo thought opinion offsets to make multi-ideo colonies much more viable.
- Allow celebrating rituals for an ideo even if there's not enough members to create an obligation.
- Members of ideoligions that dislike diversity get a negative thought from participating in rituals from other ideoligions.
- Ritual setup dialog now says what ideoligion the ritual comes from.

New stuff

- Gaining, changing, or removing a role now requires a simple ritual.
- Some things, like rock chunks, are now considered beautiful when outdoors but ugly when indoors. This solves a problem where a person standing in a nice forest will think their surroundings are ugly.
- While starting a game with fluid ideoligions, you can now customize and load NPC faction ideoligions.
- Skullspikes now display whose skull is contained inside on their inspect pane.
- Added a precept related to Darkness meme that gives believers a positive thought during an eclipse.
- You can now randomize fluid ideos before applying changes.
- You can now randomize normal memes during fluid ideo reforming.
- Added a "build door" gizmo that displays when a wall or wall blueprint is selected.


- Blind pawns' stats are now unaffected by light and darkness.
- Biosculpter bioregeneration cycle now requires 2 glitterworld medicine.
- Adjust the role tooltip area on the pawn's social tab.
- Integrated artwork for bioregeneration cycle gizmo.
- Empire will now properly respond to player giving the bestower serious heatstroke or hypothermia or allowing it to happen.
- Some situational ideo thoughts now apply to quest lodgers. Previously, they were totally disabled.
- Mutilation ritual expectation alert now only shows the pawns who actually want to be scarified or blinded.
- Increased chance for ancient security crates to spawn in ancient complexes.
- Removed min points limit on security crate spawning in ancient complexes.
- Psytrainer description now shows the description of associated psycasts.
- We now warn player if important plants like anima trees are marked for cutting or in grow zone.
- Improved UI feedback in trade window when pawn refuses to sell another pawn into slavery due to the ideo.
- Having a missing tongue now gives a negative mood thought because it's frustrating when you can't speak because your tongue was cut out.
- We now warn the player if they are trying to put a pawn in a regeneration or medic cycle that would not heal any conditions.
- Conditions that will be or can be healed by a biosculpter cycle are listed in a confirmation dialog on ordering a pawn to enter or load another into the biosculpter.
- Extreme blood loss reduces consciousness by 40% and sets the capacity's max to 10%.
- Improve feedback when we cannot assign a pawn to ritual role by clicking their portrait in the ritual setup dialog.
- Change to randomized memes for fluid ideo based on feedback.
- Korean language worker updates.


- Updated to Unity 2019.4.30f1. This should prevent a rare issue where the game would freeze during startup.
- Graphic_RandomRotated now supports random inner graphic correctly.
- Add a temporary workaround for stuck old bestowing ceremony lord. Apply workaround for stuck old bestowing ceremony lord to AnyLordJobPreventsNewRituals too.
- Improve ideo null checks for role change buttons.
- We now cache def short hashes in database. This solves potential performance issue with deep drills.
- Small improvements to SetIdeoRole debug tool.
- Improved pawn portrait error reporting code.
- Changes to fluid ideo meme randomization.


- Fix: Cancelling a caravan, then selling those animals, causes them to stay roped to the caravan gathering spot until they sleep.
- Fix: Gauranlen tree miscalculates dryad count on creating seed pod.
- Fix: Text of funeral ritual states bonus awards are available after randomizing name.
- Fix: Totemic sculpture is pixelated.
- Fix: Selling prisoners doesn't trigger negative thoughts on selling to slavers.
- Fix: Research command ability icon is pixelated on non-uniform ui scales.
- Fix: When caravan entering the map and already roped animals are force roped by another pawn, the first pawn potentially gets stuck waiting indefinitely.
- Fix: Sunlamp does not trigger blinding light for Darkness pawns.
- Fix: Wild people can be enslaved while arrested.
- Fix: Several issues with ancient junk.
- Fix: Wrong capitalization.
- Fix: Typo soldiarity -> solidarity
- Fix: Missing word in backstory.
- Fix: Wind turbine, neural supercharger and skullspike have no path costs.
- Fix: Extra memes from mods can be hidden in 'choose meme' UI.
- Fix: Leader speech generates "could not reserve" errors.
- Fix: New draft carry system leads to pawns being accidentally 'kidnapped' by guests when they leave.
- Fix: Starting a role change from social tab causes an NRE in JobGiver_AcceptRole.
- Fix: Exception in pawn portrait rendering.
- Fix: Started 10 jobs in 10 ticks when slaves try to visit sick pawn. Slaves can no longer visit sick pawns.
- Fix: Archonexus quest line cannot be continued if map part holder faction defeated.
- Fix: Typo "Bslinded someone".
- Fix: Removed hard-coded points value being passed into complex debug tool.
- Fix: Mechanoids can spawn in Ancient Ruins when they are disabled in map generation, and behave oddly.
- Fix: Can save/load ideo when you shouldn't be able to.
- Fix: Regression - Colonists no longer automatically take yayo and a few other drugs.
- Fix: Typo in TKey LetterCashing -> LetterChasing.
- Fix: Some ThreatReward_Raid_Joiner texts remain untranslated when using Core only.
- Fix: When a faction is defeated the faction goodwill number and relation label overlap.
- Fix: Pawns ignore food restrictions and bring nutrient paste to prisoner.
- Fix: Exceptions ticking pawns due to null room requirements.
- Fix: You can assign a role changer of non-player ideo on the ritual config screen.
- Fix: Potential nullref related to role change ritual interface.
- Fix: Bestower sometimes arrives malnourished.
- Fix: Gaumaker pods can destroy the tree they are spawned from.
- Fix: Ideology message key displaying without the expansion.
- Fix: Ritual timings are 1 day off.
- Fix: Trader caravans have their animals leave the map on arrival when attempting to path through doors.
- Fix: Missing possessive symbols in text.
- Fix: ShouldConisderNode -> ShouldConsiderNode
- Fix: Gaumaker pods can destroy the tree they are spawned from.
- Fix: Ideology message key displaying without the expansion.
- Fix: In ideo display and edit UIs, elements overlap sometimes if dev edit mode is on.
- Fix: Initial starting ideo incorrectly shows if player selects ideo and clicks back in game start flow.
- Fix: Possible to load a fluid ideo with more memes than is allowed.
- Fix: Disease incident can target colonists in biosculpter.
- Fix: Cannot plant flowers/bonsai trees in plant pots when there is a floor covering beneath the pot.
- Fix: 'No recent raid' thoughts for raiding precepts can occur immediately after reform or archonexus restart.
- Fix: Hediffs can be listed more than once as capacity impactors on the health tab.
- Fix: Body part capacity impactors can be listed more than once.
- Fix: Multiple issues with role assign dialog.
- Fix: Generating a mission based quest with debug and not setting the population slate value will generate a quest with 50 population.
- Fix: Wardens stop suppressing slaves if suppression > 50%.
- Fix: Beggar quest can grant fail and complete bonus simultaneously if the original timer expires after beggars have been given items.
- Fix: Beggar quest causes exceptions with Royalty not installed.
- Fix: "ResolveCaseInsensitiveFilePath: System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path"
- Fix: Skip abilities don't update cover grid.
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Chicken Police has been updated to ver 438.

Changelog for Update September 10th 2021


New notebook notification system: This is the most requested feature from you guys, so we are delighted to implement this in the Director's Cluck update. You can now see how much new info you have in each notebook category, and we highlight every entry individually so you can find them easily.
New function = Detective eye: There is a new icon in the bottom left corner of the screen. If you click this icon (or press the corresponding button on the controller), every interactive element on the screen will be highlighted!


If you press the "skip dialog" button the first time, you'll get a warning instead of instantly skipping the dialogue. (This occurs just once in a playthrough!)
There are new and convenient popup tutorial messages if you look at your inventory or your notebook for the first time. (This also occurs just once in a playthrough!)
You'll get a warning message every time you click or press a button while a cutscene is playing, preventing accidental cutscene skips.
You can now switch categories in the notebook simply by turning pages.
We have a new gradient-black background behind our platform-specific control hints to improve readability while playing with a controller.
We tweaked the left and right scrolling threshold heavily to prevent accidental scrolling while you want to click on a button in the corner of the screen.


You don't get Ibn's 7th personal info early anymore (which caused some spoilers and confusion).
Fixed some Japanese typo issues and minor translation mistakes.
We fixed plenty of (more than 300) English typos and mistakes.
The jukebox now doesn't play songs that you haven’t discovered yet.
Car chase minigame is way smoother (and somewhat easier) now.
We updated the zipper animation and controls in the zipper minigame for a smoother zipping experience.
We added some UI refinements regarding the options menu, controller mappings, clue-connector texts and more.
We managed to add more than 50+ other minor bug fixes and tweaks!
There were several routes to achieve 100% on some of the questionings. Now there is just one per suspect.
The rope minigame was too hardcore because of the speed of the fire effect, we tweaked that for a better experience.
There was a possible softlock issue on the clue connector. It's now gone.
We fixed a camera-related bug that sometimes happened when you zoomed in and out which could cause some annoyance.

They also added a FREE artbook to the game.

If you are into noir stuff I can't recommend this enough and the devs have proven they are worth to be supported :)
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Black Geyser: Couriers of Darkness

Update 8 (11/09/2021)
Fixes and improvements

Damaging, healing and summoning spells now get stronger with caster level (initial version)
Fixed gray highlight on chests that had separate parts
Chest that wasn't lootable in Brightguard HQ now works properly
Increased XP reward for Shadowfury Demon
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Had no spare time to post the second update yesterday to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous so here it is ! (changelog from steam and offline installer updated for windows but not Mac yet)

PF: WotR update 1.0.2g/1.0.2f

Hotfix for Windows and Mac
We’ve just uploaded a hotfix (1.0.2g for Windows and 1.0.2f for Mac) for the following issues:

Difficulty settings were resetting to default after the 1.0.2e patch - fixed;
It was possible to loot the same corpses multiple times - fixed;
In the crusade mode, the Necromancy effect only spawned the undead units if there were none in your army - fixed.
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Updated to 1.0.5 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Highrisers - Patch 1.0.5 has been released!

Dear survivors,
we've released a new patch for Highrisers. With version 1.0.5 we bring you many eagerly expected quality of life updates!

You've successfully looted one of the lower floors, and now you're trying to bring the valuable resources to safety, but you don't know where to put all that stuff? Don't worry, you can now craft your own shelves!

These are simple and cheap storage, that let you sort and arrange your valuables for maximum crafting efficiency.

If you still can’t find your crafting ingredients in the piles of your belongings, then this might be a highlight that you love.

And highlighting even helps you combine stacks, so everything is stored neatly.

Several UI elements, like the crafting displays, help you keep track of what ingredients you need for your current crafting recipes. Others, like the mouse over tooltips, give you useful information about the objects in the game. But sometimes, when a lot is going on the screen, they can get in the way. In that case, you can let them disappear by pressing the "U"-key, for unobstructed view and access.

And when you just want to collect everything that’s on the surrounding floor, without fiddly mouse cursor acrobatics to target a small pile of screws, just mash Space a few times.

When your inventory is full, but you have an assistant, surplus items will now go in his backpack automatically. Double the scavenging fun!

If you find it difficult to find what you need because it is stuck behind another piece of furniture (or behind a wall or a column), pressing ALT will ease your life! The floor slot grid becomes visible and objects are now selected based on the grid slots. You cannot select an object in shelves or on tables that way (floor grid only), but everything on the floor is now within your grasp.

If you hear the shambling steps of the dreamers approaching, and the time for battle has come, but you’re having a hard time targeting those pesky sleepwalking devils, pressing CTRL is what will make your life much easier.

With it, only dreamers are considered a valid target by the mouse cursor, and the target zone is much more generous (you don’t have to precisely target the body of the enemy in this mode)

If you feel like all this stuff is overwhelming you, and you dread the clock in the upper left, relentlessly ticking on, already foreshadowing the next wave of incoming dreamers, and you wish you could simply take a little break and carefully plan your next steps then just press P. You cannot give any commands while the game is paused, but you can inspect all your belongings, you still get mouseover tooltips, and you can even check out the lower floors for interesting loot and thus plan your next steps.

We’ve also fixed a lot of bugs in the meantime, but we hear that some of you are still plagued by crashes. We’re really sorry about that and fixing crashes is always our top priority – but often, we are dependent on your help. Furthermore, we need crash logs, save games and background information in order to stand a chance to find and fix the problem.

To make that easier, we have improved the crash reporting.
Should the game crash, you now have the option to send us the report automatically.
A form on our website will open up in your browser where you can enter a description and the circumstances of the bug. The crash log and a save game will automatically be sent to us alongside. No personal data is collected in this process; only game data. We’re working hard to make this feature obsolete, but for now it will both your and our lives a lot easier.

Have fun with those new features!
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Encased: A post apocalyptic sci fi RPG

received an update but without a changelog.
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Surviving Mars

Updated to Piazzi 1007874 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Paradox Forum:
Gameplay Improvements

- The lander rocket now loads items in increments of 1 instead of 5.
- Moved the cave-in clearing tech earlier in the tech tree, now appearing between position 5 and 8, instead of as the 13th tech.
- Change the order in the cargo screens, grouping buildings of the same type together.
- Rebalance rewards for recurring Recon Center discovery events.

Bug fixes

- Fixed colonists and drones getting stuck in food stockpiles. Attention: the fix requires the rebuilding of depots and food production buildings that display broken behaviour!
- Show the Lander Rocket immediately amongst the pinned items on Mars when it does its last second launch as an Asteroid goes out of range.
- Lander Rocket now properly loads all drones when launching at the last second as an asteroid goes out of range.
- Lander rocket now only starts loading drones, rovers, crew and prefabs if everything is available.
- The “died in orbit” trigger will activate only if the crew actually dies.
- Removed colonists that died in orbit.
- Cave-ins can be reached more easily by drones to clear.
- Fixed issue where elevator cargo could get lost if both sides of the elevator requested the same resource.
- Fixed issue where elevator cargo could not be updated after the initial request.
- Fixed vehicles cannot be transferred through the elevator using right-click.
- Ancient Artifact spawns the correct amount of drones.
- Auto explore of the RC Explorer no longer reveals hidden anomalies.
- Added missing icons for pinned surface passage and underground passage.
- Correctly updated pin dialog when transporting RCRover.
- Fixed incorrect game over condition when colonists died on Asteroids while there were still alive colonists on Mars or the Underground.
- Fixed issue where cables and pipes were created on the wrong map.
- Workshifts now properly update while on another map.
- Prevented refabbing landing and trade pads while they're in use.
- DLC buildings will be accessible on a new game after loading an old save.
- Fixed missing Passenger Rocket UI in the resupply menu on old retail save.
- Cheat panel improvements (available in creative mode only on Windows, Mac, Linux).

And several other underlying code fixes that were presumably causing bugs, especially to save games from before the update.

Platform-specific fixes

- Fixed startup crash on certain Windows 7 installs.
- Removed the assert window on Linux.
- Disconnecting controller issue.

Known issues

- Dome births cannot be controlled.
- The game crashes when a lander rocket is departing with drones in cargo while the asteroid moves out of range.
- Youths, adults, and seniors occupy child-only buildings.
- Same anomaly events are found multiple times on the surface, breaking the game balance.
- There is no warning about an unloaded cargo when launching a rocket back to Earth.
- Crash related to Inner Light Mystery on old retail saves.
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Necromunda: Hired Gun

Greetings Bounty Hunters!
The fourth patch is now live and brings various stability and QoL improvements!
For this update, we mainly focused on improving the overall stability of the game and on bug fixes.
Thanks a lot for your continued support of the game!

Patch Content
New features

- Add a third slot for long weapons
- Takedowns are now limited by a Takedown gauge that replenishes itself with time or when the player deals damages.


- Global improvements of stability and performances
- Fix a bug with the skins menu of looted weapons which was empty
- Multiple minors bug fixes
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Delta V: Rings of Saturn

Updated to version 0.387.6 - Sensory Overload (13.09.2021)

(currently, Windows offline installer only--not for Linux or Mac, yet)

Changelog posted by the developer, Adrian__W, in the game's subforum:

New mining claim options now available
Starting today Enceladian mining claims can be obtained in different variants. Varied periods of claims allow both small and medium-sized excavation companies to effectively protect their mining investments. Enceladus Corp representative denies the connection of new, updated claim options to the recent anti-trust investigation against the company.

New generation of quantum processors released
The release of 11th generation Obonto Microengineering Q7 quantum processors promises over 30% improvement in the processing capabilities of q-network based artificial intelligence using the popular processor as their primary platform.

Safety upgrade for GNU/Antonos-based autopilots
Released today patch 3.1457 of the open GNU/Antonos autopilot system focuses on safety improvements. While the patch contains multiple bug fixes, the most obvious change is an extension of the digital sensor bus, allowing the transport of metadata like visual warning signals for the pilot.

Maintenance Records
- You can now choose different claim options when deploying B8 Claim Beacons.
- Your astrogator will not extend the duration of claims for free.
- Performance enhancements for NPC AI.
- Stability fixes in the dialogue subsystem.
- Salvage Manipulator will not exceed its maximum power draw anymore.
- Made the storyteller module more forgiving for new players, holding back hostile encounters until you learn to fly decently well.
- Drone systems will now be automatically disabled in cutscenes.
- Docking at habitats will not cause adrenaline rushes anymore.
- You can now exit the settings menu with a gamepad or keyboard alone.
- Your hud will now fade away during tutorials so the instructions are easier to find.
- When flying a ship without ammo or drone systems, relevant storage sensor will no-longer report a warning.
- Ship sensors reaching critical value will now flash briefly to draw your attention to arising problems.
- Elon Interstellar Model-E depth display will no longer be truncated when flying over 1000km deep in the rings.
- Updated warning levels for pulse lasers in the Upgrade menu.
- Updated translations.

Thank you Adrian__W, koderski and the team for making the offline installer available, as well!

Kind regards,
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ATOM RPG: Trudograd

Standalone installer updated:
[Windows] 0.9.2 GOG fix ⇒ 1.0 release,
[Linux] 0.9.2 Linux ⇒ 1.0 release,
[Mac] 0.9.2 OSX ⇒ 1.0 OSX release.
Trudograd 1.0 RELEASED!

Greetings, friends!

The moment has come and ATOM RPG: Trudograd has finally been released from Early Access.

We want to use this opportunity to once again state how thankful we are for your ceaseless support, and we can’t wait to read your reviews, critiques, new ideas and suggestions. Trudograd will still grow and develop, so feedback is paramount even after the release.

If you ever stumble upon a bug, please report it on the Steam forum or by sending us your save game to

However, we must warn you that the fact that save files made in Early Access no longer work in 1.0 is not a bug. It is a regrettable, yet completely standard and very important measure made by us in order to guarantee quality support and avoid current and future technological problems with the game.

Apart from that, our team will be on 24\7 stand-by to read your reports and improve the game if any errors are found.

Now, let’s talk about what awaits you in Trudograd. Planned as a small DLC, this game quickly grew thanks to your suggestions, and currently boasts the following traits:
Ability to continue playing as your ATOM RPG character - for this you must make a save file after beating ATOM RPG’s last boss and upload it into Trudograd via a helpful menu;
• A vast open world, containing 45+ populated locations, from a snowy post apocalyptic megapolis and its outskirts to secret Soviet military bunkers, a large pirate tanker in the frozen sea and a mysterious island, among many more;
• 30+ combat-only locations where players will get to fight tens of foe varieties from mercenaries to merciless mutants;
• 300+ characters, each with a unique portrait and branching dialogue;
• 200+ quests, most with multiple solutions and outcomes;
• Fully voiced visual text quests with branching plots and unique hand made artwork;
• 100+ models of distinct weaponry with 75+ weapon mods for further customization;
• 3 unique powered Soviet-style exoskeleton armor suits, with 20+ ways to customize and modify them for any playstyle;
• 45+ hours of gameplay with heightened replayability compared to our studio’s first game;
• Original soundtrack;

...And many more additions that make Trudograd a great single player RPG experience!

We really hope you enjoy our game!

Welcome to Trudograd! And let there be... ATOM!

Star Trek™: Starfleet Command III

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.01.534 ⇒ 1.01.534 AMD hotfix.

No Changelog



Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1180 ⇒ 1182.

No Changelog
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Stellaris received update to 3.1.1 offline installer and 3.1 notes is listed in the changelog. Patch can also be downloaded individually. (don't have Galaxy, sorry)

(rather long list which I can't copy directly from the page and I never downloaded the game so can't copy from any patch notes)

Mac - offline installers are also updated to 3.1.1 and there is no individual patch listed. Appears to be just the one (6.3 GB) file, not counting the DLCs. (don't have a Mac, so no idea if it's supposed to be that way)

Linux - has not been updated yet, but according to the post below, it expected late tomorrow.
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The Plane Effect Prologue

Updated to 1.01.2139 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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BloodRayne: Terminal Cut

Updated to 1.05.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog but they've readded the missing d3d8.dll as mentioned by the publisher in the game forum.
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Cyberpunk 2077

Patch 1.31 (14 September 2021)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
Patch 1.31 for Cyberpunk 2077 is now available. Here's the list of changes for this update.

Please note that the issues listed below did not affect all players.


- Fixed an issue where after upgrading an item with a quest tag, the base version of said item wasn't removed from the inventory.
- Fixed an issue where weapon reload speed perks slowed down reload time.
- Corrected the height of charged jump.
- Adjusted enemies' stealth detection speed dependent on game difficulty.
- V will no longer get stuck in falling animation when crashing a motorbike while also having "The Rock" perk.

Quests & Open World


- Fixed an issue where Judy didn't spawn in her van on Jig-Jig Street.

These Boots Are Made for Walkin'

- Fixed an issue where Thorton Galena "Rattler" didn't spawn in the quest area.
- Thorton Galena "Rattler" will no longer become invulnerable after the quest is completed.

Beat on the Brat

- Fixed an issue where the quest could reactivate with the objective "Go to the final fight" on saves made on game version 1.22.

With a Little Help from My Friends

- Fixed an issue where the objective "Wait for the nomads" could persist on the screen long after player's arrival at the junction.
- Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to interact with the nomads to discuss the plan.

The Nomad

- Fixed an issue where player's car could get stuck between a blockade and a guardrail, preventing them from returning to the car and blocking progress.


- Fixed an issue where roads after rain did not look wet, which was the result of ongoing work on the Wet Surfaces System. In 1.31 wet surfaces should look more detailed than they did even before the issue occurred.
- Removed hair and/or eyebrows in cases where they were set to "off" in earlier game versions.
- Fixed an issue where shooting with a Tech weapon caused a momentary blinding light.
- With a Little Help from My Friends - Fixed an issue where Carol was missing her tablet or sitting in the air during a scene.


- Returned missing descriptions in Overheat and Short Circuit quickhack tooltips.
- Returned missing descriptions for Backpacker, Resist!, Osmosis and Footloose clothing mods.


- Fixed an issue where players couldn't claim in-game Registration Rewards due to the error: "A network error has occurred. Please try again later".
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Another day and another Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous update ! (changelog from steam).

Windows offline installer is now updated to 1.0.3c, mac offline installer is also updated from last the time but still lags behind one patch due to GOGs priority with uploading for windows.

PF: WotR: patch 1.0.3c

Known issues
In chapter 5 don’t skip the scene of getting a Mythic level, it may break the game;
Re-training your character will break late-game Mythic Paths, such as Legend, Gold Dragon, Swarm-that-Walks, a secret path;
Sometimes opening a UI that pauses the game, such as level up screen, may pause the game even after. Workaround: Open and close the inventory if it happens;
Characters on a secret mythic path, who have already taken mythic ranks in it, won't be able to get mythic feats or abilities from previous mythic ranks of that mythic path.

Deep-Rooted Derangement could break if you skipped the cut-scene which started it - fixed;
Fixed the infinite XP gain in the dialogue with Thaberdine;
The second dialogue with Nulkineth could start more than once - fixed;
The logic in the dialogue with Toil in Ember's quest in chapter 5 has been fixed;
The logic in the dialogue with Melies in chapter 5 has been fixed;
A romantic event with Galfrey from the 3rd chapter could start in chapter 5 - fixed;
Fixed inability to complete the Grudges to Settle quest if you kill Chivarro before talking to Herrax;
Sometimes Arueshalae refused to talk even after leaving the prison - fixed;
Anevia in chapter 5 now properly recognizes whether the player remained the Commander in chapter 3 or not;
A cutscene at the end of Death's Embrace sometimes didn’t start - fixed;
Fixed an error that could give a wrong objective related to the Prisoner of the Abyss quest after talking to Sosiel;
A cut-scene with Azata’s Free Crusaders could freeze in Midnight Fane - fixed;
Sometimes Days of Strife wouldn’t fail after finishing chapter 1;
From a Dead Woman's Hands: in some cases, it was impossible to call Sosiel to talk with Paralictor Aminos Renth in Drezen - fixed;
A Conversation with Halaseliax sometimes didn’t start after Dragon's Awakening - fixed;
Above the Clouds: it was possible to get an objective to speak to Desnans about music too early. Fixed. If you already got the objective, just wait until the time is right for this dialogue to trigger;
In some cases after Azata’s battle at Flesh Markets, a conversation with Rhamisa wouldn’t start - fixed;
A cut-scene with Rhamisa could trigger twice if you went into her hideout again - fixed;
A romantic scene with Galfrey didn’t start before Midnight Fane - fixed;
Dragon's Awakening: Halaseliax could stay in Drezen while he was supposed to leave for Kenabres - fixed;
Fighting against your previous companions on some difficulties resulted in their resurrection after a fight - fixed;
In chapter 1, if, after scouting the Tower of Estrod, you failed to report to Irabeth before the attack on the tavern started, this objective wouldn’t be completed - fixed. You will receive another objective;
Fixed replies in the dialogue with Nocticula during Demon’s quest in chapter 5.

Killing (and looting) Seelah in Molten Scar would break the game later on. Fixed for new games, but an already affected playthrough requires loading an earlier save;
Iz: visiting the place of the boss fight before the boss arrives would make it impossible to start the dialogue later - fixed;
Fixed Azata’s navigation issues in Drezen;
Some players couldn’t enter Hellknights Outpost in chapter 5 - fixed;
Sometimes saving during the scene of breaking the gates in Drezen would break it - fixed;
Terrain in some areas could be entirely black - fixed;
A stinky passage from the lair of the Fulsome Queen unto the mines of Colyphyr wouldn’t appear - fixed.
Cutscenes in the Drezen Citadel could fail to start sometimes - fixed;
Fixed some issues which prevented talking to companions in Nexus;
Lost Chapel: a fight with ghouls sometimes wouldn’t start if you kill a cultist by the gates too quickly - fixed;
Fixed an incorrect Mobility check-in Midnight Fane.

Stronghold now takes 2x2 instead of 1x1 cells;
Mouse cursor could get stuck if you had a spell selected and hovered over the combat log resize - fixed;
The Economy tab was working incorrectly - fixed;
A Dragon's Advice event didn’t trigger in Drezen - fixed;
The initial attributes of the Generals were fixed;
Generals' ability Elemental Weapon did not work on ranged attacks - fixed;
Damage of all Ranger's Trap abilities has been moderately increased;
Added an indicator for the recruitment button, when new units are available for recruitment.

Classes & Mechanics
Order of the Gate Hellknights was getting wrong abilities before level 9 - fixed;
Battle Meditation mythic ability was not appearing in the ability list - fixed;
Death of any companion from Negative Levels with enabled option "Dead companions rise after combat" would cause the game to freeze/crash when combat ends - fixed;
Arcane Enforcer couldn’t select the Full Reservoir mythic ability - fixed;
Magus’ Spellstrike ability wasn't working correctly with reach weapons if the target wasn't in touch range - fixed;
Bolstered Metamagic added 2 damage per Caster Level, instead of 2 damage per damage die - fixed;
Mythic Lich was not becoming a true undead creature. Resolution: Killed him to undeath;
In some instances during Aeons playthrough some enemies could revive themselves indefinitely - fixed;
Intimidating Display could disappear - fixed;
Eyes of the Bodak spell no longer can kill NPCs in cities;
Gold Dragon’s Perfect Mind ability didn’t provide some of the bonuses stated in the description - fixed;
Swarm-that-Walks got fatigued instead of gaining the immunity to fatigue - fixed;
Some abilities no longer keep giving bonuses after retraining;
Fixed favorite class HP bonus;
Alchemist Incense Fog didn't work correctly - fixed;
Hagbound Witch could start dealing 0 damage with any weapon - fixed;
Your character couldn’t attack enemies in some cases - fixed;
Ability Mount Companion didn’t have a description - fixed;
Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn't work correctly - fixed;
Ice Storm's slowing effect didn't work - fixed;
Favored Enemy - Flying and Favored Enemy - Large didn't work - fixed;
Velociraptor animal companion's talons were dealing 1d3 damage instead of 1d6 - fixed;
Emergency Help ability was not properly targeting wounded allies - fixed;
Weapons, included in different weapon training groups, sometimes didn't receive appropriate bonuses - fixed.

Turn-based mode
Prediction panel in TBM was mistakenly showing Spell Combat attack as possible in cases where it wasn't (e.g. when the character was using a two-handed weapon) - fixed;
TBM did not work in some places with moving/appearing objects - fixed;
Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting - fixed.

The attack bonus from Dead Bough's scorches stacked multiple times - fixed;
The Triceratops Statuette took away the ability to mount - fixed;
Tankard of Free Spirit didn't summon anything if the owner's level was below 7 - fixed;
Victims' Madness didn't have a description - fixed;
Bane spell granted by Unholy Signet had a wrong DC - fixed;
Red Dragon Helmet didn't display on the characters - fixed;
In the Numerian dungeon, you could loot a weapon without a name or description. It has a name and description, though you can't equip it;
Unending Distortion didn't work - fixed;
Francest's Charming Voice and Francest's Mighty Call now display proper mechanical descriptions.

User Interfaces
In auto-crusade mode, it was impossible to move on the global map sometimes - fixed;
Completing Camellia's quest in chapter 5 didn't always provide an update to her story in the UI - fixed;
Fixed the issue with targeting spells on the portraits of the characters;
Inventory and Character sheet were empty in some cases - fixed;
Head slot is available for animal companions from now on;
Parts of character could turn white when switching a headgear or equipped items several times rapidly - fixed;
Fixed the wrong marker for the Grudges to Settle quest on the map of Alushinyrra;
Added tooltips for the menu bar buttons that were missing them.

Dead characters sometimes continued to play sounds - fixed;
Burning houses in Kenabres stopped playing sound effects after saving and loading again - fixed.

Fixed a bug when after a minotaur's death, its flail was floating in the air;
Fixed the achievements Truly Important Deed, Get the Toad;
Fixed the fight in the Arendae Party House - your party no longer starts the combat flat-footed;
Fixed some crashes related to particle effects;
Fixed the game hanging instead of returning to the main menu when you complete it;
Fixed the visual of Mythic Lich;
Added a character retrain interface. Now you can’t interrupt retraining anymore;
Fix the Dominate Person effect on the main character;
Fixed the issue with the animation of the Master Backstabber ability.
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