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Updated to 20210916_1.0.34.r46219 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Initial version was 20210916_1.0.34.r46214

No changelog.
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous
Update 1.0.4d

Quests and companions

It was impossible to find Chivarro during the Grudges to Settle quest - fixed;
During ‘Once in Alushinyrra…’ quest the player was considered dead after teleportation to the House of Silken Shadows - fixed;
After the completion of Morevet’s quest, some options related to it didn’t disappear from the dialogue - fixed;
It was impossible to interact with Shamira during the Ultimate Joke quest - fixed;
A dialogue with Ramisa at Flesh Markets could start again after you’ve already decided her fate - fixed;
Sosiel will not try to break up with a character on a good Mythic Path anymore;
Sosiel could get stuck painting in different areas, blocking some quests from completion - fixed;
Sometimes you were unable to exit the location if you turned down Sosiel - fixed;
Deep-Rooted Derangement quest in Wintersun could break after skipping the cutscene that started it - fixed;
Weary Guardian: fixed a Trickster’s option;
Bad Blood: sometimes the reinforcements in Savamelekh's Mansion forgot to join the battle, and were waiting in the corridor - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: Yozz wouldn’t teleport you to Alushinyrra if you wanted to do it after some preparations - fixed;
Durability Test wasn’t failing after completing chapter 3 - fixed;
It was impossible to enter the Bloody Trail location while you were on the dragon hunt - fixed;
Burrowed Dreams quest completion wasn’t triggering - fixed;
Lann and Wenduag’s quests could disappear from the journal - fixed;Lann sometimes didn’t receive the correct epilogue - fixed;
Echo of Deskari was using an incorrect dialogue line in Palara Falls - fixed;
Seeking Forgiveness quest wasn’t starting correctly - fixed;
There was a way to duplicate Arueshalae - fixed. No more evil twins!
On the Summit sometimes nothing was visible due to fog of war - fixed;
Successful Diplomacy check with Mielarah wasn’t triggering the 50.000 discount - fixed;
Woljif’s shop sometimes didn’t trigger when clicking the appropriate dialogue line - fixed;
Forn Autumn Haze was appearing in Drezen after being killed - fixed. No ghosts allowed!
Fixed Areelu and Swarm dialogue in the epilogue.
Ramien could disappear after the combat with Halran started, blocking the quest from completion - fixed;
Fixed amount of XP gained in dialogue with Storyteller.
Shadow Dance quest sometimes didn’t complete after killing shadow demon leader - fixed;
Dialogue wasn’t appearing when talking to the Hand of the Inheritor - fixed;


Threshold: it was possible to start the final dialogues with the companions multiple times - fixed;
Midnight Fane in chapter 5 has been visually improved;
The entrance into The House of Wicked Knowledge wouldn’t show up on the map until you come close enough - fixed;
Iz: crusaders and NPCs wouldn’t get devoured by Swarm-that-Walks in the crusaders’ camp - fixed;
Cyborgs in Blackwater were stronger than intended - fixed;
Gates weren’t opening in Blackwater - fixed;
In some cases you could get a Game Over message after the third battle in Battle Bliss arena - fixed;
It was impossible to exit Sevalros’ Cave - fixed.
Door visual has been fixed in Heart of Mystery.
You can no longer be forever locked in Ivory Sanctum.
Sometimes attackers would get stuck on the gates during the attack on Defender’s Heart - fixed;


Added 2 additional difficulty levels for the crusade;
Added more UI texts for the events of the crusade;
Aeon’s Call event could get stuck in some circumstances - fixed;
Removed the crusade buffs stacking after character retrain;
Fixed empty glossary links and various tooltips in the crusade mode;
It was possible to buy the resources only in the city building mode. Now it has been moved into the crusade resources window;
Delaying a fort upgrade after finishing the corresponding decree could interrupt the whole upgrade chain - fixed, all missed upgrade opportunities should become available on loading the save;
Added clarifications to the description of the morale banner.
Fortress upgrade decrees would appear before actually building enough bastions - fixed;
Lich that transformed into a Swarm, continued to get Lich units from killing enemies - fixed;
Sometimes an event wouldn’t happen in Drezen despite a notification about it in the crusade interface - fixed;
Prudent feat now works according to description;
Bless now works according to description;
Incubi ability Crushing Despair had zero uses - fixed;
Prices of mercenaries for the crusade have been fixed;
Sometimes an extremely powerful enemy army with 1000+ units would spawn in chapter 5 - fixed;
When setting Crusade on auto in chapter 5, all garrisons were getting destroyed instantly - fixed;
Loading into settlement to build buildings from crusade management could trigger an endless loading screen - fixed.
It could become impossible to rank up diplomacy level in Crusade - fixed;

Classes & Mechanics

When creating a Zen Archer, you didn't get any bow as a starting equipment - fixed;
Gold Dragon Mythic Path was working incorrectly with the effects which increased ability scores - fixed;
Gold Dragon was gaining double level after rebuilding Kenabres - fixed;
Gold Dragon didn’t receive correct bonuses for entering dragon form - fixed;
Vavakia's breath no longer deals occasional Wisdom drain after the first time. This will fix the situation with companions dying from wisdom drain in chapter 4;
Last Stand no longer receives another use after a save-load;
When switching from Lich to late game mythic paths, Lich abilities would sometimes remain available - fixed;
The secret mythic path was not getting Mythic Feat or Mythic Ability selections during level ups - fixed;
You could sometimes be judged again mid-combat on the secret mythic path - fixed;
Corruption stacked on some companions - fixed;
Some weapons weren't applying their effects on hit, if the character had only one attack - fixed;
Crushing Offence wasn’t working - fixed;
Vampiric Touch and Vampiric Shurikens didn't work correctly - fixed;
Ice Storm's slowing effect didn't work - fixed;
Hell’s Decrees which limit the ability to use magic schools, now cancel the previous decree, if cast on a target with one decree already being active;
Hell's Decree ability could be used an unlimited number of times - fixed;
Favored Enemy — Flying and Favored Enemy — Large didn't work correctly - fixed;
Arcanist’s Icy Tomb no longer has a permanent duration and no longer applies all accumulated damage after entering the zone from the global map;

Turn-based mode

The cursor’s state was incorrectly reset to default in TBM at the start of the turn - fixed;
Charge ability was getting interrupted randomly before starting - fixed.


All relics now appear identified;
Items from the Commander Pack did not appear in the chest when playing the game in Epic Games Store - fixed;
The Robe of Water was being equipped in the wrong slot - fixed;
The Robe of Air had a wrong enchantment - fixed;
Fixed the visuals of Duality of Conjuration and Summoning;
Game could freeze when using the Lexicon of Paradox - fixed.
Francest’s Charming Voice was giving -2 penalty instead of -5 - fixed

User Interface

Fixed the displaying of the left action bar;
When cancelling the level-up, the game would pause until opening another interface - fixed;
Fixed resting on the global map;
A tooltip for some checks in the dialogues was showing incorrect numbers - fixed;
A ‘Show all spells’ checkbox could break the spell book - fixed;
Fixed the ‘Dominate Person’ effect on the main character;
Multiple improvements for mythic retrain UI;
Commander’s appearance wasn’t properly changing in the mythic level up UI - fixed;
Bear’s endurance in some circumstances could use a wrong icon - fixed;
Spellbook had minor graphical issues with scrolling - fixed;
Gold Dragon didn’t have a description on the character screen - fixed.
Swords of Gorum feat was lacking a description - fixed;
Linnorm’s ability didn’t have a correct name and description - fixed.


The game could freeze after talking to Finnean - fixed;
Skipping a cutscene of getting a mythic power in chapter 5 could lead to an endless black screen - fixed;
The epilogues have been improved for Demon and Lich;
Some achievements for fighting on Core difficulty level and higher couldn’t be unlocked - fixed;
Fixed another case where the loading screen would not disappear if loading directly into turn-based combat;
The summit scene in chapter 5 could not play out correctly if the Commander was mounted - fixed;
The behaviour of numerous enemies have been improved;
Mephisto no longer floats in the air.
Looting a dead companion could trigger an endless loading screen after leaving location - fixed;
Deskari no longer uses Areelu’s voice for one of the dialogue lines in Iz;
Companions that were dead when a cutscene loaded another location, could disappear from your party forever - fixed.
Multiple minor fixes in epilogues for consistency;
A soldier in Drezen no longer leans to air as if a wall was there;
Cutscene with Minagho and Staunton didn’t start in some circumstances - fixed;
Cayden Tankard was cosplaying a familiar, flying randomly in the air around the party - fixed
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Lacuna - A Sci-Fi Noir Adventure

Updated to 1.2.0 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog posted by the developer in the game forum:

Performance improvements

- Vastly reduced GPU & CPU load, the game should now achieve higher FPS on weaker machines
- Sturdier code at low FPS, which prevents bugs when the framerate does dip
- Eliminated FPS drops when loading UI
- Eliminated animation stutter when moving

UI & settings

- Text and voice language can now be set independently
- Language of each save game is now displayed in selection screen
- Added double-check for leaving settings with unsaved changes
- Added a 'restore defaults' button to all settings menus
- Improved 'progress icon' indicating different phases of an ongoing dialog
- Improved controls & icons for PlayStation controllers

Fixes and polish

- Eliminated bugs where player would overshoot, glitch past, or slide down stairs
- Numerous new animations, new Extras, more CDI agents, and other eye candy added
- Fixed some text and VO errors across all languages
- Various small bug fixes

Language update

- Added Malaysian translation (text only)


Updated to 1.2.0-2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

No changelog.
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Tropico 6

Updated to t6-#516-winmaclin-gog@2068bc6 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
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Updated to 1.010.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam and from the game forum:
A quick-optomization-fix

Well, less a fix, more an improvement.

The performance boost coming with this update will be most visible on larger cities (1000+ citizens). Our tests show in some cases up to 35% better performance.

That's about it. We'll have a "proper" update next week, but we didn't want you to wait for this optimization longer than necessary.

Keep calm and govern on!
Overseer Games
Update 11 - version 1.010.0

It’s perfect time to push Update 11. Strategy for this one is similar to previous updates, with a little more emphasis on specific modifications you’ve requested, meaning we’re introducing further balancing tweaks, several AI updates, more optimization routines and we’ve also cleared few technical glitches.

There are additional two things of interest we’d like to announce today: First - next planned Update will introduce greater chunk of content goodies like new production buildings, new set of disasters, new system for hedge placement (simple and easy as roads) and another optimization pass. Update 12 is expected to be released on September 28th.

On top of that, we’re happy to also announce that on the same date, Patron will also get another nice surprise. We won’t go into too many details at this time, but anyone craving more content should be quite happy 

That said, let’s turn our attention back to today’s Update:


* Birth rate of children is reduced after ingame year 30
* Trade gains per adult are decreased (normal difficulty)
* When having multiple markets, citizens will spend money only in one
* Reduced yearly taxes on Merchants and Gentries
* Reduced influence of Shrines to Religion SI
* Reduced influence of Church to Religion SI
* Reduced influence of Wells on Health
* Reduced influence of Stone Well on Health
* Reduced influence of small and middle Fountaines, Statues and Ponds on Happiness
* Guild Houses award small amount of coins yearly per adult of certain class


* Mint error with the third level of the Reusable molds upgrade providing too little bonus
* Workers now carry all lumber regardless of carry capacity, no resource is left on ground anymore
* Docks cannot be built in non – buildable areas anymore
* Several errors that could cause loss of game stability


* Drawing and updates of Orchards
* AI routines for citizens, allowing game to run faster and more stable in later stages
* Added option to disable SSAO in Launcher options ( increases game performance )

That’s it for this time! Stay tuned for September 28th when Update 12 and our “surprise” is set to be unveiled!
Govern on!
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Pile Up! Box by Box

Updated to 1.0.25b (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
PileUp-Date 1.0.25

Hi, dear players!

After some time without news, we finally got an update for Pile Up! It features a lot of little fixes everywhere in the game, along with some improvements here and there.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of changes :

- Graphical fog has been added to the game
- We've corrected some translations
- Player one's skin is now correctly shown in the opening cinematic
- Several graphic issues have been fixed
- Several input-related issues have been fixed
- Several missing colliders have been added
- We now check if worlds have been fully completed at start in order to unlock the achievement

Bisou, the dev team <3
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Encased: A Sci-Fi Post-Apocalyptic RPG just received an update.

Changelog, part 1:

The recent Encased hotfix released a week ago fixed the most annoying and noticeable bugs that interfered with the comfortable playthrough, and also introduced a number of cosmetic fixes, mostly voice acting and localization. Nevertheless, we received a fairly large number of reports from our players regarding not bugs but the interface, game mechanics and unexpected game behavior. Many of these bugs took a long time to fix, so we included fixes for them in Hotfix 2.
Overall, the latest update turned out to be much more voluminous than the previous one, and we hope that traveling around the world of the Dome will become even more convenient.

Attention: fix descriptions may contain plot spoilers!

Localization and voiceover

Added narrator voiceover for the main storyline [EN]
Added voiceover for companions: Fox, Crump, Jack, Sparrow and Yoko [EN]
Several localization fixes for Chinese (Traditional)
Significantly improved Chinese (Simplified) localization, wait for further improvements
Fixed a typo in the dialogue with Milo Randall [EN]
Fixed scan records of relics named Seashell and Hook
Fixed typos [RU]
Fixed scan of Rajah Chakraborty's character scan record
Corrected the name and description of the Burning Skeleton (Pyro-Skeleton)

Game Options

Added the option to disable narrator voiceover in dialogues and plot interactions


Added a special designation for abilities that can be added to the Quick Access panel (Belt), added a button to quickly add abilities
Improved the displaying of characteristics, taking into account bonuses from traits and starting bonuses of Wings on the final screen of character creation
Added a red border to the context menu for abilities that are considered a crime
Fixed old icons when using actions with progress bar
Fixed incorrect indication of the weapon reload button
Camera shake option is now saved when saving settings
Added the ability to assign camera panning to arrow keys
Fixed the Companion marker on the local map
Fixed displaying of status effect notifications when player is wearing a Servoshell
Improved interface for displaying evidence at location
Fixed the info line for the use of AoE abilities
Added additional types of markers for the local map
Fixed the displaying of the action points bar for a large number of Action Points

Encased changelog, part 2:


Fixed displaying of the combat grid on platforms in the Barrens location during random combat encounters
Fixed camera borders on Magellan
Expanded the area of access to the container at the Nashville Sewers (Act 1) location
Fixed the displaying of flower pots at the Magellan Military Post location
Added decorations for Parked Ursula (Ursula camp)
Added a Servoshell Storage Station to Ursula
Fixed inability to approach the shower stall on Ursula
Fixed locations that could be entered from the Global Map, but cannot be exited in Servoshell
The Pillaged Caravan location has been optimized, interactivity of some items has been fixed
Corrected the name of the gate leading to the Arena in the Fops’ camp
Added camera boundaries at the Barrens location during random combat encounters
Fixed destruction of doors at the Roadside Picnic location
Fixed the owner of the safe at the Temple location
Fixed access to vending machine at Magellan Laboratory
Fixed access to the container at the Kaleidoscope location


Fixed inability to install Maelstrom Beacons
Fixed inability to speak with Henrietta Russo when completing the main quest in Act 2
Fixed being able to return the Ejector to Santiago if the player has already completed the main quest “Cooperation Above All Else”
Fixed The Poisoned Well quest playthrough
Fixed the low Brains dialogue during the final meeting with the Maelstrom: now the game responds correctly to using the Beta Helmet
Fixed inability to name a password for a character with Brains equal to 1 on Magellan Reactor Floor
Added a special illustration for the Church and Phalanx ending
Fixed inability to talk to Lenny with a drawn weapon at the Crossroads location
Fixed low Brains character dialogue in the epilogue
City Location: fixed the accessibility of some objects
Removed the ability to receive infinite experience when finishing the quest by talking to Harris Hampton at the Radioactive Graveyard location
Fixed the ending related to killing the leaders of the Carmine Heights faction
Fixed the working of the Lost Caravan quest with a certain sequence of actions

Encased changelog, part 3:

Game Mechanics

Fixed New Committee reputation decreases for killing the Afflicted
Fixed the range of the Robot Maintenance ability
Hog Loader: using the Dismantle ability in the dialogue now adds fatigue, similar to using this ability on other world objects
Hog Loader: Fixed infinite driving experience gain
Attacks on settlements: the level of the attackers is now calculated according to the level of the location
Attacks on settlements: Exploding Robokids removed from the list of attackers
The cooldown of the Thievery ability has been reduced to 1 turn
Fixed the Career Criminal ability
Fixed the displaying of exiting a location by car if the player received Ursula as a vehicle
Fixed description and mechanic of the Third Adrenal perk
Fixed immobilization mechanic for Psi-Stasis

Bugs and Errors

Fixed inability to remove fatigue when using beds and skipping time
Fixed broken inventory display when some items are present
Fixed the disappearance of the player character's model when using the Holo-5 contraption
Fixed being able to steal the obsolete Matilda pistol from Courtney Reznor
Fixed the appearance of character named Giampiero Stalvardi after completing his quest
Fixed potential bugs in the Tutorial and Give feedback windows
Fixed the work of saves in case of using only special characters in the save name
Fixed bugs when escaping and getting imprisoned
Fixed work of internal reputation with factions when completing main storyline quests
Fixed the ability to use the Resuscitation Kit through the inventory on the Global Map
Waiting window - fixed time updates on the slider
Fixed Wound Up ability working
Fixed potential freeze on title screen
Fixed being able to apply items while in White Space
Fixed potential freeze when moving around the Roadside Picnic location with companions
Fixed inability to fire at hyenas in burst mode
Fixed a bug with repeated dialogue with the character named Ilya Andreev
Fixed freeze when using the elevator in combat on the -3rd floor of Nashville


Fixed sounds of electrohyena: now they stop playing after its death
Added sounds for using gates from City to Junktown and vice versa
Added sounds for using Council gates
Fixed events volume in some text random encounters
Fixed sounds of interaction with objects in the Emulator laboratories
Added sound for using the gate in the Maze of Death
Added sounds for random encounters while using Ursula
Added sounds for the Ursula quest
Fixed the sound of the Field Autopsy ability

Encased changelog, part 4:


Fixed the absence of an icon in the fractal tree (Apple Tree Fractal Crystal) on the Picnic
Fixed an issue where attacking MOBIOS on Magellan's lab floor would render the entire faction hostile
Fixed some death effects
Fixed trade table for Sebastian Van Ulden
Fixed trade table for the Church's weapons merchant
Reduced the amount of dynamite on sale
Increased the number of Sleep Grenades on sale
Removed the ability to create an Electronic Repair Kit
Fixed the displaying of the skeleton in T-pose when removing the Light Alloy Chest Armor from it during the random encounter
Fixed Encased logo
Added new Encased app icon

Hey, where are the 3 other parts of the Encased changelog, I posted? Ah,GOG merged all three posts into one!
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Death's Door
Update 1.5
Upgraded Controller plugin to fix issue with Dualsense controllers and bluetooth.
Added rumble to supported XInput controllers.
Added option to menu to disable Native Input for controllers which have issues, some PS Controller drivers work better with this option off.
Split options menu into sub menus
Added chromatic aberration toggle to graphics options.
Added blood toggle in accessibility options.
Added enemy flashing toggle in accessibility options.
Added fullscreen flash effects toggle in accessibility options.
Minor optimisations throughout the game.
Changed player interpolation methods to give a smoother movement to the crow character.
Changed interpolations on some other NPCs to give smoother movement.
Added backup deathplanes to some scenes where in rare instances players could glitch through walls and get out of bounds softlocking the game.
Added further backup respawns to fix situations where players could get their respawn point set to the scene origin.
Changed the save file system to write a temporary file before overwriting previous saves, hopefully avoiding any crashes corrupting save files. The game still also stores up to 20 backup saves that can be manually used by a player.
Improved mouse aiming for heavy attacks so it doesnt follow player movement direction.
Fixed issue where hammer heavy charge impacts were mis-aligned.
UI optimisations
When erasing a save file "No" is now selected by default in the popup window.
Fixed bug with some endgame content spawning the player at the wrong door in the forest scene.
Fixed positional sounds on nocturnal avian creatures.
Increased some timings on the Ice Canyon challenge (still exercise caution).
Fixed some occasional falling animations at the top of ladders
Added trowel glow to some scenes where a neighbouring area without a door contains a seed
Added behaviour fallback to the spear-wielding enemy AI that would sometimes get stuck in an incorrect state
Separated menu Confirm and Back in key binds so they are no longer assosiated with attacks.
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Kitaria Fables

Updated to 1.07 (In-game version number

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Update Notes Version -

Hi everyone, we apologize that we forgot to publish the patch notes for the previous version (, so we put them all together here:

1. Fixed an issue where the character got stuck in mid-air while using skills after being stunned or frozen
2. Fixed an issue where the character would not stop moving on some controller configurations
3. Fixed an issue where the game would be detected as a false-positive virus on some antivirus software or crash on launch on some PCs. (We are still looking into this issue further)

1. In-game time is now 66% slower
2. Opening a menu (inventory, shop, chest, etc) will now pause time
3. Implemented a better sleep time system. Now the time you wake up is determined by what time you went to sleep. If you go to sleep at dawn/morning you will wake up at dusk. Go to sleep at noon and wake up at night. Go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning
4. Using a sword now targets the closest enemy at some distance. You can still use Lock-On to lock on to an enemy
5. Increased collider accuracy. Hopefully this will prevent you or monsters going behind walls

Thank you!
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Updated to 1.2.0-3 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1182 ⇒ 1183.

Release Note : Version 1183 21 Sep 2021

• Update : Turkish language fix / update

War for the Overworld

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 2.0.7f1 ⇒ 2.0.8f1.

v2.0.8: “Erroneously Encountered Excavations” Release Notes

Patch Highlights
Engine Update & Major Crash Fix

Last year we began receiving reports that the game was instantly crashing upon launch on certain PCs. Upon investigation we found that this issue affected all users with Intel CPUs of 10th Generation or newer.

Once we acquired an affected PC we confirmed that this issue was a seeming incompatibility with the Unity Engine version WFTO was built upon as a blank project in that same version would yield the same crash.

Through the stellar work of our code team we’ve completed the tumultuous move to a newer version of the Unity Engine from 5.4.6 to 5.6.7. This addresses the crash and allows War for the Overworld to run as intended on these machines with no workarounds required.

Great care has been taken to ensure that the player experience should be unaffected by this move but engine updates, even ones as seemingly minor as this are often very involved and rarely done once a game is launched.

We would therefore ask you to remain aware of any changes in behaviour in the game and report any issues directly to us via Userecho.

We’d like to thank all the fans on our Discord server who helped test this new patch on the beta branch.

• Unity Engine updated from version 5.4.6 to 5.6.7, addressing a serious crash on Intel CPUs.

Gameplay / Balance Changes
New Unit – Unbound Ghoul
• Special variant of the Ghoul that can be placed in the Map Editor
• The Unbound Ghoul is a normal Ghoul except it is not treated as a “slave” unit i.e. it does not require a master
• The Unbound Ghoul will not go feral without the guidance of a necromancer and instead can be placed freely as a hostile unit.

• Can now be affected by the Blood Money spell

Restless Spirit
• Can now be affected by the Blood Money spell

Bug Fixes
Crashes & Gamebreakers
• Fixed a serious Intel crash on launch due to incompatibility with Unity 5.4.6.
• Fixed a few other unrelated crashes.

• Cynical Imp workers are now appropriately team coloured.

• Fixed an issue where the multiplayer chatbox would still be clickable even if it was hidden
• Fixed an issue which prevented users from signing up to the newsletter in-game and receiving their
• Several other minor UI fixes.

– Brightrock Games Team
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CrossCode has been updated to version 1.4.2 (21 September 2021), galaxy and windows offline installer.

Edit: Linux and Mac Offline installers are now updated to 1.4.2 (22 September)

Changes from the ingame changelog

Version: 1.4.2 - 3rd Anniversary Gift

FINALLY fixed issue where music didn't loop correctly. TOOK US ONLY LIKE 5 YEAR OR SO.
No more \"null Points\" in the spider cave challenge.
Fixed softlock when suiciding on the same map after doing a \"Turret Defense\"-challenge.
Fixed height of the signs in the elevator of the DLC-dungeon.","Fixed more typos in English and German.

+ All \"Platform Exclusive Quests\" are exclusive no more! On PC\/Mac you can now find 3 new quests in Rookie Harbor, Bergen Trail, and Gaia's Garden!
+ Find another arena cup after solving all 4 of the formerly \"Platform Exclusive\"-Quests! You can find it under \"Custom Cups\" (no rewards, just for fun and glory!).
+ Added Combat Arts for a certain ally that STILL didn't have any, woops...
~ Minor balance tweaks for equipment.
~ Tweaked final equipments of party members to be more distinct.
- No further content development!
And a quote from the Radical Fish website:

We will be celebrating the 3rd anniversary of CrossCode with the last proper (non-hotfix..) release, which would be version 1.4.2!

Luckily it contains almost no new content that we had to actively work on, because the main change would be the removal of the exclusivity of the “Platform-Exclusive Quests”. That’s right, now players on PC can also do the quests that were only available on Switch/XBox/Playstation before, and the same will be true for all the consoles, once the version will be released on them in the near future! Of course this also means that all the related pets can now be found by everyone!

And as an additional goodie, we also added another Custom Cup which allows re-fighting battles from those quests with adaptive levels, so even high-level DLC characters with ascended gear are in for a challenge!

Other changes include Combat Arts for an ally that mysteriously never got any (whoops…), a 5 years overdue fix of a legendary bug regarding music-looping and some more minor bug fixes, typo fixes and balance tweaks!
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Berzerk2k2: Dread Templar was just updated in GOG Galaxy. Here's the changelog:

Dread Templar update

• When players open the weapon upgrade panel, game will be paused
• Players will exit cutscenes immediately upon taking damage
• Added a new option "Mouse Scroll Invert" in Options>Controls
• Fixed some level issues

General Changes


• Increased the amount of bullet time recharged by killing demons
• Increased the duration of the bullet time

Boss: Spider Queen

• Slightly reduced the damage and attack rate of Spider Queen's summoned creatures
• Slightly increased the cooldown for the summon skill of Spider Queen
• A marker will be attached to the Spider Queen's summoned creatures, so that players can spot them more easily
Need to bring up that this update has not yet been brought to the offline installers, still at 0.916a.
high rated

Updated to 1.7u3 (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

Changelog from Steam:
1.7u3 Update

This months update contains the following changes:

- fixed being able to build flat rides, shops and utility buildings sunk halfway into the ground
- fixed a case where the track builder could misbehave after building a special segment
- fixed broken Orbiter animation
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thraxman: Need to bring up that this update has not yet been brought to the offline installers, still at 0.916a.
This update is outdated. There was another content update released a couple days ago. In GOG Galaxy that update is already available but not as offline installer yet. I hope that will change soon.

Version 0.917f >> Version 0.918e

Anyway, here is the changelog for the latest Dread Templar content update:
Boss: Hell Knight (Full Form)

• Skill "Light Fall" now has a 18 sec cooldown, but the damage is slightly increased.
• Skill "Black Hole (big)" now has a 10 sec cooldown, but the duration is slightly increased.


• Player character now jumps more easily when going down slopes/steps.

Level Improvements

Tutorial Level:
• Adjusted the "Air Dash" area - it will now be easier to dash to another platform while mid-air.
• Fixed a bug where you couldn't switch back to dual pistols after switching to dual katanas in the tutorial level.

E2M3 side area:
• Rebalanced the demons and supplies and adjusted some terrain in the side area of E2M3 - players will now have more room to get through this side area.

Menu and Settings

• Level stats display: You will now be able to turn on/off the level stats display by pressing "Tab", or in Settings>Game Settings.
• Nightmare difficulty in Level Select mode will be shown once players enter the nightmare portal.
• "Previous Weapon" default key has been changed from "Tab" to "Q".
• You will now be able to choose to go back to the main menu or continue to the next level after completing a level in the level select mode.
• Fixed bug that sometimes caused Black Bow golden emblems unable to be equipped in a skill slot.

SoundFX improvements

• Redone the Inferno Rocket launching sound effect.
• Added a SFX for character landing on the ground.
• Fixed an issue that some area's SFX volume did not follow the set value.

Save Points

• Adjusted and added some save points.
• All levels except E1M1 will have a save point at the beginning.
• You will now be able to Save/Load a data by double-click on Save/Load panel.

Difficulty adjustments

• Rebalanced the Hell difficulty, added a few small health packs, but slightly increased the damage of demons on Hell difficulty.
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