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My Time At Portia

Updated to 2.0.141541 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
New Portia Update - Live Now!

Howdy Portians,
We're pleased to share with you all that a new update has arrived! This update includes bug fixes, the addition of hundreds of missing voiceovers for over 60 characters and more!

We all hope you enjoy these additions, changes and fixes.

The full changelist can be found below -



- Added a large amount of voiceovers, including Gale, Higgins, Paulie, Alice and others. This adds missing voiceovers for over 60 NPCs.
- Added the source description for the Pink Cat's Ears item.
- Added the source description of Wedding Anniversary gifts.
- Added interior maps for Huss and Tuss' house, as well as Mason's house.
- Added timeout protection for the Fishing minigame.


- Adjusted the trigger time for the Pinecocks quest to prevent conflict with the other Starlight Island quest.
- Adjusted the time of the "Change the Subject" quest's item to the second day, and fixed
incorrect ending issues of this task.


- Fixed inaccurate present in Portia's overview map.
- Fixed the incorrect distance of Oaks’ interaction with players.
- Fixed bug where the camera could not be reset while riding mounts.
- Fixed bug where stables don't display food reduction tips when adding food.
- Fixed bug where toxic water didn’t cause damage while standing in it in the Sewage Plant.
- Fixed some collisions in the WOW Industries ruins and Western Plateau dungeon.
- Fixed bug where the 1st day's prediction results lose effect in the second day of the Martial Arts Tournament .
- Fixed the incorrect entrances and exits on the Commerce Guild Map.
- Fixed freeze after skipping a level in Ingall's Mine.
- Fixed improper locations of the resurrection area in some dungeons.
- Fixed bug where Gale's mission bubbles were not removed after the Fireside meeting for Pa's return.
- Fixed bug where interaction did not disappear when fighting robots in the “Not Another Calm Morning” quest.
- Fixed freeze after submitting Cargo Scale to Gale while finishing the “Greatest Scam of Them All?” quest.
- Fixed conflicts while doing “Adventure on Starlight Island” and “Comfort the Pinecocks”.
- Fixed bug with interaction options not fading after Remington walks away from the player.
- Fixed the issue that Sasquatch and Pointy Nosed Snowman's icon missed on the map.
- Fixed freeze during the first time playing Cross Five while using a controller.
- Fixed incorrect tips in the Recovery Machine UX, and added a button tip for switching pages while using a controller.
- Fixed bug where the Commission Board can't be used while using a controller.
- Fixed the unexpected key response while riding the Portia tour bus .
- Fixed bug where failing to catch the fish while fishing while using a controller will cause lasting vibration.

That's all for now Portians! Stay tuned for more news on future updates coming to My Time At Portia.

If you're looking for even more adventure and want to learn more about the 'My Time' world, why not check out our next game, My Time At Sandrock!

Wishlist our upcoming sequel to stay up to speed with all things Sandrock and even unlock more features for the final version!

Thanks everyone, we'll catch you next time!

Cyberpunk 2077

Updated to 1.3 AVX (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Twitter:
We released a hotfix for Cyberpunk2077 on PC. It removes the use of AVX instruction set from the game executable which prevents crashes that occurred on older processors not supporting AVX. Game version is not changed by this hotfix and remains 1.3.
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Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Updated to 3.10 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Core Worlds DLC available now.

Changelog from Steam:
Ashes: Escalation 3.10 Change Log

Now available is the new 3.10 update for Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation. This latest version includes performance improvements, balance changes and more.

Change Log


- Reduced maximum speed for siege units (Artemis, Destructor and Tormentor) to 120 (from 150).
- Increased Substrate Clutch of Eggs spiderling spawn count by 1 (as intended previously).
- Changed Substrate Sky Ender to no longer target drones.
- Added Weapons Lab as a pre-req for the Artillery Post when built by a PHC Sapper (as intended).
- Lots of AI updates to adjust AI bonuses, update army compositions and remove redundancy. Special thanks to Tarnished Knight for his work on this!
- Reduced metal cost of Substrate Mobile Nullifier to 825 (from 875).
- Updated King of the Hill scenarios to have difficulty levels. Special thanks to resopmok and drivver44 for this one.
- Updated costs for Artemis and Destructor to: 452 metal (up from 380), 107 radioactives (up from 90) and logistics 12 (up from 9).
- Adjusted steering on Artemis and Destructor to keep them from kiting so hard. Special thanks to drivver44 on this.
- Updated campaign mission Genesis to account for balance changes: AI difficulty levels reduced, swapped out Heavy Annihilators for Disruptor Cannons, shifted turret positions and jammers; and increased starting constructor count to 5.
- PHC EMP orbital: shield damage decreased to 1250 (from 3000), cooldown decreased to 10 (from 30), AoE reduced to 250m (from 600m); adjusted visuals to match radius.
- Substrate Nanite Assassinate damage reduced to 5000 (from 9000).
- Substrate Drone Swarm orbital drones have had their HP increased to 300 (from 30) with negative HP regen to -10 (from -1). May now target air units as a last priority.
- Substrate Reaper energy cost to fire reduced from 5 to 3.
- Substrate Capacitor radioactive cost decreased to 17 (from 30).
- PHC Medic radioactive cost increased to 25 (from 17).
- Drone leashing on PHC Drone and Repair Bays increased to 650 to match effective radius.
- Lots of various map adjustments - thanks to drivver44 on these!
- Increased acceleration on Hades and Punisher units; adjusted targeting module to give the player a bit more control.
- Updated Substrate Punisher weapon and visuals. It now does AoE damage as part of a plasma rocket barrage.
- Reduced PHC Artemis HP to 480 (from 575)
- Updated Turtle Wars and Entropy scenarios to account for 3.0 balance changes
- Updated Oblivion scenario to work as expected.
- Updated Oxide logo
- Regenerated Nashira map (no changes)
- Special thanks to Tarnished Knight!


- Added missing files for updated Devastate ability trails.
- Compressed map files to reduce download size/RAM use.
- Fixed incorrect range radius displays for PHC Constable, PHC Orbital Nullifier and Substrate Blossom Launcher.
- Added AMD Radeon 6x00 series GPUs to device detection list
- Updated VO warnings when a Tier 3/4 unit is taking damage. This will now alert the player sooner so they can potentially take action. Note - this will only work for new games (not saves).
- Updated mesh optimization pass to reduce game load up times by up to 70%
- Adjusted camera angle to be less top-down and adjust as the player zooms
- Increased max thread count from 16 to 24 to increase performance on machines with more CPU cores
- Adjusted rendering priorities so that larger units look substantially better when there are fewer units on screen
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art of rally

Updated to 1.3.1a (Galaxy [Windows & Mac] & Offline Installer [Windows])

No changelog.
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Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition

Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition has been updated to Version: (Offline installers updated)

No actual changelog for this but it seems that the previous update (dated September 3rd 2021 with the same version number) has broken a few things. See here;

And if I may just make a comment to Larian, not everyone uses Galaxy so the specific skip launcher instructions for the GOG version is a bit lacking. Maybe you could think of adding the instructions for non Galaxy users as well?
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Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark is now, on Windows, up to 1.6.0 (apparently this is a major update that gives DLC users 2 new classes to play with).

Unfortunately, Mac and Linux are still on 1.5.2 (disappointing because I want to try 1.6.0, and I run Linux).

VVVVVV is now on 2.3.3 on all 3 platforms.
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ΔV: Rings of Saturn

Upated from 0.385.7 to 0.385.26 for Windows, Mac and Linux.
(Galaxy got there in several steps over the last few days, but offline installers were just now updated in one big jump.)

Changelogs, as posted by the developer in the GOG forum (though sadly earlier update was in separate thread, which has now been deleted? so copied over from Steam as well):
0.385.20 - Astrogate (05.09.2021)
- Updated translation file with improved Russian translations.
- It’s now much easier to dock with rotating stations.
- Your pilot will not freak out and trigger an adrenaline rush when docked at a rotating station.
- Performance improvements.
- Further reduced VRAM footprint.
- Fixed a bug that caused the racing crew to ignore you if you were in good enough relations with them.
- Fixed a bug in the excavator that caused it to lose power in some situations, being unable to crush icerods and losing cargo during manoeuvres.
- Fixed a bug in the event spawning code that caused some special events to have a chance not to appear in dense regions of the rings.
- Improved mining companions. They now have larger cargo holds and twice as much propellant and are able to bring home a significant yield when deployed in the right area.
- Fixed a bug that caused cargo inside your cargo companion to count towards the proximity sensor, locking you out of astrogation if you had cargo in a mining companion still attached to your cradle.
- You will now come out of the astrogation cutscene slower.
- Astrogation cutscene will orient your ship and use all the thrusters, even if you disabled some manually.
- Fixed a bug that could cause computer damage when your own ship hull collided with excavators, grinders or cargo bay doors.
- Re-balanced mineral processing units.

0.385.26 - Rearmed (07.09.2021)
- Fixed a bug in AR1500 Salvage Manipulator that was causing crashes when returning to Enceladus station in some cases.
- Updated translations.
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We are Football

Updated to 1.8 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

New features:

- Interruption option in the weekly schedule, including saving option
- Match reports of league matches also available for the previous season
- Match reports of the current season also available for the international cups
- Results of matches played are entered in the annual calendar, where match reports can now also be accessed directly
- Rookie of the month and rookie of the season (only under 24 years and first season in the league, with bonus points for level progress for the selected players and the winner)
- Rookie of the month and season statistics
- Revised attendance (important is the editor entry for the average attendance in the 1st division, the tougher the fans are, the more likely they are to come in lower leagues)
- Revised player development for young players
- Display of version number on the start screen
- Display of videos on the start screen (international THQN channel)
- Optional display of shirt photos instead of the drawn jerseys (simply copy them into the WE ARE FOOTBALL directory "\Shirts" (create directory before if necessary), the format is 256x256, .png, file name is club name plus -1 for home and -2 for away)
- Additional standard training week "Special attacks" for self-created attacking moves
- Possibility to directly select the standard training weeks in the training as well

Eliminated bugs:

- STATISTICS: Correct player statistics of the previous season
- STATISTICS: Entries for Player of the Year completed
- WEEKLY PROGRESS: No more 2 identical illnesses in a row for players
- MEMBERS: Display now longer than until 2040
- DECISIONS: Talk option to persuade for 1 more contract year was missing
- ASSOCIATION OFFER: A tooltip for the country flags was missing
- PREMATCH: CD changes line-up were not taken into account for man-marking
- TRANSFERS: Clubs no longer ignore the exit clause
- TEAM PROGRESS: Sorting by skills now works correctly
- FIRST TEAM: Tasks are not reset after being determined by the assistant manager
- MATCH: Match scenes are correctly displayed after pausing and setting player tasks
- SETUP: Drop down was not fully opened in the rule based setups
- TEAM INFO: Statistics in the coordinate system are now updated even after many seasons
- PERSONAL: Working time did not match time in calendar
- PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Improved determination process
- CONTRACT RESOLUTION: Settlement is now done via transfer budget
- YOUTH: Watch U19: Watched status now resets
- TRANSFERS: Transfer budget after sale now also increases by the salary saved
- TEAM OF THE DAY: If there is no RM/LM, RW/LW are now used
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Kitaria Fables

Updated to 1.05 (In-game version number

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Latest changelogs from Steam:
Update Notes for Version

- Fixed an issue where a mouse (a PC mouse!) would suddenly stop working
- Poison and DPS status effects will no longer damage or kill during map transition
- Several adjustments have been made to equipment upgrading. The requirements are now much easier for early to mid-game
- Fixed Siamese text on the Vanity menu
- Controllers are now automatically detected when plugged in mid-game. The gamepad mapping menu will adapt based on the controller
Update Notes Version

- Fixed controller and keyboard mapping reverting to default after relaunching the game
- When using a keyboard and mouse to start the game, it automatically detects an unassigned controller and assigns it to the player without having to unplug-plug it.
- Fixed a character falling into darkness. (We were not able to reproduce this issue so we have implemented a fix that teleports you back to the surface to avoid breaking the game.) Hopefully, this will also fix the issue where players have gotten stuck in places with red boundary lines when there are no monsters around.
- Fixed Capri's and Basil's misplaced tail position and rotation
- Fixed misleading attribute and buff effect descriptions

We truly apologize for the issues/bugs you have encountered, we will do our best to fix them!
Thank you!
Quick Fix Version

- Fixed several translation issues
- Fixed an issue where players were occasionally stuck in the last battle after death
- Fixed an issue where monsters fell into darkness, teleporting them back to their spawn point
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Fell Seal's Linux build just got updated to 1.6.0

Mac build is still at 1.5.2
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Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous (changelog from steam and offline installer is updated)

Update 1.0.2e/1.0.2b Patch Notes
We’ve prepared a new patch for the Windows version - 1.0.2e! The list of patch notes is rather long, so here’s what the majority of you’ve been asking about:
The red defence banner issue has been fixed;
Auto-casting issue has been fixed too;
The problem with vendors not buying your loot has been fixed as well;
Archers no longer change their target for no reason at all;
Some achievements got fixed;
We also fixed a number of items;
Some mythic quests didn’t progress - and now they do;
The issue with Intel GPU has also been fixed (read below)

We’ve also uploaded a patch for Mac, and we apologize for the delay. Mac version has been updated to 1.0.2b, and the difference is that it includes the fixes from previous and this Windows patch, but doesn’t include the fix for Intel GPU loading issue.

If you want to know what else got fixed, read the full patch notes:

Please be aware of plot spoilers in the description below!

The Final Verdict: it was impossible to speak with Regill after the event, and leave him in the party - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: a dialogue with Yozz was looping - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: it was impossible to complete the quest if you killed a certain NPC - fixed;
Conspiracy in Shadows: it was impossible to exit from Shamira’s palace after loading an autosave - fixed;
In Mythic Demon’s quest in chapter 5 one NPC’s allies couldn’t be killed - fixed;
Dragon's Awakening: marked on the map places where the NPCs need your help;
The Light Within quest didn’t progress for Angel Mythic Path - fixed;
Arueshalae's quest couldn’t be completed if it required Nurah's answer - fixed;
Fixed Sosiel’s quest in chapter 4;
Sometimes you couldn’t get an ending for Seelah’s questline - fixed;
Fixed a throne room event with Anevia, that was blocked by Sosiels romance event in chapter 5;
The Price of Loyalty: fixed the cut-scene freezing if you are on the Demon’s mythic path and finished the preparations yourself;
Iz: the Swarm-that-Walks and Gold Dragon can now use their unique dialogue options to affect the boss battle;
You can now tell Daeran about the Inquisitor’s plan in chapter 5;
After completing the Third Wheel quest, Morevet Honeyed Tongue still had dialogue options related to the quest - fixed.

Fixed fog of war in Drezen’s temple;
Optimized the lighting in Aeon’s scene in Threshold;
Fixed camera movements in Threshold;
Fixed camera movement in different areas of Drezen;
Optimized the lighting in the epilogue;
Optimized the lighting in Kenabres in the prologue;
Optimized the lighting on the streets of Kenabres;
Optimized the lighting in Pulura’s Fall area;
Fixed the lighting in some random encounters;
Chilly Creek: Jernaugh could get killed by wild animals by accident - fixed;
Gwerm's Mansion: you can no longer teleport into the locked room;
After speaking with Latverk your character couldn’t move - fixed;
Increased the duration of a certain boss battle in chapter 5;
Improved the passability of the Threshold area ;
Visual improvements for Gray Garrison;
Visual improvements for Arendae party house;
Visual improvements for Pulura’s Fall;
Fixed the issue with characters falling through the floor in some areas;
Iz: a cut-scene could freeze if activated while mounted;
Some corpses in various areas didn’t look like corpses - fixed;
Midnight Fane: some companions, who were not in the party at the moment, could hover above the floor - fixed;
Spoiler - Animated Weapons and Armors in Finnean’s quest had their natural armor reduced on core and higher difficulties;
Added a reminder to the journal to pick your equipment at the beginning of Colyphyr Mines
In Colyphyr Dungeon, when your equipment was confiscated, your companions also lost theirs - fixed;
When transitioning from Ten Thousand Delights for Fleshmarkets, the party could end up underground
In Ten Thousand Delights it was possible to sink underground - fixed;
Removed an unnecessary skill check in a house in the Upper City in chapter 4;
Teleportation arcs have been marked on the map in chapter 4;
Vendors and important NPC are now marked on the map in chapter 4;
Dry Crossroads: reduced the difficulty of battles;
Neathholm: improved the performance, highlighted the important spots;
It was impossible to trade with Sarzaksys at the Fleshmarkets - fixed;
Residents of Drezen now leave when a battle begins;
Fixed camera movement in The Ivory Labyrinth area;
Improved the lighting in The Ivory Labyrinth area;
It’s possible now to return to the ruined temple in the prologue after you jumped across the chasm.
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Part 2


Added a tooltip for hospital’s progress bar in tactical combat;
Defence banner could turn red, even if demons weren’t attacking your forts - fixed;
Initial power of the Generals has been increased;
Swords of Gorum project could be received multiple times - fixed; if the Swords of Gorum project was being resolved at the moment of the patch application - it will be resolved automatically;
Quests that required waiting in auto crusade mode now have information about the time of waiting;
Tutorial in tactical battles have been fixed;
Wenduag used to appear in the throne room during the military council, when she shouldn’t have - fixed;
Damage of all Ranger's trap abilities has been moderately increased;
Cards of the finished projects used to remain on the right with an exclamation mark, until you open them. Now after the project is complete, the card will be automatically opened to inform you that the project is done, then go away;
After choosing a decision in an event, the card would close without showing the outcome - fixed;
Indication whether it’s possible or not to start an event wasn’t changing over time - fixed;
Fixed a visual bug with a boulder in tactical battle;
Tooltips have been added for the damage done by the abilities of Generals and troops.

Classes & Mechanics
Sometimes archers changed the target chosen by the player and started to attack someone else - fixed;
Numerous swarms could crawl over the same character - fixed;
Parameters of rat swarms and locusts swarms have been tweaked;
Animal Companion was present in the Group Manager window - fixed;
Death of the main character didn’t count as a game over sometimes - fixed;
Enemy's illusionists could cast colour spray on their allies - fixed;
Mounted effect didn't dispel after the rest, hence mounting lagged. Resolution: now it dispels;
Some Animal Companions' attacks were missing - fixed;
If you retrained a Kitsune and chose another race, you could still have a Kitsune Bite - fixed;
Vital Strike now works with ranged weapons;
Followers of Godclaw weren't able to pick positive or negative channel ability - fixed;
Mythics Legend's Corruption Resistance didn't work - fixed;
Velociraptor animal companion's talons were dealing 1d3 damage instead of 1d6 - fixed;
Mythic classes were losing ability to use mythic summons after gaining Mythic rank 3 - fixed.

Turn-based mode
When skipping a turn, tooltips could get stuck - fixed.

Robe of Transmutation could be equipped only in the Armor slot, not the Shirt slot. Resolution: fixed, if it was equipped - don't forget to equip it again, as it will be unequipped after the patch, and put into the inventory;
The Signet of House Vespertilio disappeared after 1 use. Resolution: it no longer disappears. If it is no longer in your inventory after you've built a bridge on Kenabres square - it will reappear in your inventory;
Wrath of the Undead aura was affecting neutral units - fixed;
Estoc of Purity didn't have cold iron quality - fixed;
Light Crossbow of Oracle's Misery effects didn't have any descriptions - fixed;
The Hat of Heartening Song didn't have an icon - fixed;
Mantle of Night didn't work as intended - fixed.

User Interfaces
Fixed some SPOILER companion's UI story updates not working;
Auto-cast spells were getting disabled after loading a save - fixed;
Added an option to move the camera with the middle mouse button on the global map, and on the local map (while holding Alt);
Some Mythic Paths had empty prerequisites - fixed;
Improved the visual of tridents;
After deleting all saved games, the "Continue" button in the main menu could still be pressed - fixed;
Previously looted corpses with some loot left on them did not save their "loot was checked" status - fixed;
The combat log no longer reverts to its initial size after reloading;
During character creation it wasn’t possible to customize the human shape of kitsune - fixed;
Voice settings were reset after going back and then returning to the voice selection - fixed;
During character retraining, it was impossible to select the same portrait you’ve been using before - fixed;
Vendor inventory would stop working correctly in some cases - fixed;
Some weapon enchantment effects stay in the inventory window after character is changed - fixed;
Mythic Angel’s description was missing in the UI - fixed;
In character creator it was possible to change the race of a pre-generated character - fixed;
The intention lines didn’t work correctly in battles - fixed;
Spells blinked while switching toggle "Possible spells" in the spellbook - fixed;
The names of settings tabs were displayed incorrectly after saving the changes - fixed;
Combat log wasn’t clearing after loading a save with a different protagonist - fixed.

Fixed Spark, Memories frozen in time, Prelate's Nemesis achievements;
GOG Only: Updated Galaxy SDK, which should solve Galaxy-related crash issues;
Fixed the issue with the animation of the stretcher-bearers in the first cutscene;
In Mythic Demon’s path: fixed the appearance of Tarshary;
Some slides couldn’t appear in the epilogue - fixed;
Fixed another rare case of crashing to the main menu;
Companions sometimes couldn't take their position during camping - fixed;
Some mongrels still had a wrong race - fixed;
Fixed the issue that led to crashes with Intel GPU (you will get better performance if you run the game in 1366х768 resolution);
Sometimes buffs and status effects on the main character could stay on even after reload - fixed;
Fixed incorrect XP numbers for the checks with very high DC;
Added an auto save right after arriving to Colyphyr Mines;
FIxed Hepzamirah’s weapon appearance during battle.

It's quite insane how fast owlcat are cranking out patches, impressive how fast they work !
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Fictorum was updated to 2.1.13. No changelog here, so I'm pasting from elsewhere.

Hey Wizards!

With the summer drawing to a close, Chip has returned from his break and is back to development (when his day job and fiancé allow it)! This latest patch includes an overhaul of damage tooltips and an minor improvements to the Grand Inquisitor battle.

Patch Notes for v2.1.13

The grand inquisitor AI has been improved, a few new long range abilities have been added, and the arena has been revamped to deter exploits

Damage popups are cleaner, easier to read, and have a substantially longer view distance

Moving out of bounds of a level will prefer rescuing the player in exchange for health (much like moving into Miasma)
over killing them outright

Frenzy's boost to cast/attack speed has been reduced (50->25%)
Fixed a bug that would cause inconsistent mana drain while viewing with the observer camera
Fixed a bug that would prevent some building materials from becoming transparent
Max essence has been changed from 500,000 to 999,999,999
Fixed a bug that would make extracted active ability scrolls are dependent on cast speed
Fixed a bug with faster spells that would occasionally cause the player to be hit by their own spells
Damage scaling will now properly occur with transcribed weapon abilities
Fixed a bug with the inventory that could lose controller focus in rare instances
Building pieces will no longer go transparent while in first person
Fixed a bug that would allow passive ability scrolls (like Haste and Frozen Wake) to be transcribed into a tome
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Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Standalone installer updated: [Windows] 1.2.10 ⇒ 1.2.12.
Update Notes for Version 1.2.12

• Bug fix: Game fails to recreate config file if the file has a syntax error
• Bug fix: Game may crash when rapidly interacting with the imp after solving his riddle in The Basement
• Bug fix: Game may crash under rare conditions when an enemy is killed by fireball launcher trap in The Prisoner
• Bug fix: Rare crash in final battle when the map is very crowded
• Bug fix: Final boss' Space Distortion special ability could fail when the map is very crowded

Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

Standalone installer updated: [Windows, Linux] 1.5.2 ⇒ 1.6.0.
Update 1.6.0 (9 September 2021)

New Content:
Draekon/Knifer: Adding 2 new monsters to the content of Missions and Monsters. The Draekon and Knifer. They have their own sprites, abilities, portraits, Bzil versions, etc.
Missions: Adding 2 new missions tied to the Draekon and Knifer monsters.
Hunts: Adding 2 new hunts featuring unique versions of the Draekon and Knifer monsters.

Bug Fixes:
Hellhunds: Could use the wrong graphic for a specific variant. Fixed.
Eruptor: There was an issue where the buff wouldn't reset correctly under certain circumstances. Fixed.
Change Appearance: The option at the guild would be unavailable if the player had no human recruits, even if they had monster recruits. Fixed.
Buffs at the start of the turn: Buffs granted by equipment at the start of the turn wouldn't show on the information panel until it was refreshed (even though they would be correctly enabled). Fixed.
Level Up: When gaining a level in combat, the current HP wouldn't be increased by the amount gained to max HP, which would make certain passives tied to "having full HP" less attractive. Changed things so the current HP is increased by the same amount as HP gained for the level.
Guttersnipe: Pet was incorrectly increasing bleed damage. Fixed. Also, when both Guttersnipe and Polliwog were out, only Guttersnipe would apply its debuff at the end of the turn on adjacent targets. Fixed.
Autosave: The autosave before battle could fail to save new consumables that were crafted during battle setup, while still using the ingredients. Fixed.
Maps: Fixing a few layering issues in various maps. Taming: If the target was asleep, the sleep effect could remain visible after taming them. Fixed.
Mouse Cursor: The cursor could vanish on the worldmap under certain circumstances that might leave it invisible in the troops menu as well. Fixed.
Class change: The mouse would behave oddly in this screen while in 4k mode (or certain other resolutions). Fixed.
Scrollers: The scroll bar would behave oddly in 4k when dragging the scroll button. Fixed. Misc: Fixing small miscellaneous issues.

Counters: The "kOffensiveCounterWithBuff" counter type wasn't fully functional before. It works like kOffensiveCounterWithDebuff, except it adds a buff on the user rather than a debuff on the attacker.
Telekinesis: The passive will now be useable by human classes as well (it was only working on monster units before).
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Cyber Hook

Updated to 1.1.2 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

I've merged all relevant changelogs that i found on Discord:
- Fixed a bug where players could move during the starting countdown when they jumped same frame they died

- Added a new Discord messaging system
* You'll get notified when you get in the Top 3 of any level and also when you lose your Top 3 spot !

- Added the option to press R x2 on the level ending screen to quick restart :wink:
- New cool secret bugs added for fun

- Tweaked air-control to have more of an impact at lower speeds.
- Added first batch of Numero anchors
- Added new level Residue Processing "somewhere"
- Added first code fragment

- Tweaked air-control so the community stops bitching ;)
- Added second batch of numero anchor
- Added new level At the Gate "someshere"
- Added second code fragment

- Added third batch of numero anchor
- Added new level Tobledrone
- Added third code fragment
- Added Ring setting
- Numero seems unstable, hopefully nothing breaks in the console...
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Alchemist Adventure

Updated to 1.210901 (Galaxy & Offline Installer)

Changelog from Steam:
Return to Isur

May the elements be with you!

Dear fellow alchemists, it’s been a while since our last "Welcome to the Oasis" update. We know that many of you wished to be able to enjoy the game a little longer, so this was our main focus during the work on this update. Do you want to see how it panned out? Read on!

What’s new

New game+ added after the first game completion

Now after you complete the journey, you have a chance to go at it one more time at a much more difficult level. All your skills, items, and resources will be carried over from the previous walkthrough.

Bug fixes and updates

- Fixed a bug when incorrect memories were being displayed in the Book (about 6 of them)
- Fixed a bug when gear (pants from the last armor set) and some Alkimos were missing from Pepe’s Store
- Added the previously missing Forest Map
- Fixed a bug when some lab items were not shown in Pepe’s Store
- Added ‘Collect All Ingredients’ trophy/achievement
- Changed the reward for Baboo’s maze race. The time for the minigame is now increased
- Fixed items not being shown on the minimap (alchemical orbs that are not collected yet will be displayed on the minimap)

With that, we conclude today's update. We want to say a big thank you to all our players. We sincerely appreciate all the support we receive from you.

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