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Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition was updated to version 1.26.0. No changelog available for this one.
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X4: Foundations offline installers up for both Linux and Windows
The Split Vendetta DLC same
The Split Vendetta soundtrack is also available now
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Cattle and Crops [InDev]
Patch (31 March 2020)

- Lemken Azurit 9/4.75 (3m maize seed drill machine)
- Lemken Azurit 9/8.75 (6m maize seed drill machine, foldable)
- Lemken Gemini 7/1000 (Front liquid fertilizer tank)
- Lemken Korund 8/600 (6m seedbed combination)
- Lemken Labrador 160 (2m subsoil loosener)
- Lemken Saphir 7/300-DS 125 (3m grain seed drill machine)
- Lemken Zirkon 8/300 (3m power harrow)
- Lemken Zirkon 12/600 K (6m power harrow, foldable)

- Shop images can be generated again and are no longer just gray
- NPCs in the village no longer have the wrong shading. General Shading problems with scaled models fixed
- Field information panels for swath are displayed again in front of the swath
- Oily graphics on Linux systems was fixed
- Fixed crash when selecting a dropdown during loading/unloading and leaving the trigger
- Fixed crash when trying to load without selecting the fill type first
- The "Washing" window is no longer visible after loading a savegame
- The factions in the profile menu are now translated
- Crash while loading the MixKing at the farm storage fixed
- Fixed wrong spawn location when account balance is less than the vehicle rental price
- The fence gate at the pasture closes again
- Fixed missing translation strings in Claas Quadrant
- Vehicle Shop: translated descriptions are displayed again
- Joint script methods now always return the correct rotation angle between -180° and 180°
- Pasture fence collision fixed: the cattle should not be able to escape now
- Fixed missing NPC models: no more yellow boxes running around the village
- Shader editor: Parameter dropdown in constants can be selected again

- [Performance] Traffic vehicles now execute less code
- [Performance] Code optimized for machines (dirt, tire tracks)
- Certain console commands now have an additional output in the debug.log (listMachineStates, listPlayerAttributes, listGroundAttributes, listFruitAttributes)
- Removed anti-aliasing option from settings menu as MSAA 4x is used, with a custom resolve shader for better quality
- The player character has received new textures

- The new machines have no sounds yet
- Just like the Hammer seed units, the Saphir 7 also requires a front attachment machine: the Lemken Zirkon 8/300 power harrow. The Azurits can be attached directly to the tractor's three-point linkage.
- The Lemken Gemini front tank can currently only be used for transport, not as an additional tank with the Dammann Land-Cruiser sprayer
Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 01 April 2020.


Performance and Resource Update v1.3 (1 April 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installers updated:
- Windows: Win64_v1.2 ⇒ Win64_v1.3;
- Linux: L64_v1.2 ⇒ L64_v1.3;
- Mac: macOS64_v1.2 ⇒ macOS64_v1.3.


Fantasy General II - Invasion
Update 8 (27 March 2020)

- Artefacts - Fixed an issue where savegames would become corrupted if you sacrifice an item in transition to e.g. a Blood Oak. Affected savegames should now be working again.
- Bugfix - Fixed graphic bug if shadows were set to 'No Shadows'
- Localization - Fixed a bug where the name of The Barrens wasn't localized.
- Input - Fixed an issue where no mouse input would be recognized when playing a map.
- Triggers - Fixed an issue where dialogues would be triggered during loading a savegame resulting in the game stalling.
- Invasion - Fixed an issue that caused "Eagle’s Eyrie" to not show up in a pre-Onslaught savegame until you saved and loaded the game or exited the next mission
- Minimap - Fixed incorrect camera position after clicking on minimap on non-1080p resolutions
- Settings - Fixed an issue where "Command Speed" in options wouldn't reflect the actual value set.
- Main Menu - Fixed an issue where the wrong campaign was visually selected after entering and exiting the campaign selection menu multiple times.
- Bugfix - Summon Sentinel promotion is now correctly shown when Ailsa learns it.
- UI - Fixed the Campaign Score Screen to display all text correctly when language is set to Russian or Chinese.
- Scoring - Fixed a bug where not all results from the last campaign mission where added to the total score.
- Dialogues - Fixed incorrect dialogues in "Return of the Summer King".
- Bugfix - Fixed graphical glitch while a quest marker was active in Sunkenlands.
- Achievements - Achievements for choosing different paths through the Onslaught campaign now require Iron Maiden mode like the rest.
- Invasion - Fixed an issue where Tir would die to enemies or neutrals in "Into the Trollwoods" before you could get to her. This will automatically restart this mission if you haven't met Tir yet.
Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated (01.01.09428 ⇒ 01.01.09585): 31 March 2020.


Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition
Patch 1.2 (2 March 2020) & Patch 1.3 (31 March 2020)

Changelogs posted in the game forum by the devs here (two consecutive posts).
Standalone installer updated (1.1 ⇒ 1.3): 01 April 2020.
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Nowhere Prophet
Patch 1.05.000 Guru (31 March 2020)

Another huge update! I'm excited to finally round out the classes to the full set I envisioned years ago. With the Breaker and the Stalker two brand new prophets enter the fray, so let's look at what they can do!

The Breaker
- The Breaker is a former operative of the Union of Five Fingers. Disillusioned with their egotistical he has left them behind and found a new purpose with the fallen star.
- His playstyle is generally slow and methodical, with access to defensive effects (via armor and taunt) and a few build pillars available to him:

Marking groups + AOE damage
- Marked is a new keyword that increases the damage a unit takes. The breaker is good at spreading out marked on groups of enemy targets and then to follow up with area of effect damage (Blast and other cards) to capitalize on their vulnerability.

- Putting down cover, throwing explosive barrels onto the enemy battlefield or just blocking off a column entirely. The Breaker knows how to handle and shape terrain.

Single, strong units
- The Breaker is good at fortifying individual units. Giving them stat boosts and other benefits to build up true juggernauts.

The Stalker
- The Stalker ist a child of the wild places of Soma. Living out with the hilltribes in the ranges they took good care of their clan, hiding away from the eyes of strangers.
- The Stalker's playstyle is more aggressive than the Breaker. It focuses on taking out key enemy units, disrupting their means of attack and going for the kill.

Marking individuals + Double tap
- The Stalker also uses Marked but specifically to target individuals, to either make them more vulnerable or to disable their defensive capabilities. This combined with a new pair of attack cards that hit a single target multiple times allows them to really capitalize on that. This also makes these cards really good against Robust targets.

- Like many members of the hilltribes, the Stalker has become a friend to beasts. They can bring them into battle to bolster their own ranks or to directly slam into the enemy. A number of cards feature strong Beast synergies.

- Staying hidden is a part of the Stalkers strategy. A number of cards grant Stealth to their followers or capitalize on the units that are already in Stealth. And to make Stealth a bit more reliable, the keyword has been changed to only pop when taking damage from a follower or unit, not from the leader. This is usually going to be retaliation damage and it helps make Stealth a more robust investment during a battle.

- With their knowledge of battlefield tactics the Stalker is an expert at pushing and pulling people around. The Stalker has a few cards that either harm or help units when they are moved around, combine this with cheap access to movement cards and interesting strategies come together.

New Keyword: Marked
- As mentioned above there's a new keyword in town. Marked. Marked can be put on units or obstacles and it makes them vulnerable. They can now be attacked regardless of their position and they take 2 extra points of damage, whenever they are damaged.
- This means you could mark a unit to get rid of it more quickly, to trade upwards or to get rid of some pesky sniper or construct that's hiding away in the back somewhere.
- But not only that, with this update Marked, Taunt and Stealth are exclusive. So you can mark a unit to pop it out of Taunt. Put Stealth on a marked unit to prevent extra damage. Or put Taunt on a Stealth unit to pull it out of hiding.

Balancing changes
Of course there's a number of additional tweaks and changes in this version. Some of the new cards related to Marking or the two new classes have been added to enemies or pieces of equipment. And there's been some balancing changes:
- Stealth is now only lost on unit or obstacle damage, not from leader-based damage
- Shadow Trail only triggers once each turn
- Bandit outfit a tad rarer
- Added a new item: The Machinepistol
- Changed the power on the Machinegun to more column damage
- Savage Sibhana was upgraded to Legendary (and is rarer in enemies now)
- Shadow Banjha was downgraded to Rare to compensate
- Coordinated Swarm status effect was changed to be more interesting
- Smoke Screen leader card upgraded to Rare
- Mercy Kill upgraded to 3-cost (was 2-cost)

And that's it! I hope you enjoy this update. Let me know which one of the new classes is your favorite!

And stay hydrated,

Standalone installers updated: 1.04.005 Ekagrata ⇒ 1.05.000 Guru.
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Patch 1.1.2589 (30 March 2020)

- Add ship landing beacon, which can be used to create landing pad for shuttles. Shuttles will land there if possible for dropoff and pickup of characters during quests.
- Historical quests can now be deleted.
- We now calculate the best UI scale when the game is first started.
- Reworked royal title inheritance rules so they will avoid designating unknown pawns as heirs.
- Add creepy sound to psychic droner and make it a bit quieter.
- Optimized research tab.
- We no longer show mood thought bubbles for unimportant pawn (e.g. spamming them on raiders during battles).
- FireFoam graphic improved.
- Hostility mode dropdown now displays icon.
- Add custom art and name for the light charge blaster used by mech turrets.
- "Select monument marker" now only selects the monument instead of moving the camera.
- Implemented QuestNode_AddRangeToList.
- Improve debug output for future incidents.
- Updated player-created names and backstories from those who bought Name in Game access.

- Change label for downgrade psychic amplifier to extract psychic amplifier and clarify the description.
- Added decree expiry info to quest tab.
- Prisoner ITab displays prison break interval as "Never" if incapable of breaking out.
- Add a paragraph to pain focus tooltip, showing relation between pain level and current entropy recovery bonus.
- Mining yield difficulty factor factored into the readable stat. Added difficulty calculation explanation for stat description in info cars on mining and crop yield.
- Royal Title info tab now shows the list of title privileges.
- Fix: Miscapitalized symbol BodyPart in grammar system.
- Fix: Bad 'worldtribal' symbol in tribal faction name generator.
- Fix: Bio mentions "Squirrel Boy" even if the pawn is female.
- Improve debug and player-visible output when grammar system can't resolve something.
- Added some missing translation symbols to BattleLogEntry_MeleeCombat.
- Misc other text fixes.

- Monument quests now let the player choose which material to use for building the structures (Note: floor materials are still fixed).
- Adjusted the frequency of various misc incidents. Easy on the cargo pods.
- Make extracting psychic amplifiers more difficult.
- Increase chance random mech clusters a bit and reduce the min points.
- Inferno turret fires slower and costs more for the storyteller to use.
- Significantly reduce health of large mech turrets.
- Remove minRefireDays from ManhunterPack incident.
- Reduce explosive mortar radius from 3.5 to 2.9.
- Royal ascent quest now is sent after 35 days instead of 18, at the earliest.
- Royal aid soldiers now arrive with biocoded armor.
- Quest giving factions get annoyed if you destroy their monument within 15 days after building it.
- Build monument decree quest now causes a minor negative mood if the player if the monument is destroyed within 15 days.
- Increase health of mech problem causers.
- Firefoam filth cleaningWorkToReduceThickness increased to 100.

- Fix: Steles generate over ancient danger walls, opening up the ancient danger.
- Fix: Allies punch through roof unnecessarily when arriving in drop pods.
- Fix: Decree unmet thought not disappearing after a monument was built.
Fix: Dragging while scrolling doesn't work in the mod menu. Remove remaining performance bottlenecks, should be substantially faster on large mod counts.
- Fix: Rat attacking door by biting fails resolving grammar.
- Fix: Scars getting a random painCategory on loading save if their existing value matched the random defaultValue.
- Fix: Pain focus/psychic entropy limit tooltips appearing above main entropy tracker tooltip.
- Fix: Mech clusters not waking up from grenades/melee in some cases.
- Fix: Erroneous warning on downgrading royal implants.
- Fix: Food poisoning ignoring pawn hediffs that modify food poisoning chance.
- Fix: Language worker not being passed correct gender information for _titleDef and _titleIndef pawn rules.
- Fix: Assemblies loading in reverse order, which makes dependency management awkward.
- Fix: Missing cataphract armor graphic.
- Fix: Mech clusters don't attack wild men.
- Fix: Blocky shadow on countdown activator.
- Fix: WorkGiver_Merge not using CanStackWith, which makes pawns not merge some stacks of modded items.
- Fix: Bugs caused if a pawn's apparel wore out to nothing.
- Fix: Alert_CannotBeUsedRoofed checking non-player buildings.
- Fix: Death letters are sent by change heir quest when title holder or heir died even after monument constructed.
- Fix: Pawn flee and attack motes showing in the corner of the map instead of on the pawn.
- Fix: Can place monument blueprints outside buildable area.
- Fix: Royal ascent quest did not fail when Empire became hostile and could actually be accepted in this state.
- Fix: Missing ambient sound from fallen psychic drone ship part.
- Fix: Fog is generated incorrectly on maps with condition causers
- Fix: Can't use the Esc key to leave the mod screen.
- Fix: Pawns inheriting title having their heir sometimes set to a pawn that will die in the same tick.
- Fix: Incorrect description on foor poisoning chance factor for artificial stomachs.
- Fix: Recruitment chance shows values beyond 100%.
- Fix: Combat suppliers don't buy or sell certain kinds of armor.
- Fix: Temporary faction members can't equip their biocoded weapons if they have a weapon equipped.
- Fix: DrawMouseAttachments corrupts things of def list.
- Fix: Some quests can't generate because of an error in QuestNode_GetFaction.
- Fix: Trade request quest is not ended when the faction becomes hostile.
- Fix: Title inheritance letter paragraphs not correctly capitalized.
- Fix: Psychic harmonizer doesn't work in caravans.
- Fix: Able to load quest helpers onto drop pods.
- Fix: Downed refugee and prisoner willing to join quests don't add description constants
- Fix: Sites with no map generated not included into ThoughtWorker_PsychicDrone check.
- Fix: Game is stuttering heavily with psychic ship event.
- Fix: Psychic droner ship part not affecting caravans nearby the player map.
- Fix: Factionless quest shuttles don't show gizmos.
- Fix: Redressed pawns arrive starving or exhausted.
- Fix: Incorrect rounding when purchasing royal favor from tribute collector.
- Fix: 'Could not find player faction' random error.
- Fix: UI root exception on using rotate gesture on Mac touchpad.
- Fix: Downed pawns can start mental breaks initiated by traits.
- Fix: Factionless pawns with a harmonizer causes an error.
- Fix: One internal variable name in QuestNode_GetRandomPawnKindForFaction marked for translation.
- Fix: CameraJumper.TrySelect always moves the camera because TryHideWorld returns incorrect values.
- Fix: Colonist left unburied thought appears for quest lodgers and helpers.
- Fix: Mech cluster can wake up undiscovered hive.
- Fix: Monument quest description sometimes needlessly splits stuff into two entries, even though they're the same but in a different order.
- Fix: Comms console keeps saying 'already in progress' forever when trying to change heir for pawn that already had its heir changed once.
- Fix: Change heir quest part not saving some data.
- Fix: Factionless leaving lodgers can be assigned hostile factions and they'll fight each other
- Fix: Misalignment in recon armor north/south views.
- Fix: Quest helpers can make decrees.
- Fix: Female Imperial traders show up with wrongly gendered headgear.
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated (1.1.2587 rev818 ⇒ 1.1.2589 rev730): 01 April 2020.


Soul Saga [InDev]
Update v20.03.29.03 Soul Saga (30 March 2020)

Bug Fixes
- Gameplay: Entering the Grumplin Warchief house after defeating them will cause a softlock.
- Visual: When interacting with Guildhall's command table, the player's character will remain in a running animation pose until the menu is finished closing.
- Visual: Fixed lighting in the Grumplin Warcamp exploration mode.
- Visual: Several characters models would show as completely black when exploring the Grumplin war camp on foot.
Standalone installers updated 31 March 2020:
- Windows: ⇒;
- Linux: ⇒
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The Universim [InDev]
Patch V0.0.40.30701 (31 March 2020) - Part I

Updated and Upgraded Residential Areas
- Now that’s how you renovate! These new residential areas are far prettier than before. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of time improving how residential buildings are constructed and appear in the game. Every building now has a story to tell. Look closely and you’ll see just how different they are! We hope you love them as much as we do.

- Woah, woah! Hold on! We haven’t implemented roads yet, but we wanted to drop you a small update on what’s been going on behind the scenes. As you know, roads have been in heavy development for some time now. The fact that the planet is round and lacks a level construction grid for roadworks makes this system quite complicated. But, the good news is, after numerous sleepless nights and rapid hair loss, we figured it out!
- Roads aren’t just going to be cosmetic, they’re going to play an important role in society. They’ll increase Nugget movement speeds across the board, which means we have to factor this into the pathfinding solution. Phew, this is some complex stuff! However, we’re making good progress and we hope to let you play with it soon. For now, here’s a sneak peek:

- Okay, get excited again! Bridges are now available in the game, you can truss us. They will help connect Nugget nations together and create shorter paths across previously impassable terrain. The first bridges will be unlocked in the Medieval Era, giving you a useful pathway across water sources and offering Nuggets a speed boost.

Memory usage optimization
- We reduced memory usage by a whopping 20%! Here, take it. It only took us 3 weeks to get it working :/.
- Sound optimization and fixing
- Unity’s audio system is a mess, which means we’ve had to work hard to improve overall sound processing and overhaul our own in-game sound system. If all is well, you shouldn’t get any more weird sounds or clipping issues during your playthrough.
- Save system rework
- We unfortunately still aren’t able to offer backwards compatibility with older saves, due in large part to the sheer amount of changes and new content that ships with every update (changing something like the position of a research item in the research tree can break the game if you already have it unlocked). Keeping track of so many procedural objects and systems while accounting for backwards compatibility will require a massive effort, which we feel is better placed in more exciting content. But, we’re still tinkering with the save system and making constant improvements. The new rework will enable us to save multiple planets that’ll be coming in the full release. Get hyped!
- Improved underground resources display when placing mines and wells

Key Features:
- New Residential System
- Pre-Medieval Glass Factory
- Medieval Cement Factory
- Reworked save system for future proofing
- Medieval Bridge Modern Bridge
- Camera Controls improvements

Not in the build but being worked on:
- HyperLoop Roads Organic simulation on planets Alien planets Rovers

Improvements and balance changes
- Rebalanced and slightly reworked Research Tree
- Rebalanced all the building costs
- Improved performance related to resource piles
- Amount of oxygen provided by parks was increased:
- Big Park 3 -> 10
- Medium Park 2 -> 7
- Small Park 1 -> 5
- Depleted resources icons for Mines were added
- Reworked blur shader used on pause, ESC menu, etc.
- Reworked audio system
- Boxes during trading received tooltips for each resource
- Trading can be initiated at any point of time by clicking on an Exile building
- Wolves will no longer attack every winter
- Fiber Factory and Carbon Factory were removed from the game
- Drastically improved all transportation requests and building prioritization
- Status icons for building upgrades above buildings will fade in / fade out instead of constantly staying on the screen
- When you place a building, a new hint will appear displaying the rotation buttons of the building
- Increased the cost of the Change Season Creator Power
- Stone Wells have additional slots unlocked at the start
- Increased Well refill speed
- Increased speed of water generation in Eatery
- Additional Police Slot is unlocked
- Additional Engineer slot is unlocked for the modern age
- Additional slots for the Prison and Rehabilitation unlocked
- Medium-sized park is unlocked via Research perk
- Decreased the amount of underground resources on the planet
- Rebalanced the amount of materials needed to produce cement, chemicals, fuel, steel
- Eateries received additional capacity for customers
- Unlocked additional capacity in Hospitals
- Fishing hut boat capacity now improved with each Fishing Hut level
- Engineers received an improved bonus to their strength that influences their repair speed
- Reworked the building decay mechanic. Currently all buildings across all ages will be decaying at the same speed.
- Improved Nugget response related to thirst. Nuggets will constantly check for available water in Wells and Eateries while moving towards the lake.
- Couriers Hut received additional slots
- Twitch option to grant PP points to viewers
- Twitch option for allowing viewers to get a job
- Increased the amount of water on the planet
- Added the ability to prioritize multiple construction sites
- Further improved pathfinding for Nuggets. Now pathfinding will correctly update with the changes in the world, such as blocked paths or raised terrain caused by a building.
- Police, hunters and guards will now protect your civilization from wolf attacks and Exile attacks.
- Added the ability to click on Nugget names in the News Panel.
- Improved outdated tooltips
- Improved clouds system
- Added shadows for the clouds (they can be turned off in the settings)
- Added an option to control Camera Speed when the Shift button is pressed.
- Archive is no longer destroyed by outside forces ( Tornado, Exile attack etc.), it still can be demolished manually.
- Improved Engineers. Now they fix everything faster
- Decay rate of the buildings is standardized across all ages. Buildings will decay with the same speed.

UI and Art:
- Amount of stars in the sky increased
- New Stone Age Residential blocks
- New Medieval Residential blocks
- Modern Age Buildings - a lot
- Ground decals for stone age residential buildings.
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The Universim [InDev] (continued)
Patch V0.0.40.30701 (31 March 2020) - Part II

Advertising banners
- New props for Residentials
- Resource indication map tweaks.
- Icons above buildings improved
- Added settings for Camera movement speed.
- Modern Age Liberal Nuggets Hair Colors
- Added ice to the water when it’s cold.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Policeman kept their job after being unassigned
- Fixed: Nuggets were moving sideways while walking into the temple
- Fixed: %NaN% error fixed for Temples
- Fixed: Traps were not providing any food from dead animals
- Fixed: Twitch command “Attack Nugget” was not working properly
- Fixed: Twitch Commands “Fill Reservoir” & “Fill Well” were not taking any bits for an action
- Fixed: Nuggets would get stuck trying to deliver resources to the Warehouse
- Fixed: Huts were not being upgraded automatically
- Fixed: Indentations in the ground were not leveled up when a new building was placed, causing Nuggets to get stuck
- Fixed: Shadow quality settings were not working properly
- Fixed: Nuggets inside the Eatery had a white icon instead of a Nugget icon
- Fixed: Grass setting was not working properly
- Fixed: Nuggets that grew up inside the bunker were losing their ability to mate
- Fixed: Trading button was not appearing for Exiles
- Fixed: Nuggets that came from a Space Box were staying far away from their place of work
- Fixed: Picking up a Boomer as it was about to blow up would cause an error
- Fixed: Transportation request was not cleared when the object was picked up
- Fixed: Residential buildings were shaking without Nuggets inside them
- Fixed: Nuggets that were set on fire were unaffected by rain clouds
- Fixed: Nuggets shock and awe status was not working
- Fixed: The Creator Powers Panel and building panels would overlap if both panels were opened in a rapid sequence
- Fixed: Building a house quest was missing
- Fixed: Weird artifacts caused by a building ghost
- Fixed: Issues with the timers in the Cosmodrome
- Fixed: Saving and loading the game during the Tesla quest would make parts disappear, leading to failure of the quest
- Fixed: While the game is paused, the oxygen panel became stuck open
- Fixed: Issue where players were not able to click on buildings to open a building panel
- Fixed: Evolution tower was vulnerable to all damage sources (Lightning Strike, Meteor etc) during construction and if it was destroyed it would cause an error
- Fixed: During Save / Load, trading with Exile timers would reset
- Fixed: Missing Resource tooltips at the bottom of the screen
- Fixed: Police patrol would die of thirst while patrolling
- Fixed: Nugget panel list was displaying information incorrectly
- Fixed: Ministers will now place Fishing Huts beside lakes that actually have fish
- Fixed: Nuggets will proceed with gutting fish, even if the lake is drained. Previously they would stop working completely.
- Fixed: Lakes had incorrect height during save / load
- Fixed: Difficulty opening building panels along the shore
- Fixed: The game would be saved automatically whenever you simply click away from a text field
- Fixed: Orbit camera was below the planet radius at some points, causing different artifacts in the game
- Fixed: Imprisonment buildings were not consuming resources
- Fixed: An issue where nuggets won’t deliver in certain cases rocks and wood to refineries, staggering the progress
- Fixed: Residentials upgrade button is removed and residentials do not show requirement of 650 resources
- Fixed: Locust Swarm was immune to creator powers in certain cases
- Fixed: Memory leak when Nugget Panel was opened
- Fixed: In certain cases camera could have been submerged underwater, breaking the visuals of the game
- Fixed: Lights during night time were dimmed
Windows standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 01 April 2020.
Linux & Mac not updated yet.


Standalone installers updated 31 March - 01 April 2020 with no changelog:
- Airships: Conquer the Skies: ⇒
- Disco Elysium: 8cfec1d0 ⇒ 6d543183.
- Forgotten Realms - Unlimited Adventures - Windows: 1.2 ⇒ 1.2(a).
- Interrogation: You Will Be Deceived - Windows & Linux: 1.1.4.d3f6e3db ⇒ 1.1.4.b3aacf63.
- Thea 2: The Shattering: 2.0324.0659 ⇒ 2.0327.0660.
- Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York - Windows & Linux: 1.0.6 ⇒ 1.0.6f1; Mac not updated yet.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Astrox Imperium: b 0.093 ⇒ b 0.094a.
- Battlestar Galactica Deadlock, and its DLC: 1.4.94 ⇒ 1.4.95.
- Bright Memory: ⇒
- Close Combat: The Bloody First: v1.00.07 ⇒ v1.01.01.
- Cultist Simulator, and its DLC - Windows: 2020.3.b.1 ⇒ 2020.3.b.2; Linux & Mac not updated yet.
- Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition , and all its DLC: 1.25.0 ⇒ 1.26.0.
- Imperator: Rome, and its DLC: 1.3.2 Livy ⇒ 1.4.0.
- Panzer Corps 2: 1.00.04 ⇒ 1.00.07.
- Re-Legion: ⇒
- X4: Foundations: 2.60 Hotfix 2 ⇒ 3.00.
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers now updated)

No changelog
Post edited April 02, 2020 by Pajama
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HypersomniacLive: Standalone installers updated 31 March - 01 April 2020 with no changelog:
- Forgotten Realms - Unlimited Adventures - Windows: 1.2 ⇒ 1.2(a).
May be related to the following compatibility note that appeared on the game page at about the same time:
"Please note that Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures does not support the cloud saves feature."
HypersomniacLive: Standalone installers updated 31 March - 01 April 2020 with no changelog:
- Forgotten Realms - Unlimited Adventures - Windows: 1.2 ⇒ 1.2(a).
mrkgnao: May be related to the following compatibility note that appeared on the game page at about the same time:
"Please note that Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures does not support the cloud saves feature."
Well, some people were reporting an issue where the game would crash when trying to create a new design, and according to some it appears to be related to the cloud save feature (though it affects both those using Galaxy and those not), so GOG may have removed the feature because it was causing serious issues.

See this topic that unfortunately doesn't have a good descriptive title:

(By the way, when making a new topic, please give it a good descriptive title. Don't just put the name of the game and nothing else (though you should still name the game in the title; it just shouldn't be the only thing in the title).)
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War for the Overworld received (without notification) the Community Map Pack (81) to all editions.
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Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Update 0.7.7397.30764 (3 April 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)
- Hotfix for the tutorial not being shown in other languages, except English.
Post edited April 03, 2020 by Hustlefan
The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. Please tell me this isn't a new policy. I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
drrhodes: The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. Please tell me this isn't a new policy. I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
Could you give a couple of examples?
drrhodes: The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. Please tell me this isn't a new policy. I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
mrkgnao: Could you give a couple of examples?
Looks like Unreal Tournament 2004 got its size increased, but I didn't get any notification yet.