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Depending on that blue dot is futile, sadly :-(
mrkgnao: May be related to the following compatibility note that appeared on the game page at about the same time:
"Please note that Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures does not support the cloud saves feature."
Hmmm... and to think that I checked the game page, yet managed to miss that note. Cheers.

drrhodes: The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. [...]
During sales/heavy load, a lot of the changes reported by GOGDB are just endless loops of:
actual_game-title ⇒ product_title_ID ⇒ actual_game-title.
Take for example Falcon Gold, it's been going through that loop since March 31.

So if you see a lot of changes, and have no notification flags in your library, best is to open the GOGDB link to see what they're about, and/or check this thread where actual updates are being reported.

drrhodes: [...] I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
There are no update notifications for the standalone installers in GOG Galaxy, so even if you were using it, you'd only be notified of updates for your installed games.
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AI War 2
Version 2.016 Thunderchild ( April 2nd, 2020)

Full changelog at
then add ?title=AI_War_2:_Building_Multiplayer#Version_2.016_Thunderchild
Standalone installers updated (2.012 ⇒ 2.016): 03 April 2020.


Depth of Extinction
Update & Update (02 & 03 April 2020)

Changelogs posted in the game forum by the devs here and here.
Standalone installers updated: 51.5.1 ⇒


Good Company [InDev]
Version 0.6.1 (03 April 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the devs here.
Standalone installer updated: ⇒ 0.6.1.


Imperator: Rome
1.4.1 Hotfix (3 April 2020)

- Corruption now scales character wages up to 250% instead of just 100%, because what’s the point of theft and graft if you go small time?
- Sanctioned Privileges National Idea now decreases corruption by 5% instead of 10%.

- Updated capital tooltip to be more descriptive.
- Many fixes to the non-english localization files.

- Added a 2 year cooldown per territory for the city sacking event for ruler led armies
- Moving country now clears interaction loyalty modifiers.
- Antigonus now remembers what country Seleukos is in charge of, when ceding land to him.
- Fixed bad reference to location in desecration popup.
- Added goto button for Sack event

- Fixed Destroy Apulians bypass to require both Apulian nations as subjects.

- Added trait to forgotten daughter Ptolemais in Miletos
- Athens now starts with regular old Athena in its pantheon. Fitting, since she gave the city its name and all.
- The people of Acragas have overcame their initial crisis of faith, and decided on what deities they want to worship at the start of the game.

- Kanya Devi now uses Monthly Stability Change rather than Monthly Stability Decay. Fixes an issue which made the deity harmful to worship.
- Tag exclusive deities will no longer disappear or become unavailable after you complete a formable or otherwise change names in some way.
- Fixed problem with Krishna’s deity modifier.

- Added Golden Horn to Byzantion, so Constantine XI will have something to stretch his chain across.

- Restored missing option to change player name in the main menu, fixing an issue locking people out of logging in for multiplayer.
- Fixed the 'Laconic If' achievement, so Sparta will once again be able to sack Pella properly.
- Fixed checking for Agathokles dead father rather than Agathokles in the Potter to King achievement and the Pyrrhus events. His ID was changed in the 1.4 setup update.
- Game won’t crash if there is an invalid entry for province treasure
- Fixed a number of rare crashes and out of synchs.
- Fixed Diplomatic Range modifier having a full stop
- Initializing crowdmap on recalculatecache
- Added 'Blood of the Lagidai' trait to Ptolemy's children by Thais.
- Armies without a leader now also loot provinces instantly. Province loot modifier is now visible right away in the tooltip.
- Fixed rival's name not appearing in Twisting the Knife event
- Fixed literally unplayable typo in the Pan-Hellenic government mission description
- Satrap armies no longer get a +70% morale boost from the Satrap Project event.
- Fixed Incompetent Storage and Stockpile Disappears food events sometimes not subtracting food
- Fixed minor characters having unrelated negotiators in marriage proposal events
- The Spartan mission task 'Civilizing the Valley' now states that the territory in question must be a city.
- Fixed Seleukid event for all languages, rather than just English.
- Fixed broken custom loc due to typo
- Fixed typos in some heritages
- Fixed typo in Archimedes event
- Purged Remulus typo for the third time. Let us hope it stays purged this time…
- Fixed some issues with the religious subjects released by Sparta and Athens in their missions.
- Fixed a 'null_family' issue in the 'Athens in Chains' mission.
- Units in a lot of formables and Oreos will now use proper colors on their armor, rather than rave green.
- Troops in hired pirate fleets drown when said fleet is stackwiped as opposed to walking on water.
Standalone installers, and those of its DLC, updated: 1.4.0 ⇒ 1.4.1 Archimedes.


Standalone installers updated 02-03 April 2020 with no changelog:
- The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters, and all its DLC:
--> Windows: ⇒ 1.0.6 GOG;
--> Linux: ⇒ 1.0.6 GOG;
--> Mac: ⇒ 1.0.6 GOG (also more DLC added).
- Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: 1.03 ⇒ 1.03(a).
- Crossroads Inn, and its DLC - Mac: 1.13 ⇒ 1.15.
- ELDERBORN: 1.034 ⇒ 1.035.
- Exanima [InDev]: 0.7.3d ⇒ 0.8.
- Fantasy General II - Invasion, and its DLC: 01.01.09585 ⇒ 01.01.09586.
- Fenimore Fillmore: 3 Skulls of the Toltecs: 1.7.4 ⇒ 1.7.5.
- House Flipper, and its DLC: 1.2038 (9c71c) ⇒ 1.2089 (a5e7c).
- Mana Spark: 1.0.21 ⇒ 1.1.07 (there's an announcement in the game forum from three days ago regarding the Forgotten Crypts Update, but no further info. Anyone interested in details will have to go to Steam).
- Murder by Numbers: 1.0 ⇒ 1.22.
- PC Building Simulator, and all its DLC: ⇒ 51.
- Smart City Plan: 1.06 ⇒ 1.07.
- Stellaris, and all its DLC, except for the Mac version of Stellaris: Apocalypse- Linux & Mac: ⇒ 2.6.2.
- Stellaris: Apocalypse [DLC] - Mac: ⇒ 2.6.2.
- The Universim - Windows: ⇒; Linux & Mac: ⇒
- Vampire: The Masquerade - Coteries of New York - Mac: 1.0.6 ⇒ 1.0.6f1.
- Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair, and its DLC: 27415 ⇒ 27968.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Endzone - A World Apart [InDev]: 0.7.7396.35288 ⇒ 0.7.7397.30764.

@GOG, Combat Mission: Afrika Korps is yet another game which forum link directs to the General Discussion board; please fix, along with poor Wuppo which still suffers from the same.
drrhodes: The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. Please tell me this isn't a new policy. I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
In past 3 days, at least 6 game updates have no notification.
drrhodes: The last two days has gogdb showing a lot of changes but of my 1405 games, none have the update flag. At least some of the titles listed on gogdb were in my library. Please tell me this isn't a new policy. I don't use galaxy so I depend on that little blue dot (and the ability to filter on it) to see what is updated.
mrkgnao: Could you give a couple of examples?
I did check to make sure at least a few files were actually changed and not some other reason before I posted.

A bit late but ...
Stellaris and AI War 2 are two examples. There was a third I recognized but it turned out to be something other than file changes (I've already forgotten what and that was just a few minutes ago). I know this happens all the time, but I can't recall having been so bad that I had no blue dot flags when things changed.
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Endzone - A World Apart (In Development)

Update 0.7.7400.23352 (5 April 2020)

(Galaxy & Offline Installer)

- Fixed a bug where settlers wouldn’t move into empty houses
- Inhabitant amount of buildings should no longer exceed


- Tweaked Hunger and Thirst values of Settlers to be less punishing
- Tweaked the impact of droughts on the environment to give the player better chances to survive after a drought
- Children now spend more time in school per visit
- Inventories of buildings and the Resources in the HUD on the upper edge of the screen now give more feedback regarding amounts of resources that are reserved to be picked-up by settlers for consumption or work tasks.
- Improved “No Resources” tooltip of Market
- The Profession List in the Profession Menu now also outputs the settlers that will take over the respective profession soon.
- Camera Zoom has been tweaked and now has additional zoom levels

Known Issues

- When the patch is played using a Savegame of an earlier version, the reserved amount for food might currently show a negative number.
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Just wanted to report that the long known bug in Dying Light that the intro is English only (with subtitles) has now finally be fixed with the latest update. Just tested it myself.
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Which game?
Themken: Which game?
Oops - fixed it.
MarkoH01: Just wanted to report that the long known bug in Dying Light that the intro is English only (with subtitles) has now finally be fixed with the latest update. Just tested it myself.
Finally... Thanks for pointing that out, Marko!
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: (Offline installers now updated)

No changelog
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Lair of the Clockwork God
has been updated.

Chagelog for v1.016 Now Live (3 April 2020)

Hello! I'm aware it's been a few weeks since the last update - bugs are now coming in so infrequently that daily updates no longer really make sense, so I'm saving them all up for larger patches.

Linux version now has a 64-bit version available
Fixed an issue where skipping Splash screens with a gamepad caused the 'Save warting' dialogue to be missed
Fixed missing characters in the dyslexic-friendly font option
Accessing the top bit of a boat is now way easier
Fixed an issue where starting a conversation the instant a lift started to move caused Camera Issues
Fixed some potentially-sticky ice
Fixed some extraordinarily minor typos

As always, if you find a bug please let me know at, rather than leaving messages in places I might not see them.
If you've enjoyed Lair of the Clockwrok God but haven't yet REVIEWED it on Steam, please please do take a second to do that right now. It really helps me out.

Hope you're staying home and safe during these weird times.

Best, Dan
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No Man's Sky


The Minotaur

Added a new planetary Exocraft, the Minotaur Heavy Exosuit Hybrid.
Acquire the plans for the Minotaur Geobay at the Construction Research Station aboard the Space Anomaly.
The Minotaur allows exploration in even the most extreme environments, with a unique hazard protection upgrade that keeps the pilot safe from environmental damage.
The Minotaur comes with its own set of upgrades and technologies.
Blueprints are available to purchase from Iteration: Perses on the Space Anomaly.
Upgrade Modules can be found at the Exocraft Technology Merchant at your local Space Station.
Other specialist Minotaur abilities include the ability to upgrade its mining laser with Terrain Manipulation capabilities, and the ability to collect or harvest rare planetary resources such as Storm Crystals without leaving the safety of the cabin.

Exocraft Hazard Changes

Exocraft no-longer grant immunity to planetary hazards by default. External environmental conditions will now drain the player’s hazard protection, though at a reduced rate from on planet.
Specialist technologies have been made available at Iteration: Perses on the Space Anomaly that allow Exocraft to be upgraded to prevent environmental damage

New Exocraft Technologies

Perses now also offers the Icarus Fuel System, an Exocraft upgrade that recharges the engine during daylight.
The Exocraft Scanner has been improved. Performing a standard scan will now reveal all nearby points of interest – i.e. all those that would be revealed by using the Analysis Visor.
Added an Orbital Exocraft Materialiser. This is a new freighter module that will allow all Exocraft to be summoned while the freighter is in-system.

Exocraft Quality of Life and Other Fixes

Added new decal options to Exocraft customisation.
Exocraft cockpits now match the customisation of their exterior.
Improved the light cast by the headlights of all Exocraft.
Increased the base speed of the Roamer, Nomad and Pilgrim exocraft.
Tweaked a number of Exocraft cameras to improve visibility.
Increased the speed and acceleration of the Nautilon submarine, and tweaked its camera positioning.
Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft fuel efficiency stat not to increase fuel efficiency.
Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft speedometer to flash during a storm.
Fixed an issue that prevented items in the Exocraft inventory from being available for crafting.
Added a coordinates readout to the Exocraft HUD data.
Tweaked some early game rewards to give players access to an Exocraft earlier in a playthrough of the Artemis story.
Reduced the blueprint and construction cost of some Geobay blueprints.
Improved the Guide entry for Exocraft, including tweaking when it becomes unlocked and adding a mission to the Guide page to walk players through the Exocraft unlock and upgrading process.
Fixed an issue that caused the Exocraft mining laser to be ineffective when used on minable objects.
Fixed an issue that caused Exocraft to turn invisible when saving and charting at a waypoint.
Fixed an issue that caused the object health indicator to either appear in the wrong position or not appear at all when mining objects in an Exocraft.
Fixed a soft-lock that could occur when the Inventory auto-opens to the Exocraft page and no Exocraft is present in the system.
Fixed an issue that caused the position and icon of the network player marker to be wrong when the player is in an Exocraft.
Fixed an issue where Exocraft could sometimes fall through planetary terrain.
Fixed an issue where the Exocraft customisation camera could be incorrectly positioned when swapping between Exocraft types.
Fixed an issue where exiting an Exocraft could cause a fade to black transition if the ship camera was set to first person.

Graphical Improvements and Options

GTAO: improved performance by avoiding oversampling on distant objects.
GTAO: modified attenuation heuristic to avoid over-darkening of thin objects, particularly noticeable on grass.
GTAO: modified reprojection filter to improve AO temporal stability. This reduces flickering on moving objects, particularly noticeable on grass.
3D rendering resolution can be now scaled as a factor of the window resolution. This means UI can render at a higher resolution to the 3D game view, offering more options for improving performance while keeping UI crisp. Additionally, the in-game resolution may be scaled larger than the actual screen resolution, allowing for greater image quality than possible when rendering at the monitor’s native resolution.

Base Building Quality of Life

Added a new base part, the Electrical Cloaking Unit. This can be placed to hide power lines when outside of build mode.
Added the ability for console players not using VR to disable local base complexity limits (PC players could already adjust the Base Quality setting). This may come at a performance cost when viewing large, player-made, structures.
Added a Quick Menu option to immediately return to the Space Anomaly when visiting a featured base.
Fixed an issue that caused incorrect planet information to be displayed when previewing bases in a different galaxy.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to become stuck when warping to a featured base if the base computer had not loaded in time.
Fixed a number of soft locks that could occur when interacting with base parts that were outside the local complexity limit.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that prevented AI ships from ever landing on player-owned landing pads.
Fixed an issue with the transition to a new galaxy that caused it to be entirely white.
Fixed an issue that prevented the Blaze Javelin from being cycled while cooling down.
Increased the distance at which damaged frigate icons are displayed on the ship HUD and compass.
Added a timeout sequence to the start of Nexus missions to discourage players from going AFK on board the Anomaly after readying up.
Extended the time during which weekend missions are active to 9AM GMT on Mondays.
Added some additional graphic warnings when low on hazard protection or life support.
Fixed an issue that caused diplomatic frigates to award units as a substance rather than directly.
Fixed an issue with the trails on certain Royal ships not lining up correctly with their engines.
Fixed a number of graphical glitches that could occur when warping in a starship.
Fixed a graphical issue that affected the Bytebeat envelope rendering on console.
Improved the readability of the currency readout when browsing tech trees.
Added a recovery fix for players who lost their Void Egg after they come back through the Portal at the end of the final Starbirth quest.
Fixed a rare crash in the lighting system.
Fixed an issue that caused the audio environment to be set incorrectly while on Atlas Stations.
Fixed an issue where Armoured Clams could be destroyed with the Terrain Manipulator.
Fixed an issue where Weekend Event missions could sometimes have partially encrypted descriptions at the Nexus.
Fixed an issue where player models could sometimes inherit their scale from ships or Exocraft.
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Lair of the Clockwork God
has been updated.

Chagelog for v1.016 Now Live (3 April 2020)

[...] If you've enjoyed Lair of the Clockwrok God but haven't yet REVIEWED it on Steam, please please do take a second to do that right now. It really helps me out. [...]
@all who have purchased it here on GOG, quick! Rush over to Steam and post a review!