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S_H_O_D_A_N: Thank you very much for the informations. I already created a support ticket.
mrkgnao: You might want to mention that the same applies also to the Italian, Polish and Spanish extras.
The problem with the German version was fixed today.
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mrkgnao: You might want to mention that the same applies also to the Italian, Polish and Spanish extras.
S_H_O_D_A_N: The problem with the German version was fixed today.
Other languages too.
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Deep Sky Derelicts
Update 1.5.1 (27 March 2020)

Changelog posted in the game forum by user ERISS.
Standalone installers, and those of all its DLC (1.5.0 ⇒ 1.5.1): 30 March 2020.


Update 1.032 (26 March 2020)

- Load your final save game after beating the campaign to start NG+
- Start with all the character progress and arsenal intact
- Face more powerful standard enemies that leave behind more essence
- Encounter rare overpowered Essence Conduit enemies that just GLOW with power
- Essence Conduits are larger, and much meaner than their standard counterparts
- Essence Conduits drop MASSIVE amounts of essence if you manage to defeat them
- There's a higher chance of Essence Conduits spawning in each subsequent NG+ run
- Each subsequent New Game+ run becomes harder, but yields higher rewards

- Parrying and blocking no longer in input queue
- Failed parry penalty decreased by 20% You can now break the counterattacks of shielded enemies with a kick and stagger them
- Blocking has been revamped
- Block no longer has a cooldown
- Block-breaking attacks no longer does damage, unless you don't defend at all
- Parry-breaking attacks will cause damage
- Parry- and block-breaking attacks from the enemies are less frequent
- The Old Blade has been boosted to make the early game combat less punishing
- The Coffer Hammer no longer blocks unblockable attacks - it delivers an unblockable heavy attack instead
- More consistent enemy staggering and throwing off ledges

- Difficulty tiers have been re-balanced and work more in-depth - received damage, enemy attack speed, phial healing amount, and phial number after respawn is affected
- Brightness setting slider has been introduced in the menu
- Some of the Catacombs enemies have been re-deployed in new positions
- Scorpions will take longer to turn around
- Small scorpions are easily staggered
- A bug causing the Jurmum Arena bosses not to spawn on rare occasion has been tracked down and squashed with extreme prejudice

- Complete achievement system overhaul to make sure all unlock properly
- Corrected descriptions to The Gravekeeper, Jurmum's Garbage Collector, Gotta Catch - Them All, and Winston Wolf achievements
- Some problematic enemies excluded from the achievement requirements
- New achievement: Groundhog Day - complete NG+ for the first time
- New achievement: A Challenger Appears - complete all challenges
- New achievement: Winner's Don't Do Drugs - kill 10 Essence Conduits
Standalone installer updated (1.02 ⇒ 1.034): 30 March 2020.


Empires of the Undergrowth [InDev]
Update 0.21 (24 March 2020)

Freeplay Overhaul
- Freeplay has seen many changes and should feel very different now than it used to.
- Leaf cutters make their way to freeplay, along with climbable plants!
- New rainforest map Embankment
- Difficulty has been tuned and and extra difficulty option added that affects how quickly and how far the games difficulty will change
- Optional victory conditions have been added allowing you to set goals (these also affect the difficulty as you approach victory)
- Freeplay setups can be saved, and can also be shared via a string
- Ubers have been rebalanced bringing them to a fairer difficulty level. They have also been altered to be strong / weak against various enemy combinations
- As difficulty increases, creatures will now get stronger (rather than just more numerous) and will have much less food reduction

Extra Levels
- We will be bringing regular extra missions to the game apart from the main campaign. Here we have allowed ourselves more freedom to do things in a more game-like fashion rather than true to nature, like we strive to be in the story.The first 3 maps will be released a month apart!
- Aggrandise launches today! Command a Formica ereptor colony featuring the fierce trap jaw ants and carefully choose your targets as your colony grows large enough to take on a large foe!
- More are on the way - follow our social media for details!
- Third Tier Challenge Mode
- Phorid flies are tiny, inconspicuous-looking insects that could easily be mistaken for fruit flies but are far deadlier. They lay their eggs between the armoured carapaces of insects, in particular your ants, leading to a time where they will be less effective followed by inevitable death as the larva eats away at the innards.
- All ants have a chance of fighting off the flies when they are attacked, but level 3 mediae and majors have a 100% chance to fight them off.

First Tier Achievements
- We have also added a bunch of achievements for the first tier levels of the game. This includes New Home, Subjugation and the first formicarium challenge. Multiple achievements have been added for various difficulties and challenge modes. There are the generic achievements, such as finishing a level on a specific difficulty, but also tasks that have specific conditions to achieve. Check your achievements from the in-game menu.

Optimisation and Balance
- On top of all these additions there has been a raft of optimisation changes made that should also improve performance. Some areas have also seen balance changes including area-of-effect (AOE) attacks, insane difficulty on 3.2 Front Line and many others. Many of these changes are listed below.

- Projectiles have been significantly optimised (very noticeable with rapid fire wood ants)
- Substantially reduced the cost of rendering the Isolepis Cernua (spiky plant)
- And many more! See previous patch notes from beta testing for extensive details

- Black ants now take 20% less damage from AOE attacks
- 3.2 Front Line on harder difficulties will spawn less environmental creatures and more higher level army ants
- Formicarium challenge 3 has been made much easier on harder difficulties:
- Reduced the number of resource refills the enemy colony receives across various difficulties (now 0/1/2/4 down from 0/1/5/10)
- Reduced reload quantity to 1800 (down from 2000)
- Resource reloads will now appear gradually (10 per second) rather than instantly
- Reduced size of cricket drops on harder difficulties
- Damage falloff implemented on wood ant mortar, uber basic attacks and some whip spider attacks. This deals less damage the further away from the epicentre of the attack the creature is (reaching zero at the very edge)

Selected Improvements
- Multiple frame rate limits added
- Added an option slider for a darkened square behind resource counters for visibility
- Markers should feel more responsive with faster movement between different markers, more ants at the end of the marker and far fewer ants waiting at home to head to the marker
- Camera zoom now interpolates very rapidly
- Visuals added for leafcutter major auras
- Difficulty levels have been added for Formicarium challenges 1 and 2
- Trail calculations have been updated. Should lead to more ants at the end of trails, more consistent flows and less ants waiting underground
- And many more! See previous patch notes from beta testing for extensive details

Selected Fixes
- Significantly less ants getting caught on corners
- Corrected an error that could cause creatures to get stuck at the entrance to ramps
- A previously dormant patrol route behind the player’s nest has been reactivated in 3.2
- Fixed an issue where workers could survive their tiles being deleted if they have the “evasive” skill
- After purchasing a queen ability, all queen cool-downs need to recharge (prevents switching queen abilities during formicarium challenge exploit)
- Ladybirds now immune to many crowd control effects to prevent them being affected whilst eating an aphid
- “Attack when favourable” creatures (such as mantis and jumping spider) now take nearby allies into account when deciding to attack or not
- Improvements to ant crowd movement - particularly in combat
- Mole crickets now take room size into account when selecting a room to spawn in
- Improvements to collision detection with difficult shapes
- Battle arena now only removes creatures that are not in combat
- Ubers will no longer ignore the nest invasion setting in freeplay setup
- Moved all pebbles off walkable area in the original Hungry Spider level
- Fixed a visual error with the wood ant projectile splash
- And many more! See previous patch notes from beta testing for extensive details
Standalone installers updated:
- 25 March 2020: 0.2023 ⇒ 0.21;
- 30 March 2020: 0.21 ⇒ 0.2121 (no changelog).
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Ostriv [InDev]
Alpha 3 Hotfix 3 (29 March 2020)

- Esc key now hides the construction menu and help window
- Post processing is now disabled for Intel GPUs by default

- Crash when a builder has arrived on a finished construction
- All the workers stuck on the field are now free to go!
- Crash when everyone in town wants the same ox
- Some coastal areas had passable buildings/fences (will be fixed only for new games)
- Crash when putting down some buildings near water
- No ploughs being built if there's a wagon order in queue
- Crash after cancelling construction (in some cases)
Standalone installer updated ( ⇒ 30 March 2020.


Soul Saga [InDev]
Update v20.03.29.01 Soul Saga (29 March 2020)

Persistent Archipelagos:
- Archipelagos now retain their layout and item placements throughout the day and are reset at the start of each day.
- If you return to an archipelago the same day, your airship will enter at the exact point you left at.

On-Foot Grumplin Invasion Quest:
- Approaching a Grumplin Invasion base will now load into an on-foot scene where you explore a Grumplin outpost and defeat the boss at the end to complete the quest.
- There is now only 1 Grumplin war camp spot per invasion quest (instead of 5 per invasion quest).

Dynamic Resolution Settings:
- Resolution settings will now dynamically filter the available options based on the supported full-screen resolutions of the current display.
- Changing the resolution settings will now immediately change the game settings without an application restart.

Bug Fixes
- General: Loading an auto-saved game would permanently progress an entire day.
- Settings Menu: Sound Effect and Music volume slider previews would only work the first time the menu was opened.
- Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

~~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~

Update v20.03.29.02 Soul Saga (30 March 2020)

- The effect for being too far away from land has been adjusted. It is now a solid black vignette (instead of a subtle red vignette).

Bug Fixes
- General: Fixed a bug where using a controller while delegating Guildmembers would cause the user interface to break.

Standalone installers updated 30 March 2020:
- Windows: ⇒ ⇒;
- Linux: ⇒ (not updated to latest version yet).

(Linux must be a not so well kept secret, as it gets updated yet is still not listed on the game page).


Standalone installers updated 30 March 2020 with no changelog:
- Overland: 772 ⇒ 773.
- Wuppo - Definitive Edition: 1.2.7 ⇒ 1.2.8.

Also, from updates/changelogs posted earlier:
- Disco Elysium: e128eba5 ⇒ 8cfec1d0.
- Reventure: V1.6.1.1 ⇒ 1.6.9.
- RimWorld, and its DLC: 1.1.2581 rev614 ⇒ 1.1.2587 rev818.

@GOG, Wuppo is another victim of its forum link directing to the General Discussion board.
You may also want to check my comment on the Soul Saga game page.
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There is no changelog for Wuppo on Steam either but I actually spoke to the devs (I nudged them to actually get them to update the GOG version at all) and they said it's some quality of life improvements and adds Chinese language.
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Astrox Imperium updated to 0.0094a

BUILD 0.0094
- Fixed event dynamic person naming bug.
- Fixed ALT-drag item box bug not showing up on top.
- Fixed dynamic UI scaler not referencing the custom resolution.
- Fixed UI scaler slider max value limits based on resolution.
- Fixed bloom option for structure interiors.
- Fixed armor regeneration skill bug not repairing armor.
- Fixed transporter profession bug dealing with cargo size.
- Fixed passive scanner filter bug for election orbs.
- Fixed crossing mercs on gameload in station.
- Fixed pathfinding bug with some ships causing unwanted drift.
- Adjusted a number of ship base stats.
- Adjusted a number of ship specials.
- Adjusted module take damage modifier data type.
- Adjusted pricing when selling low demand items.
- Adjusted market sell item for station inventory check.
- Adjusted mutlimarket items sale for station inventory check.
- Adjusted base stats for armor regeneration values.
- Adjusted load and instantiation code for sector props.
- Adjusted a number of active module base stats.
- Added warning message when selling discounted items with low demand.
- Added armor regeneration stats to the ships details panel.

BUILD 0.0094a
- Hotfix for module base orientation when installing at garage.
- Adjusted base module AI tracking speed.
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Bright Memory got updated to version today (Galaxy and classic installer). No changelog available at the moment.
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Imperator: Rome

Magna Graecia Content Pack (31 March 2020)

Really big changelog.
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Cultist Simulator offline installer updated to version 2020.3.b.2
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock

Patch 1.4.95 (30 March 2020)

Fixed Bug: Possible progress block in tutorial in Fleet Admiral difficulty
Fixed Bug: Mission does not complete (Ghost Fleet Offensive Mission 9)
Fixed Bug: Unable to complete mission 10 of S&S
Fixed Bug: Destroyed squadrons show unidentified symbols after saving and loading
Fixed Bug: "Zombie" orion in replay
Fixed Bug: Silas Nash gets incorrect portrait when importing a save in Ressurrection

Close Combat: The Bloody First

Update 1.1.1 (30 March 2020)
Map Editor Changes:

Press ‘P’ key to toggle cursor terrain and coordinate display.
Mouse over an object and hit PgUp/PgDn to cycle through the possible variations in model / texture.
Better alignment of fences and walls when placing them in a row.
Battle damage type objects (foxhole, gun pit, craters) cannot be created via the editor and no longer show up in the object list. May be implemented in the future.
Fix for mods loading custom maps while using the stock campaign.
Fixed missing default textures on dead cow objects.
Fixed incorrect texture names in data file for low stone wall, low mud wall, high mud wall, and wreck objects.
Fix for mouse handling when Scenario Editor screen is up.
Fix for hang when mouse over exactly overlapping buildings.
Fixes for texture loading and saving.

Content Creator Update

Force Supply Level now updates correctly after each battle.

Force Supply Level on Planning and Briefing screen now displays correct value.

Fixed case where Kasserine Pass operation would not becoming available when it should.

"PLAY " button only displays for Custom Battle or Saved Games lists if you have at least one item in the list.

Multiplayer: Client now shows correct unit status icons for enemy in sight, firing, etc.

Multiplayer: Unit action string now updated correctly on client during a co-op battle.

Multiplayer: Queued orders are displayed correctly on the client.

Multiplayer: Default Defend/Ambush order arcs appear correctly on the client.

A unit's current order line/arcs are no longer displayed while unit is broken or routing.

Tooltips added to the Soldier screen weapon, achievement, and medal icons.

A battle map preview can now be accessed from the Force Selection screen (image in the upper left.)

Fix for bridge not overwritting deep water terrain (Cerisy)

Left click on a live soldier in soldier list centers camera on soldier.

Fix for separated soldier failing to rejoin unit if unit aborted a movement order while soldier was separated.

Game now allows a battle scenario to begin even if battle end conditions are already in effect.

Vehicle kill chance and counter-kill chance now has more influence when choosing a default target.

Soldier walking and crawling speeds now less effected by terrain and slope.

Vehicle pathing and path-following updated.

Vehicles will attempt to keep at least 1m distance from impassable terrain.

Vehicles halt before entering impassable terrain and re-path as necessary.

Drivers now follow unit movement path more closely.

Drivers will adjust vehicle speed more precisely to avoid overshooting a turn.

New game options to control Defend/Ambush arc display and behavior.

Added the keybind "~" (the tilde key) to deselect all units. Remappable to ESC via OPTIONS.TXT.

Fixed potential crash with current unit becoming unselected while queuing orders for that unit.

Added 'Delete File' button on command screen to delete saved games and custom battles.

Unsupported 'Fog' weather option no longer appears as a weather choice in the scenario editor.

Panzer Corps 2

Patch 1 Hotfix v1.00.07 (31 March 2020)

Outdated cache files are cleared on start-up
Fixed "assign hero" button getting disabled
Fixed crash when capturing a flag and "show names on the map" is turned off
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Berzerk2002: Bright Memory got updated to version today (Galaxy and classic installer). No changelog available at the moment.

Patch (31 March 2020)

The RTX features are no longer missing.
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X4: Foundations

Patch 3.00 (31 March 2020)

Huge changelog.
high rated

Update (31 March 2020)

Fix for game saves
Small performance tweaks
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Many GOG game updates have no official update flag.
I started to record it since Nov 2017. Only games I have are listed here. [1]

Report for Mar 2020:
Total updates: 64
Games updates: 42 (Some games have multiple updates, daily basis)
Flags I got: 57

89% updates have an official flag. 11% are missing.

[1] Mar 2020 updates:
[2] Feb 2020 record:
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Low Magic Age

Low Magic Age has been updated to Version: 0.91.25 (Offline installers also updated)

v0.91.25 Patch Notes
Multiclass: Now you can even become a Ftr/Clr/Wiz/Rog/Bbn;)
Added Favored Class entries into race descriptions

Retrain Character:
- Adventure mode: Adventurers Guild offers Retrain Character service
- Arena mode: Right-click on characters to retrain

Optimized Create Character/Level Up UI
Optimized context menu of character
Optimized character panel
Show unassigned skill points on character panel

Reduced prices of Resurrect and Retrain Skills
Fixed bug where effective proficiency rank may exceed assigned rank after retraining skills
Fixed bug where dead characters can level up and learn skills
Fixed bug where barbarian's Improved Uncanny Dodge sometimes is invalid
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