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The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition

Update 1.1.4 (22 May 2019)

- Added 28 Achievements (5 Hidden) to collect
- Options to play German, French and Russian subtitles with English audio
- Option to play with the Original Aspect Ratio (under Graphics sub-menu)
- Spanish subtitles and localization
- Polish subtitles and localization

- Cursor "low FPS" issues
- Running on ultra wide displays
- Subtitles not showing / missing
- Subtitles "stuck" on screen after skipping
- Microscope Puzzle difficulty more reasonable
- Synced English audio of doll-craving intro scene (original game bug)
- Disable conflicting CD music playback
- Minor Improvements/Fixes
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The 7th Guest: 25th Anniversary Edition

Update 1.1.5 (23 May 2019)

Fixed subtitles playback with Adlib music.
Small fixes.
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Star Control®: Origins

Patch 1.32 Hotfix (22 May 2019)

Fix for Lexite breadcrumb quest objective not showing up if you don't start it in order.
Fix for "setting up defenses" quest getting stuck if you made the Pinthi mad by being evil.
Mukay now spawns in Alpha Tigris if you finish Mukay questline in-between Brisas and Alpha Tigris.
Reduced wander speed of alien ambush ships so they're easier to chase down
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Update 1.0.12 (22 May 2019)

Ambush behaviour is modified slightly. You can now perform any action after setting an ambush except for moving. If you move, your ambush will be canceled. Previously setting an ambush would prevent most successive actions, but not consistently so. The changed behaviour is now more in line with other special abilities and their behaviour.
Added a warning message when a move cancels an Ambush
Added bleed duration and damage to the knife tooltip
Fixed a bug that caused the damage preview to use the wrong knife when two were equipped
Fixed a bug that caused the level up and KO indicators to stay after a character died or was dismissed
Fixed a bug that caused an endless loop when an ambush triggered a zombie retaliate
Fixed a bug that allowed Burst Fire to be used anywhere on the map
Fixed a bug that sometimes allowed the AI to do a third move.
Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the Necromancer to not take any actions.
Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause faulty event behaviour when loading from save.
Updated LWJGL version. This may improve video card compatibility, high-DPI handling and scaling on some systems.
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Grim Dawn

Update (24 May 2019)

-Updated various base-game enemies with higher fidelity models and textures in order to bring them up to our current standards. Enjoy the greatly updated assortment of Zombie foes!
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Ancestors Legacy

Updated to 63593

Changelog (Ancestors Legacy Subforum)
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Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love
Update 1.0.3 (23 May 2019)

The newest revolutionary update includes:

- fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting MG Floor Run (For Real This Time™);
- fixed a blocking bug that might occur on MG Switchboard;
- fixed a bug that changed the mouse cursor into MG Brick Wall cursor after saving the game;
- fixed a blocking bug occurring on Palace Courtyard with invisible Choir Leader not allowing Evan to use the ladder;
- fixed a blocking bug that made throwing a photo into trash almost impossible;
- fixed a blocking bug that allowed Evan to use oar on the curtain in Leader's Chamber after finishing a minigame;
- fixed a blocking bug that might prevent the train at the end of the game from stopping;
- fixed few typos in English and German language versions;
- fixed a few minor navmesh errors;
- fixed position of a few dialogue pivots.

IMPORTANT! We are trying our best to ensure that fixes work for the games that have been already started, but you might be forced to start the game again in some cases (e.g. bug with throwing a photo into the trash or using the oar on the curtain after finishing the minigame).

Planet Nomads
Update (23 May 2019)

* new special blueprint - motocycle
* escape a vehicle at the point you entered it
* air blade - fixed target height stored in blueprint - possible to re-use aircrafts on planets of different size
* added an "easter egg" on one special day in June

Railway Empire
Update 1.9 (24 May 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by the producer.

Swag and Sorcery
Update 1.029 (23 May 2019)

- Changed the evaluation system of contestants at competitions.
- Fixed some bugs in localizations.
- Added over 70 unique recipes to an endless adventure (the higher the level of adventure, the higher the chance to get a recipe).
- Reduced crafting time.
- Adventures freeze caused by Moriko fixed.
- Materials in craft queue losing on craft station upgrade fixed.
- Fixes in the Korean localization.
- Korean language added.
- Fashion House recipes sorting reworked.
- Oligarch achievement fix.
- “Punishment I” spell now works properly.
- Fashion contests result score counting fixed.
- Buttons "Heal group" and "Relax group" added in Adventure results panel.
- Japanese language added.
- "Advanced crafting" hint pop up fixed.
- Level cropping in training ground window fixed.
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Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

#### Patch 1.0.22 (22 May 2019)

* It's now possible to view equipment and abilities during a mission by selecting Re-equip and then Cancel in the Re-equip dialog
* Fixed Warning! undefined animation rescue for object thief in The Shido in Trouble
* Don't allow casting ice spell twice on the same square when focused, because it does not make sense
* Spectacles range bonus no longer applies to movement abilities, only ranged attacks and abilities
* Fixed issues with Pull ability
* Bug fix: game crashes when the Ice Demon is killed under certain conditions
* Bug fix: white tetra in Temple of the Stone cannot be picked up if placed on a pedestal
* Bug fix: Mug ability can be used on objects
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Fight'N Rage to version Build[190516]
-> The Colonists to version V1.3.0.8
-> Kynseed to version
-> Staxel to version Staxel 1.4.33 (190521a)
-> Caves of Qud to version
-> Wizard of Legend to version v1.121 (Windows installer)
-> Empires of the Undergrowth to version 0.2022
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Heroes of Might and Magic® 2: Gold

Internal Update (27 May 2019)

- [WINDOWS] fixed music track selection not working in DOS launcher;
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Battle Brothers

Update (24 May 2019)

Changed Swordmaster champions to perform better against heavily armored characters, as to make them a threat more equal to other kinds of human champions.
Fixed duel twist of 'Drive off barbarians' contract not working properly if the opponent happens to be a champion.
Fixed some legendary locations not being placable on some rare map seeds.
Fixed reminder event after satisfying prerequisites for entering the Goblin City potentially firing after the city has already been destroyed.
Fixed potential issue with crossbowman with the 'Hex' effect killing both himself and a Hexe that is to act next.
Fixed potentially wrong daily wage cost displayed in tooltip when starting a new campaign until equipment was changed once or you entered your first battle.
Fixed various minor things.
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Battle Brothers
hjow many freakin' updates are they doin'. they average like one every few days. geez, test your shit.
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Kingdom Come Deliverance has been updated.

Changelog for Update 1.9 (28 May 2019) here.
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Fairfox: hjow many freakin' updates are they doin'. they average like one every few days. geez, test your shit.
Don't You say. =)

Battle Brothers

Update (27 May 2019)

Changed named item stat generation numbers slightly to create higher quality named items in general, and better light and medium armors in particular. Only applies to items generated after this update.
Changed value of most beast trophies to be higher.
Fixed potentially wrong starting XP of characters in 'Deserter' origin.
Fixed 'Gash' skill used for attacks of opportunity instead of 'Slash' skill.
Fixed visual glitch when a disarmed character's shield is hit.
Fixed world map generator failing on some rare map seeds that result in little water.
Fixed issue with 'Lone Wolf' origin when having two hedge knights in the roster and no other backgrounds.
Fixed various minor issues.

Pathologic 2

Update 1.1.24486 (27 May 2019)

Fixed some of the freeze and stuttering issues
Fixed a bug potentially destroying all stored items in containers after looting infected houses.
Error messages in game logs are now more detailed (so we can fix them more efficiently)
[performance] fixed potential crashes on starting a new game, loading a game and entering houses
[controls] the camera is no longer controlled by arrow keys by default
[minor] the corrupted rtf file replaced with a correct pdf in the soundtrack
Fairfox: hjow many freakin' updates are they doin'. they average like one every few days. geez, test your shit.
Edward_Carnby: Don't You say. =)

Battle Brothers
raaaaah. trololo
i mean i guess better than teh silence many devlies give
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A Hat in Time
Update 1.05 (27 May 2019)

- German localization for Nyakuza Metro
- Fixed Korean translation being mis-labelled in credits
- Updated Korean localization

Astrox Imperium
Updates for BUILD 0.0055 and BUILD 0.0056 posted by the dev here.

Caves of Qud
Patch (25 May 2019)

Patchnotes posted in the game forum by the devs here.

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest
Patch 1.0.24 (24 May 2019)

- Clarified UI of Willow Flute & Forcefield (removed Create/Summon button when only 1 target can be selected)
- Mission results dialog no longer shows total power gems, just available power gems
- Clarifications to item tooltips
- Made tooltips less flickery when moving the mouse
- Fixed some infinite xp & gold exploits
- Added new tutorial when ability slots get full
- Added new type of consumable item
- Bug fix: focused ice shows incorrect damage preview for Ice Demon
- Bug fix: focused cure shows incorrect damage preview when targeting a diseased mob
- Bug fix: some equipment abilities are available in "The Captured"
- Bug fix: reachable squares visualization of flying enemies in Icy Death is bugged
- Bug fix: can't use non-offensive abilities on charmer
- Bug fix: rallied condition never ends
- Bug fix: mobs do not fall into one of the pits in Battle of Brothers
- Bug fix: fixed crash in The Black-hooded man when map is scrolled far to the left
- Bug fix: heroes appear unarmed after skipping intro cinematic in The Oak Shield's Demand
- Bug fix: game crashes when a Shido dies in certain conditions in Icy Death

The Messenger
Patch 1.0.6 (28 May 2019)

- New key art + minor bug fixes + Discord rich presence integration

S.W.I.N.E. HD Remaster
Patch 1.1.1622 (24 May 2019)

Changelog posted in the game forum by GOG (Ashleee) here.

Serment - Contract with a Devil
Update 1.2 (24 May 2019)

New features/QoL changes:
- Added a music room and CG gallery (Under "Extra" option in the main menu)
- Added an indicator in the map for locations that currently have an event
- Summoned party members can now be dismissed at any time(from the status screen)
- Colored orbs now have their own minimap icons

New contents:
- Added an epilogue event for each main character (Under "Extra" option in the main menu after completing their main story)
- Added 2 new common events (available for all 4 main characters)
- Added 5 new event CGs to collect
- Added a postgame battle gauntlet challenge in the pub. Unlock conditions:
- At least 1 day after the pub's special event has been suspended (Day 44+)
- Alice's quest on Floor 2 has been completed
- All 8 dungeon floors have been fully mapped in a single playthough (Can be both the current or a previous playthrough)

Balance changes:
- Increased effectiveness of several food items
- Reduced buffs duration of Emilia's lunch combo
- Greatly reduced required cooking time
- Simplified activating conditions for some existing events

Bug fixes:
- Greatly reduced occasional BGM stutter in the dungeon
- Fixed date/time texts sometimes persisting through a fading transition inside the dungeon
- Fixed missing SFX for some battle skills
- Fixed Exploding Fruits sometimes having lower HP than intended
- A few other minor polishes