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GameRager: Well that's ODD.....why update a game then not make a changelog? Was nothing changed(if so, then why update), or did the updaters just get lazy? :\
Probably a small hotfix for glass not breaking when using the pitchfork etc.
GameRager: Well that's ODD.....why update a game then not make a changelog? Was nothing changed(if so, then why update), or did the updaters just get lazy? :\
Berzerk2002: Probably a small hotfix for glass not breaking when using the pitchfork etc.
If that was a real example of something they needed to fix then imo they didn't do a good job bugtesting. ;)
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surfer1260: Blood: Fresh Supply

New Version 1.8.8.-5

No Changelog
Now has a changelog, even if it looks to be similar to the previous version from Steam:
Update 1.8.8-5 (15 May 2019)
Fix video crash when switching from OpenGL to other renderers,
Fluidsynth now loads MIDI internally, resolving some instances of user crashes depending on the user's directory name,
Fix CD audio music not being present when reloading a level,
Fix MP monster settings not being respected,
Change "Show Player Weapons" to "Show Player Weapons Overhead",
Fix armour being affected by friendly fire if friendly fire was switched off,
Remove the three extra recoil SFX for Cultists,
Tesla blast projectile now renders as flat - adding custom definition entry for making it always pitch towards the viewer,
Bug fix with TNT/Spray can disappearing when exploding in hands while on the last ammo,
Removing the run glitch feature,
Fixed incorrect negative shade for candles, causing the sprite effect to appear brighter,
Removed the pre-fire animation for tesla weapon,
Removed the morphing animation for gargoyle statues,
Stone gargoyle now uses the correct recoil SFX,
Lightly Broiled is now always the default selected menu item when entering the difficulty menu,
Akimbo Napalm weapon now plays the correct firing animation as seen in DOS version 1.21 (was using the old 1.0 one),
Fix taunting when killing enemies with TNT not working,
Stop players using power ups when dead,
Disallow Quickloading if no saves are available to load,
Fix a bug that caused a crash at the start of Death Wish E2M1,
Autorun state is now saved between sessions,
Fix the FoV slider being uncapped when using the arrow keys or controller,
Key sprites now default to full shade values,
Importing updated extra voxels,
Major revision to virtual vram system and shaders. Height is now only padded for wall textures now. Fixes tiling issues with non power of 2 texture widths,
Padded textures and normal textures are now treated as separate virtual vram entries. Fixes issue with the monolith logo in the save game menu being distorted while in E3M2,
Concussion damage is now scaled against tick scale, making gibbing to occur more easily,
Changed jump height for getting out of water back to the original height. This broke E2M2,
Shade value for walls with back wall swap flag is now accounted for,
Proper shade and palette values are now inherited from sprite to voxels (they now appear correct in DWE3M1),
Texture UV mapping fixed for E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E3M2, E1M8,
Fix a bug that would allow loading in multiplayer,
Fix issue when moving between menus if the current selected menu entry is too high or low,
Players are now always respawned with 100 health, regardless of what the level start has,
Spraycan and HellHound missiles now deal correct damage type and burn time,
Tesla weapon now fires one extra projectile at the end of its firing animation,
All TNT/Prox/Remote/dynamite explosions now play the correct sprite if not colliding with the floor first,
Fix players being able to cheat to acquire the E3M1 no-civilians-killed achievement,
Add support for private and friend lobbies,
Add missing Cerberus electrocution state,
Jumping boots now negate all pummel (includes fall) damage,
Make sure zombies are changed into dead actors on death, restores knockback force in the DOS version,
Add load screen messages when loading fails; allow loading from specific older versions. If, in this case, you want to load saves from the previous Fresh Supply version please type developer 1 in console, load, save over your old save, then type developer 0 in console.
Fixing timing of burn damage,
Enemies now correctly avoid water,
Fixing DWE2M1 bug with player start spawns,
Duplicate addon paths are now checked for,
Key 7 is now defined,
Remove a specific voxel on E2M2,
Scale voxels at the same ratio as sprites,
Show extra info in lobby list,
Pressing use now performs a standard hitscan operation. This resolves some issues in DWE1M9.
We hope you enjoy the update!
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Battle Brothers

Updated to
No changelog.

Imperator: Rome

Update 1.0.3 [Varus] (16 May 2019)

After losing, observing is no longer seen as playing an ironman game
Disabled console in lobby
Can now always override UI scale between 0.5 and 2.0

La-Mulana 2

Patch Hotfix (16 May 2019)

fixed a game stopping bug


Stack Splitting and AI Turn Speed-Up are in!

Before diving into the details of today's update, we'd like to mention our plans for the near future. Our weekly updates will continue with QoL features as well as the usual bug fixes. At the same time we're working on some more significant changes that we will release in a bigger update later in the summer. This update will address deeper issues we see with the game as well as bring in a bunch of new content. The Japanese and Chinese translation of the game will also be released as part of that update. We're pretty excited about the things we've got planned and we will start talking about some of the changes soon. To clarify: This update will not be a "DLC" but instead a major free update to the base game that will include some new content and improve the existing game in various ways. In the meantime here's what we've added in today's update:
Stack Splitting

There's now a new action when clicking on items in your inventory that will allow you to split stacks. Of course you can always combine them back together by dragging them on top of each other.
AI Turn Speed-Up

This is a nice convenience feature for the impatient ;) During the AI turn, you'll find a new button at the bottom of the screen that lets you accelerate the AI's turn by x2 or x4. Clicking on the button will cycle through the various speeds.

Thanks again for playing and may the RNG be with you all.
Full Changelog Version 1.0.11

Stack Splitting consumables added (see above)
AI Turn Speed-Up button added (see above)
We've changed the way bravery is handled outside of combat. From now on, your bravery is always fully reset after the completion of a battle. This means that you always enter the battle with the same starting point and should help in making successive battle feel less frustrating due to limiting options.
Fix a bug that caused units to be revived by the Necromancer on the wrong tile.
Fixes a bug that caused a crash in some instances after loading from save.
Fixes a bug that sometimes made it impossible to finish Map 2 in Adventure III
Fixes a bug that would sometimes cause achievement rewards to disappear if claimed during combat
Fix a bug that caused evades triggered by a Sporebearer to not count towards the evades achievements
Fixed a bunch of typos
Fixed some UI issues on the Adventure Stats screen when playing in French
Fixed a bug when swapping out a KO character at the recruiter that caused the character to stay in a wrong state on successive adventures.
Fixed a bug that caused character quotes to spill out of the UI in some languages.
Fixed a whole bunch of battle arena generators that could cause faulty collisions
Removed a faulty tooltip when hovering enemy portraits that would mistakenly indicate "Press Tab for Move Range".
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Enter the Gungeon
Patch 2.1.9 (16 May 2019)

Fixed (again) an issue which allowed the Unfinished Gun to show up in shops even after the Finished Gun is unlocked
Fixed (again) an issue which could cause door and pedestal sprites to show glitched textures (finally reproduced this one and confirmed it's fixed)
The 360 No Scope synergy is no longer dependent on framerate, which should make this more reliable (especially on some controllers)
Fixed another issue related to infinite dog petting (caused by table flipping)
Reverted the change which started the speedrun timer when opening a rainbow chest
Fixed the speedrun timer format (now uses a period between seconds and milliseconds instead of a colon)
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Hotfix for the recent CrossCode 1.1 update.

CrossCode has been updated to version 1.1.0-3 (16 May 2019), only galaxy for now.

Information extracted from the ingame changelog
Version: 1.1

HOTFIX(1): "Wet Work" quest PROPERLY fixed...
HOTFIX(1): No more crash when fighting Faj'ro Temple Boss
HOTFIX(1): Fixed some crashes during arena fights + no more broken auto saves during arena fights.
HOTFIX(1): Pet will not act up around quicksand anymore and rather just ignore it.
HOTFIX(2): No more crashes when navigating Add-ons with gamepad.
HOTFIX(2): Turret Defense Turrets will now scale properly after they upgrade and no longer keep the upgrades after restarting.
HOTFIX(3): Broken Japanese Localization fix.

~ HOTFIX(2): Added another weapon to the Arena Shop.
~ HOTFIX(2): SP-&Overload-Buffs from food last longer now.
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A Hat in Time (update is labelled as 1.02 but that's the latest version of just A Hat in Time - Nyakuza Metro)
Update 1.02 (15 May 2019)

* Chinese localization has been updated with Nyakuza Metro support
* Korean localization has been updated
* Several memory improvements
* Fixed a rendering thread crash
* Fixed rare stickers sometimes not spawning
* Fixed rare stickers in Mafia Town only being available in the daytime acts
* Fixed main menu cutting off for ultra widescreen
* Save files are now automatically backed up once per day
* Added an option to disable the emote wheel
* Fixed "Return Home" achievement not working

Nyakuza Metro
* Spoiler: Fixed a bug where selecting Nyakuza Metro finale before having seen the finale cutscene would jump straight into the finale act, leaving the player clueless as to what had happened
* Fixed Nyakuza Metro - All Clear! achievement not triggering if Rumbi Factory was completed as the last Nyakuza Metro act

* Fixed softlock with Cooking Cat's tutorial and having auto-skip cutscenes on
* Fixed a bug where loading a pre-DLC branch of the game caused certain relic stands containing new DLC relics to become unavailable

Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest
Patch 1.0.15 (16 May 2019)

- Addressed issue with NvAPI_D3D11_SetDepthBoundsTest failing (please report if you still encounter this!)
- Added option for disabling screen edge scrolling (default off)
- Bug fix: game crashes with error "Could not get path for user document folder" if the Documents folder does not exist
- Bug fix: scrolling the view with arrow key cancels targetting mode
- Bug fix: game crashes in The Dark Ritual in certain conditions when Pocket Watch is used
- Bug fix: crash when Frost Hammer's Ice ability is used on an unoccupied square
- Bug fix: Magebane's AI gets stuck in The Young Usurper and other missions
Grim Dawn
Update Hotfix 4 (16 May 2019)

- Multiplayer only UI windows (trade window, chat window, inspect window) should now function properly in gamepad/controller mode.
- Fixed a bug where the snapping cursor in gamepad/controller mode would be moved to incorrect positions in windowed mode.
- Fixed a bug with channeled skills where some actions were incorrectly prevented when channeling.
- Fixed a bug where some monsters would incorrectly have actions on death when they shouldn't.
- Fixed a bug where devotion shrine experience could be missed in multiplayer if a player was dead.

Kenshi (updates posted in the game forum by HaTsUnE_NeKo starting here)
Update 1.0.26 (03 May 2019)

- Fixed crash if combat is cleared in an EV_I_DEFEATED_SQUAD dialogue event
- Fixed characters having incorrect voice after changing race/gender in the character editor
- Fixed kidnap order on wild animals
- Added a new save logging system to help debug any save/load related problems
- Finally fixed the blood spider attack range

- Existing translations can be exported as gamedata.po
- Fixed exporting multi-line translated strings when exporting gamedata.po
- Added 'no longer used' description for deprecated values

~~~ ~~~ ~~~

Update 1.0.27 (17 May 2019)

- Japanese language update

Surviving Mars
Armstrong Update (16 May 2019)

New Features:
* New Mod Manager UI, enabling mods to be accessible on Xbox One and GOG/PDX PC versions

General Fixes:
* 5 Landscaping tools/buildings - Flatten terrain, create Ramp, Change Surface texture and construct Small Rock Formation or medium Rock Formation. They're available since start and do not require research. The Flatten and Ramp tools consume a lot of drone time and require or produce excess of Waste Rock. The Rock Formations are constructed with Waste Rock. The Change Surface tool consumes drone time and damages the local soil quality.
* 3 Special Projects - Capture Meteors, launch High-Speed Comm Satellite and Launch SETI Satellite. They become available when the first batch of Planetary Anomalies gets discovered (Sol 10-15) and do not require previous research. These three act as alternative sources of raw materials (Capture Meteors), sponsor research (HGS Satellite) and funding (SETI Satellite).
* 2 new buildings - Large Dumping Site and Rocket construction site. The significantly larger dumping site is because we're now producing and consuming far more Waste Rock. The construction of Rockets was added as an alternative to the buying of Rockets, which is not possible when you lack Funding. The Large Dumping Site is not locked via research, the Rocket requires Advanced Rocketry to be researched. (Advanced Rocketry is a vanilla tech that now enables the construction of Rockets, as well.)
* Self-sufficient dome - you can now place a Basic Dome with minimal life-support buildings. You only need to connect it to a power source. Once constructed, the structures will act as independent buildings. International Mars Mission has a free prefab of the self-sufficient dome.
* New event chains - 19 for the base game, 1 for modding purposes, 9 for Space Race DLC
* New research UI with vertical flow replaced the old research UI

Other fixes and improvements:
* Added order-queuing for Rovers
* Added multi-selection of units for mouse and keyboard and hybrid control schemes. You can use lasso or double-click over a unit type to mass-select nearby units of the same type
* More informative reasons for unavailable diplomacy options
* Fix for proper show/hide behaviour of hex ranges of domes for outside workplaces
* Build Menu: Rovers are moved to separate sub-categories
* Added conditions where colonists can change dome regardless of home availability in other domes
* Double click or Controller Button (X) on items in the build menu, which require known but non-researched techs now open the Research UI
* Trade rockets to rivals are not automated by default
* New Photo Mode effect added - Motion Blur

[PC VERSIONS ONLY] Modding-related fixes and improvements:
* Documented the Lua loading procedure, mod versions and dependencies, creating mods for DLCs and other minor documentation updates
* Added a filter for mods compatible with the game version
* Build menu subcategories are now pre-sets, which can be easily added with mods
* Added a set of mod items that add easily modifiable options to your mods
* Fixed 'copy from' field in building template mod items and mission logo mod items
* Unused tech field icon property removed
* Mod dependencies show if the mod they depend on is missing or incompatible (outdated)
* Added a sample story chain
* Improved mod upload - it provides status update, better UI flow, and feedback about report upload problems
* [PDX modding] Fix to enable auto-update of mods from PDX modding backend
* [PDX modding] Fix for re-uploading mods to PDX modding backend to keep their dependencies entered in the web interface
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Man O' War: Corsair - Warhammer Naval Battles (posted in the game forum by the devs)
Patch 1.4.1 (08 May 2019)

- Prevented scythe blades from hurting your ship whilst dueling the enemy challenger captain
- Tower in Viadaza now slightly less immortal
- Reduced horror spawn rate
- Fixed bug with pink horror weapon equipping
- Fixes to tzeentch energy track UI
- Fixed a bug with model recycling and flame-affected texture
- Adjusted repairs slightly for dwarves
- Fixed bug with Ironclad not showing destroyed sections
- Chaos crew now consume provisions
- Added ability to sacrifice provisions for favour

Warhammer 40,000: Gladius - Relics of War
Update v1.02.05 (17 May 2019)

* Chaos Cultists reveal themselves from the Imperial remnants on Gladius Prime. What powers will they manifest once the Traitor Marines arrive?
* Hotseat mode! While in the new game lobby with simultaneous turns off, any player can be toggled into a human hotseat player. During play, the game will pause on a shourded screen before each player's turn starts, allowing the seat to change or the game to be saved for forwarding to distant players.
* Added new hotseat achievement.
* Notification text is now shown for 3 seconds and then hides to prevent excess information and to give more focus to new notifications. The notification icon is shown until dismissed and shows the notification's text when hovered.
* Notifications are now saved when saving a game and shown again on load. • Opening Menu while in a single player game, including hotseat, now pauses the timer.
* Added surrender button to the Menu.

* Improved notification text to be more concise and informative.
* Notifications against your units are now always displayed, even if the action is in your view.
* Notifications for abilities and attacks no longer appear before the animation has ended.
* Clearing notifications is no longer required before ending the turn.
* Updated Exocrine unit description.
* Improved German, Russian and Simplified Chinese translations.

* Weapons with an armour piercing value of 5 in the board game now have an armour penetration of 1 instead of 0. This makes many low-tier infantry's weapons slightly stronger against armour.
* Reduced Blight Grenade duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Blind Grenade duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Combat Stimulant duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Man-Catcher duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Powered Bolas duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Stun Grenade duration from 2 turns to 1.
* Reduced Temporary Shield duration from 3 turns to 2.
* Reduced Zoat Hide Jerkin from +4 hit points to +3.
* Added Melta Bomb to Assault Space Marines.
* Added Melta Bomb to Devastator Space Marines.
* Added Melta Bomb to Scout Bikers.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed Blight Grenade & Blighted having an accuracy of 12% instead of 100%.
* Fixed loyalty artefact not having an effect until reactivated.
* Fixed Scavenger Adaptation not working on Reclamation Pool.
* Fixed Enslavement notification not showing.
* Fixed "Game Saved" message not appearing when not in the default world view.
* Fixed multiple GUI screens showing at the same time under rare circumstances.

Warhammer 40,000: Sanctus Reach
Update v1.2.6 (16 May 2019)

Key changes:
* Added Skulltaker

Wizard of Legend
Update v1.12 (15 May 2019)

New in This Update
* Boss Rush mode now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza (Requires completion of Chaos Trials)
* Hard mode is now available via an NPC in Lanova Plaza and the Insignia of Legend relic no longer activates hard mode
* 21 new relics added
* Various minor bug fixes

Quality of Life Changes
* Relics now show number values when applicable in the equip menu
* Insignia of Legend now makes Chaos arcana available for purchase during the Chaos Trials
* End of run summary screen updated to show the full player build
* Treasure chests now show an indicator icon in the minimap
* Doctor Song and Nocturne now prefer to take standard arcana before enhanced arcana when you request their services
* Increased chance to complete combination relics during the Chaos Trials
* Conga Drum Set cursed relic updated to make all players immune to exploding barrels
* Flashy Boots cursed relic updated to allow dash arcana to activate up to three times per charge
* Aegis Charge arcana has been reworked to be more effective overall
* Stone Shot (Basic) arcana activation speed increased
* Wind zone enemy visuals have been updated to look more like an enemy rather than a hazard
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Battle Brothers

Updated to
No changelog.
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Updated to 2.5
No changelog.
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ariaspi: Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Updated to 2.5
No changelog.
Changelogs from Steam:

Titan Quest - Update 2.5
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

- Fixed toggle item pick up
- Fixed so stash increase button is disabled when its full size
- Fixed so rare items will show when using filter dual magical
- Added tag for relic
- Improved dx11 stability

Titan Quest - Update 2.4
This is the second major update for TQ since the Atlantis release. We will keep watching feedback and react accordingly.
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

- Various stability fixes
- Fixed fog of war not being displayed in Windows 7
- Laptops with multiple graphic cards now better at selecting the best one
- Added MSAA options for DX9, and FXAA for DX11
- Added better error messages if hardware is not supported
- Fixed cinematics in non-native resolutions
- Cinematic volume is now correctly determined by Master Volume
- Fixed loud sound when auto-sort combines lots of relics

- Tartarus reward chance now also depends on difficulty / loot quality
- Fixed gold drops from Tartarus chests
- Fixed Extra Relic suffix not appearing on items
- Fixed low-level Aegipan Soldiers equipping too many MIs
- Fixed Whirling Blades and Creeping Death Scroll functionality
- Added proper cooldowns to new Scrolls
- Ancestors received Ghost type and absorption/immunities, lowered HP in turn
- Trimmed legendary chest loot tables in favor of more Atlantis items
- Cut energy cost from Lasting Legacy
- Tweaked Gadir merchant inventories
- Fire Nova receives greater damage increases at high levels
- Meteor Rain now does physical damage within a range, less burn
- Changed Life Drain Cascade to fork to targets rather than arc
- Fixed some new skills' sounds still being placeholders
- Decreased health of Mosquitos, increased health of Lions
- Balanced Giant's Tooth around giving Strength in %
- Fixed DA being given as % on Freyja's torso armor
- Increased Basilisk stun & confusion resistances
- Potamoi mages may sometimes cast Spellbreaker
- Tweaked names of chests/piles
- Tweaked Tartarus' (boss) base level to reduce downscaling
- Tartarus received 20% phys/pierce resistance
- Adjusted damage values of new epic/legendary shields
- Added missing stats to MI weapons

- Artifact formulas now correctly highlight items present (or not) in the relic vault
- Added Shift+RMB function to use relics while Stash is open

- Fixed various texts, especially German translations
- Tweaked some item names

Titan Quest - Update 2.3
This is the first major update for TQ since the Atlantis release. We will keep watching feedback and react accordingly.
Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

- General stability fixes
- Fixed garden colossus animations
- Added missing leg armor textures
- Fixed weapon projectiles
- Removed loot drop from Sarcophagus (First Disciple)
- Removed grey collision walls rendered visibly
- Updated some textures and models
- Fixed collision in Gaulos
- Tweaked Atlas boat captain area
- Added POI in Atlas cave
- Added torches outside cave in Atlas
- Tartarus music volume adjusted
- Bugfix: quest counters are now cleared between game sessions
- Side quest fixes: The lost wanderer, The Letter and Foraging quests had an issue where player characters that had completed the Ragnarök expansion didn't get correct quest log updates. This is now fixed but characters who have already started or completed these quest might have some residual effects of this issue. As of 2019-05-09 all player characters are backed up on the first game launch to \Users\#user#\Documents\My Games\Titan Quest Backup. Players who want to reset these quest could revert their characters, note that this will reset all progress since the backup was made though.
- Satyr side quest proxy now spawns three enemies instead of one.
- Fixed missing collision in Aetolion Polis
- Blocked off alley in Gadir
- Changed lights in Necropolis to nightlights
- Fixed Floating Tartarus-portal in Gadir
- Fixed hole in the wall in Passage of soul
- Fixed so the player can't reach deep water in Coastal Asomata
- Bugfix: fixed crash due to setting debug information on invalid indexbuffer for meshes
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Edward_Carnby: Battle Brothers

Updated to
No changelog.
(from steam :)

Battle Brothers

Changelog for

* Changed main menu to nudge new players towards picking the right difficulty and origin for their first time playing the game.
* Changed minimum contract reward irrespective of renown to be slightly higher.
* Changed chance for additional beast trophies with 'Beast Slayers' origin to 50%, up from 25%. The chance to get an additional trophy from the Kraken is increased to 100%.
* Changed 'Beast Slayer' background to have higher resolve.
* Fixed locations sometimes changing their garrison between reading their tooltip and attacking them.
* Fixed various minor things.
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Undead Horde

#### Update (16 May 2019)

* Linux and MAC OS X versions added
The World Next Door

#### Update 1.2.0 - Versus Mode (15 May 2019)

Versus Mode is now available! This free content update lets you pick your
favorite Emryn and battle against your friends in the shrines.

* 1v1 local multiplayer puzzle battles
* 8 playable characters (complete quests in Story Mode to unlock)
* 16 unique levels across 4 shrines (complete shrines in Story Mode to unlock)

Please note that 2 controllers are required for this mode, and players with a
new save file may need to replay certain parts of Story Mode to unlock new
content in Versus Mode. We realize this could be frustrating to players who
have already completed the game, so you also have the option of using the
following cheat code to unlock everything in Versus Mode! In the title screen,
get a notification that new content has been unlocked.

More bug fixes and quality of life updates include:

* Adjustments to casting and tethering hitboxes for better spell-casting feel
* Improvements for keyboard controls including new UI icons
* Fixed issues caused by connecting/disconnecting controllers while app is running on PC and Mac
* Added Dash to R bumper for additional controller support
* No longer possible to fail a certain side quest because of certain dialogue choices
* Nerfed Liza’s Homing Void special ability
* Added option to hide the bounding box that highlights matching runes
* Added option to cap game at 60fps for PC and Mac
* Fixed a few spots where it was possible to soft lock progression
* The mysterious trash can interaction has been removed
* We found a couple more typos… oops!
* Added titles to the epilogue images in the credits
The following offline installers have also been updated:
-> Astrox Imperium to version b 0.055
-> Dawn of Man to version 1.1.1
-> Fade to Silence to version 2025_b
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Titan Quest Anniversary Edition

Message on Steam:

Titan Quest - Update 2.5a

Please use our public bugtracker to report issues:

- Tartarus arena chests now always drop gold
- Tartarus arena chests now also drop potions
- Tweaked Tartarus monster spawns
- Added some bonus hero spawns to Tartarus
- Fixed excessive MI drops on Coral and Hesperide Mages
- Increased chance of Triton MI weapon skills activating
- Redfist Daggers now grant Double Slash (instead of Dual Wield)
- All Atlantis items now properly use Atlantis affix tables
- Turned down frequency of "Tinkerer" afffix drops per item
- Cut off T7 skill connectors in the base game (fix follows)
- Increased XP rewards for large enemies
- Increased population of Snakes & Vultures
- Tweaked Cokcatrice colors
- Tweaked Atlantis chest names
- Fixed gray Siren textures
- Fixed Harpy assets from Ragnarök
- Fixed Primrose assets from Ragnarök
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Project Warlock has been updated. (New difficulty anybody? :))

See changelog here.