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Updated to 1.1.10
Windows and Mac versions only.

No changelog.

edit: Linux Installer now also updated.
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Capitalism 2
Patch 1.13 (20 May 2019)

fixed a graphics glitch on the Build menu.
fixed a bug with the [Set Production] function at the Manufacturing Unit on the 3x3 layout.
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Battle Brothers

Update (20 May 2019)

Changed barbarian named armor and helmet base stats to be based on regular items, and no longer the heavier barbarian items, as to make for named loot of higher quality. Only applies to items generated after this update.
Fixed named Khopesh not working with Double Grip.
Fixed main menu components getting in the way of buttons with very low resolutions.
Fixed tooltip of opponents sometimes incorrectly displaying "Turn done" when in fact that opponent is merely waiting to act again later this turn.
Fixed issue with barbarian AI getting stuck under specific circumstances.
Fixed potentially incorrect button labels with 'Cultists' origin sacrifice event.
Fixed Antidote item not curing all stacks of poison.
Fixed various minor issues.
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Simon the Sorcerer

Mac downloads added
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A Hat in Time (update labelled as 1.04 but that's the latest version of just A Hat in Time - Nyakuza Metro)
Update 1.04 (20 May 2019)

* Fixed inconsistent rare sticker alerts
* Added a machine in the spaceship which reads back the latest rare sticker alerts
* Updated Chinese localization
* Updated Korean localization
* Fixed massive log files when mods would continuously emit the same error
* Fixed a save data crash

* Fixed the intro camera looking at the attic before it was unlocked

The Arctic Cruise
* Fixed a missing rare sticker

Nyakuza Metro
* Fixed a crash caused by bouncing one of the queuing cats into a vacuum

Caves of Qud
Patch (17 May 2019)

Patchnotes posted by the devs in the game forum.

Patch 1.3.5 (20 May 2019)

- Now temp save files have unique names to prevent rare sharing violation crashes.

Production Line
Update 1.75 (18 May 2019)

[version 1.75]

1) [Balance] Some manufacturing slot research now requires the base fit slots to be researched and unlocked first now.
2) [Bug] The 'copy from slot' feature on supply stockpiles now takes into account that batteries are needed for fit fuel tanks if electric or hybrid cars are researched.
3) [Bug] The post-research screen now takes powertrain into account when suggesting which cars get a feature.
4) [GUI] There are now small up/down buttons on the vehicle design screen to adjust the price, which do the same job as the mousewheel.
5) [GUI] The discounts for the showroom have been moved into a tab on the market screen.
6) [Bug] Fixed bug where the setting for global factory resource importers persisted if you started a new game.
7) [Bug] Nappa, White & Red seat manufacture slots now do the correct thing and don't produce any standard seats.
8) [Bug] Fixed bug where placing then deleting conveyor belts in blueprint mode prevented new blueprints being placed in the same place.
9) [Balance] Defects now start fading in over ten hours rather than suddenly appearing at some point in the game.
10) [GUI] Added new button on the option screen to reset the status of advisors so you get all advice categories again.
11) [GUI] You can now infinitely expand all of the slot picker UI in blueprint mode so you can place down any blueprints ahead of researching them.
12) [GUI] The pop-up windows on the task-picker for resource importers now show how long each one takes to import an item, to more clearly show relative speeds.
13) [Bug] Supply stockpiles now also automatically stock combo-resources such as heated and folding wingmirrors, if all the sub-components are required for a linked slot.
14) [GUI] The pop-up label for the supply stockpiles now show the current linked slot type in brackets underneath if linked.
15) [Bug] Fixed bug where if loading or starting a second game, some visual elements like open top or sunroof or wheels did not show correctly.
16) [GUI] Market value of each car now shown in the vehicle design screen.
17) [GUI] Mouse wheel now scrolls correctly in the showroom vehicle features list.
18) [GUI] Renamed the 'insufficient resources' message, and also 'wrong bodystyle' and 'predictive stock control' so they all make more sense.
19) [GUI] Fixed layout of market analysis screen at 2560x1440 res.
20) [GUI] The 'new' text on recently researched slots on the slot picker now times out and disappears after being displayed for 30 seconds.
21) [GUI] Fixed font problem with the X character in company name.
22) [GUI] Map editor now highlights the potential placement tiles for importers and exporters in that mode to avoid confusion.
23) [Bug] Fixed bug where blueprints placed and then bought, then slots deleted could still prevent other blueprints being placed.
24) [GUI] The drop-down list in the production manager (for new car scheduling) is now sorted alphabetically.
25) [GUI] The demolish tool (drag-select to delete) now works on a 1 tile width/height area, previously was a minimum of 2. Hope you like these changes. I am planning on improving the reporting of what components are costing you on the finance screen for the next update.

BTW the latest blog video can be found here:
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Hyper Light Drifter has been updated.

Chagelog for Internal Update (21 May 2019)

[WIN] added a potential fix for slowdowns after prolonged periods of play
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Inherit the Earth has been updated.

Changelog for Update (21 May 2019)

the Mac version of the game is now available in 64-bit
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Ancestors Legacy

Updated to 63472

No changelog yet.

Maybe updated for an upcoming DLC.

edit: DLC is now available on GOG.
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The Labyrinth of Time

Update (21 May 2019)

- the Mac version of the game is now available in 64-bit
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Grim Dawn

Update Hotfix 4 (16 May 2019)

Multiplayer only UI windows (trade window, chat window, inspect window) should now function properly in gamepad/controller mode.
Fixed a bug where the snapping cursor in gamepad/controller mode would be moved to incorrect positions in windowed mode.
Fixed a bug with channeled skills where some actions were incorrectly prevented when channeling.
Fixed a bug where some monsters would incorrectly have actions on death when they shouldn't.
Fixed a bug where devotion shrine experience could be missed in multiplayer if a player was dead.
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Spec Ops: The Line has been updated.

Changelog for Internal Hotfix (22 May 2019)

[WIN] fixed gameplay settings not being saved in offline mode;
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Door Kickers: Action Squad

Update 1.1.5update4 (22 May 2019)

This patch fixes the Warrant Server achievement and, more importantly, the COOP disconnect.

Starpoint Gemini Warlords

Updated to 2.040.3.
No changelog.
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Irony Curtain: From Matryoshka with Love
Update 1.0.2 (19 May 2019)

- fixed a few active area points for better cursor feedback;
- fixed a blocking bug that could occur when exiting the Floor Run minigame while Evan is still running;
- fixed sound timing for two final cutscenes;
- fixed errors and typos in the German version of the game;
- made The Butcher's line of business more obvious.

Rise of Industry
Patch 1.1.0:2105b (21 May 2019)

Major changes to Logistcs:
Prices for Logistic Requests have skyrocketed, but the capacity is much higher now.
-- It's all more according to how big bulky transportation vehicles should work.
-- Make sure the vehicles are full and do NOT use Logistic Requests for raw stuff, or you'll go bankrupt super quickly.

In short:
* Automated Warehouse trucks are very cheap
* Normal trucks are good for very short range (under 50 tiles)
* Warehouse dispatch trucks are good for short range (under 125 tiles)
* Trains are expensive to set up, but are fast and good over 200 tiles
* Boats are cheap and high capacity, ideal for long distances (over 250 tiles over water)
* Zeppelins are very expensive and meant for when a player has a lot of money and needs Products moved in as a short distance as possible.

Stock Market
* Players can now buy up other companies in hostile takeovers, by purchasing their stocks when they are vulnerable.
* Be careful as other companies can buy up your stock.
* Stock prices go up over time, as the company places more buildings and gains control over more regions
* The more stocks are sold, the more expensive they get

AWH Dropdown. A new dropdown was added to the Outgoing tab of the Warehouse, to control more what buildings receive what.
* "Equally": like now: AWH sends stuff equally to shops and producers. This is the default state.
* "+Shops": it will send stuff to shops first, then, if there's spare, to producers. Only applies to products shared. So if the WH is next to a farmer market and a livestock, it will send the wheat first to the shop, and then to the farm. This will not impact sending apples, as it's a different product (will be sent at the same rate as the wheat to the shop).
* "+Users": it will send stuff to producersfirst, then, if there's spare, to shops. Only applies to products shared. So if the WH is next to a farmer market and a livestock, it will send the wheat first to the farm, and then to the shop. This will not impact sending apples, as it's a different product (will be sent at the same rate as the wheat to the farm).
* "Only shops": AWH will supply only shops and will not care about producers.
* "No shops": AWH will supply only producers and will not care about shops.
* "All Off": same as "all manual" (AWH disabled).

Sigma Theory: Global Cold War
Update 0.16.3 (14 May 2019)

- Offering your gratitude during diplomatic meetings now decreases the trust gauge as originally intended
- Decreased chances of success when asking for a scientist during diplomatic meetings
- Fixed various gameplay issues when a country is eliminated: war with those countries is now instantly ended, missions from organisations are cancelled, arrest warrants are removed ...
- Russia now has some typically Russian buildings in exfiltration missions
- Different camera filters are now applied in exfiltration mission according to which country it takes place in
- Added various UI improvements and feedbacks
- Improved exfiltration loading time
- Added a visual effect when a branch of the final project is completed, allowing player to see if there are a few missing percents on a slot
- Added an option to speed up dialogues

- Fixed bug where the first captured agent could be killed by an event during the same turn, preventing the player from completing the counterespionage tutorial
- Fixed bug where it was possible to drag the drone on an inactive (and invisible) conflict zone, resulting in unpredictable behaviors
- Fixed bug where drones weren't given back to the player when they should
- Authorization by hierarchy to use drones or not is only checked once a turn, preventing various bugs
- Fixed bug where menus and tooltips weren't properly hidden in some resolutions, leading to a game blocked in the case of menus
- Fixed occasional freeze when using Mentalis technology for yourself
- Fixed bug where the game tries to open a conflict zone when all active countries already have an active conflict zone, creating a wide range of problems down the road, like agents not being able to finish their action

True Fear: Forsaken Souls Part 2 - @GOG, please add the game forum
Update 1.5.3 (6 May 2019)

- full support for old game versions profiles
- animations rework
- pagescroll in the inventory
- added languages: Dutch, Ukrainian, Brazilian Portuguese

- sound effects and audio tracks bugfix
- bugfix with cut scenes
- items layers bugfix
- user hints bugfix
- minigames bugfix
- zoom zones bugfix
- minor localization bugfix
- gamepad functionality bugfix
- game logic bugfix
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To the Moon has been updated.

Changelog for Update (23 May 2019)

fixed an issue that prevented the Windows version of the game from running on Windows 10 1809 Build 17763.475
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CrossCode Offline installers for Windows and Mac updated to 1.1.0-3