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^ thinks that the Emolument Claus is Santa Claus' alias, and that the person doesn't really exist.
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^ when he was a child, a Sugondese friend that was very dear to his heart died of ligma.
It was a terrible blow but he didn't give in to despair. He vowed he would defeat that horrible disease one day, once and for all.
He then became a physician-scientist and after years of research and testing has finally found a cure.
^ As a young lad he always loved enchanting tales of knights of old, fantastical accountings of wizards and honorable sword-wielding warriors, and the fantastical accountings of journeys to foreign worlds by travellers who navigate the stars in ships that traverse vast distances at unimaginable speeds.
^ Has an old gold mine but it's flooded.
^ gets by with a little help from his friends.
He once had a well-producing gold mine. During his ugly divorce his wife got the gold and he got the shaft.
^ Likes to turn people's original ideas into jokes.
Likes to turn jokes into original people.
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Likes to turn aboriginal people into jokes.
^ Massive ''fan boy'' of the unspeakable.
^ He's quite the unspeakable fanboy himself.
^ Has turned his thread into a copycat game and I'm out.
^ this actually happened to him once
^ Ascended to the top of Mt. Everest once.
snores at night and his wife is searching for better noise canceling earplugs.
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