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Find what you're looking for faster, easier, and with style.

As some of you have already noticed, today we launched an overhauled navigation system for The goal is simple: to make it faster, simpler, and better for you to explore our store and find what you're looking for.

Browsing our catalog has never been easier: mouse over the Store tab for a neat dropdown menu that contains ongoing sales, a detailed breakdown of our games categories, and several top-tier suggestions.
To bring our games closer to you, we've also made several improvements to our search engine, so locating the title you're after should be much more straightforward now. Those accessing our store through mobile will notice that these changes have dramatically improved their experience, as well.

But that's not all! If you want to reach Support, interact with the Community, or manage your Account, you'll find that the intuitive dropdown menus make for a much more fluid experience, saving you time that could be spent playing your favorite games!

Your account name and avatar are now clearly visible on top at all times, so you can tell at a glance if you're logged in and on which account. Last but not least, redeeming gift codes and switching between languages or currencies is now more readily available with no need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

My two cents:

I like the new design actually.

I just now found it because I started using only Galaxy after 1.2 patch. But Galaxy is so inferior to the web page. It looks worse, navigates worse and has less features.

Speaking about features - me and maybe some other people as well are missing the "Updated" section in the Library. I backup all my installers so I like to be informed that a game has updated ... and not just about the ones I have installed. This is available on the web page and should be in Galaxy too...

Also I miss the feature of Galaxy closing when I press 'X'. Make it just minimize into tray by default but please give me back my option to close it normally (and not just through tray...).

Overall I am going back to the web page because Galaxy is an inferior experience, which is a shame because I was looking forward to 1.2. But here is hoping it gets better and adds the missing features.
Maighstir: Barefoot Essentials adds a feature to hide games you own.

As for filtering out games you just don't want to see... you could either write your own userscript for that (and please share it, I have no doubt that others would want that as well), or ask Barefoot_Monkey or adaliabooks that either of them adds such a feature to their respective script.
Tomatko: Thats is all great, but i don't want to have third party addons, if it is an easy solution just to make a tick to filter games that you allready have. I do want this future, because there are games that i already know, but they still show as i don't own it.. just for example: fallout (as it was re-added, then omerta, last federation and so on...
I understand that, and I would prefer that the site is more customizable by default as well (and I'd bet that adaliabooks and Barefoot_Monkey would prefer that the features their scripts add were available from GOG's side), but until that actually happens (if it ever does), at least the scripts are available.
MarkoH01: I am in the minority here as I can read but I still absolutely hate it - completely!

1) I hate the black and white gog logo (was changed with BE script which does not work anymore).
2) I hate the black and white colour which actually feels depressing and dated instead of fresh and sporty for me.
3) Hate the darkening of the site whenever I chose a menu item.
4) Hate that there is now much space in between the two rightmost buttons and everything before.
5) Hate that I have to see my avatar and nickname in caps instead of account.
6) Hate the way the menu structure is now.
7) Hate the purple bar above the black bar even more.
My thoughts exactly.

Can we PLEASE get the old one back, the new one looks ugly, works slower, login is a mess, searchings awful, and the whole thing it's way more complicated to to use then before.
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kneekoo: I wonder if there's any hope to see the number of games update according to the selected filters.
Yes, I was always thinking that changing the filtered number of games would be database 101 but in GOG's case this seems to be a very special feature which is so hard to implement that they did not manage to do so after months (or was it even years?). As said before: I do use Adalia Fundamentals and Barefoot Essentials script because these guys actually know where the priorities should lie and they get the job done - every time! Sorry GOG, but not implementing such trivial issues really does not speak for the talent of the people who are behind this.
mecirt: One regression - the number that indicated that there are updated games is no longer showing in the top-bar.

May have been mentioned already, I'm not reading through this entire thread :(
At the moment there are no notifications at all anymore - no updated games, no new messages, no new forum replies. Hopes are that this is just a temporary bug of th enew design. If not ... no, I won't say it - I try to stay friendly here ;)
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tinyE: So does that mean you aren't getting any fucking notifications either? :P
Jemolk: Strangely, every single one of your posts on this thread, which seem rather innocuous and reasonable to me, are low-rated, while the post of the arse who told you to shut up for little discernable reason is high-rated. Odd. I've done my part to help correct several of these errors.
It's been that way for a while. Tauto, K-man, and their little asshole scammer/troll friends do that. Every one of my posts now get low rated and will continue to be until they get rid of rep, regardless of what I post. The other day I said I liked DIablo 2 and it got low rated. :P

They are doing it to a few of us. Piss one of them off and the same thing will happen to you. Post "Hello" and it will get low rated.

Look at this one. XD

It's all good and means nothing. The bulk of the people here know it's bullshit.
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fishbaits: You mean galaxy?
LynetteC: No, the old pre-Galaxy download manager. I mentioned earlier that I found a reply to one of my posts whilst using it. :-) I don't know if you can still get it as they no longer support it.
Of course you can :)
tinyE: It's all good and means nothing.
It's so bad that you're pretending you're in St. Louis, but you're really hiding out in Iran?
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Just to document one fix that I have noticed:

If you go to your username, the option "Friends" now appears on the drop down menu. (I believe I commented earlier in this thread about that menu option not being there; it is now.) (Just to make sure, I checked and it goes to the expected location.)
tinyE: It's all good and means nothing.
ValamirCleaver: It's so bad that you're pretending you're in St. Louis, but you're really hiding out in Iran?
I left St Louis 12 years ago. I'm still a Blues fan but I currently live in Michigan's U.P.

I can't root for the Red Wings right now; they didn't make the playoffs. :P First time in 27 years man!
tinyE: I left St Louis 12 years ago. I'm still a Blues fan but I currently live in Michigan's U.P. I can't root for the Red Wings right now; they didn't make the playoffs.
I recall you mentioning your bed & breakfast place up north in the past. It was a joke about your previous post, your avatar & your forum title / avatar message. Sorry for outing you that you felt the need to move your hideout to Crimea... ;)
tinyE: I can't root for the Red Wings right now
Me neither; how could they attack the innocent city of Mysidia!
thomq: A lot of mobile phones have motion sensors, [...] [...snip...]
(Sorry for truncating the quote of your post, but your post is far too long for a full quote...)

What you described would be a terrible idea for scrolling a page or list on a mobile device.
Think about how that would work in real life. You have your eyes on a page which is not fully shown on the display. To scroll to see and read the reminder of the page, you start tilting (shaking, flailing with) the device. Now think about how you -- or rather your eyes -- will keep track of whether you have scrolled enough, whether you need/want to scroll some more, or whether you scrolled too far? Do you see? (Or perhaps: Do you see not?) It's making what should be a most simple procedure a complicated and awkward thing to do. And what about if you shake/move your device involuntarily? (think of sitting in a metro or bus and trying to read something if the page starts scrolling in random direction whenever some minor bump occurs...) How to do page scrolling on touch devices (finger swipe and/or flick) has been solved since the beginning of time, why the desire to replace it with something that is inferior in almost any aspect? (I know there are apps and stuff that allow a browser to do it more or less in ways as you describe, but it is beyond my imagination how anyone could use such without getting annoyed in short time...)
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V4V: Thank you. So, it can't hurt to bring it up again ([url= ]and again and …[/url]). :)

Addendum: The bug persists also on logout.
That one started even before the on log-in one. It was at the same time as the on log-in one with the [url=]same soon™ ETA.

LynetteC: No, the old pre-Galaxy download manager. I mentioned earlier that I found a reply to one of my posts whilst using it. :-) I don't know if you can still get it as they no longer support it. [...]
Unfortunately, the GOG Downloader won't notify you about any PMs you have, as it's incompatible with the chat system. And even if it did, starting/running the GOG Downloader is not an acceptable workaround for not getting notifications on the site.

And since it's already Friday and past office hours, I guess we're into a weekend of no notifications, and no word if and when we can expect them back; how lovely. Is Monday a public holiday in Poland?
Labour Day (1st of May everywhere except USA) used to be a holiday but maybe the church has demanded its removal.
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Oh look. GOG have changed the site again to make it fancy.. and now it's worse. Who would have guessed that would happen?

Just slide your pointer back and forth across the navigation bar. Sometimes, the "fade out overlay" that makes the site darker will go away and come back between menu items (yay, flickering!) or sometimes it'll go away and not come back, even though the menu is still open.

And when the fade overlay is on, it doesn't even apply properly (see red box).