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The fastest and most reliable way to download games off your shelf. Now even better with sweet new features.

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  • Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga
    Baldur's Gate: The Original SagaGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Deus Ex GOTY Edition
    Deus Ex GOTY EditionGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • The Witcher: Enhanced Edition
    The Witcher: Enhanced EditionBonus - QueuedBonus - Downloading...Bonus - Complete
  • Worms United
    Worms UnitedGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Outcast
    OutcastGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Heroes of Might and Magic® 3: Complete Edition
    Heroes of Might and Magic® 3...Game - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Icewind Dale: Complete
    Icewind Dale CompleteBonus - QueuedBonus - Downloading...Bonus - Complete
  • Psychonauts
    PsychonautsGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Thief Gold
    Thief™ GoldGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Master of Orion 1+2
    Master of Orion 1+2Game - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete
  • Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition
    Neverwinter Nights: Diamond EditionGame - QueuedGame - Downloading...Game - Complete

Wondering why you should try the Downloader?

  • Faster downloads

    The downloader opens multiple connections with our servers in parallel, so you can download your games up to 8 times faster.

  • Patch & PM notifications

    The downloader will notify you about new patches, forum replies, and PMs—right on your taskbar!

  • Download goodies in 1 click

    Many games include dozens of cool goodies - with the Downloader you can get them all with just one click.

  • Error protection

    The Downloader's error-checking guarantees corruption-free files. And in case of any error it only redownloads the few broken MBs.

  • Secure & safe

    The Downloader doesn’t spy on you - it only reports download progress and game versions (to notify you about patches).

  • Completely optional

    We hate mandatory client apps so this isn't one. You can use it for downloading only or not use it at all and just use your browser.