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0.455.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a bug that caused pirate teams to spawn in a single ship, even when the event called for two.
- Expanded combat patrol dialogue trees. You will now get more chatter during encounters and a clear indication that combat is over.
- Fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Bounty hunting with a Vilcy pack - especially when you don't have a licence yet.
0.455.1 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- New object management functions, fixing some glitches (like AI being frozen), improving performance and stability.
- Expanded the Vilcy dialogue tree, so you have an opportunity to ask for bounties and drop-points even when they don't start talking about business with you first.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: New object/memory management can come with a number of new glitches in most unexpected places, as it changes when and how the game loads and removes resources. Please report anything unusual.
0.457.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Expanded friendly interactions with pirates.
- Improved performance of spawning ships.
- Certain habitat will not revert their construction status if you lose track of it.
- Dutch language support.

Feedback Focus: Being friendly with pirates.
0.459.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Additional story encounter.
- Drone camera range visualized on LIDAR displays.

Feedback Focus: the new event.
0.459.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Better support for vertical monitors.
- Sounds play again when moving the cursor with mouse, keyboard or gamepad.
- Items in the tuning menu are now fully accessible when using a keyboard or gamepad.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything worse than in the default branch.
0.459.4 just hit the Experimental branch, fixing:
- Consistently torching a ship or a station is now a hostile act.
- There was a rare dialogue path that could get you to send out a salvage crew over to a lifepod of a ship, instead of the ship.

Feedback Focus: Torch accidents - especially actual accidents. I want to make sure that the new settings won't make the stations and ships turn hostile towards you if you burn them by mistake, but still make them defend themselves.
0.460.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Additional soundtrack.
- Habitats won't tell you they are transferring ore when you dock if you didn't actually agree to ore transfer.

Feedback Focus: Music.
0.461.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- User Manual tab for all the items in the Hardware menu.
- Tutorial will now change the language if you switch the language while messages are displayed.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. I feel that the new User Manual feature would benefit new players, so I'm fast-tracking this to the default branch. Please report any issues you come across, important information missing, and I'd also like to know if the Manual taught you something you didn't know before.
0.461.5 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved pathfinding accuracy.
- Radiator afterglow was visible for a short time after Cothon-212 exploded.
- Game logged camera-related errors if you had a mining companion or cargo container installed.

Feedback Focus: AI behaviour and performance. A pathfinding patch introduced in 0.453.5 improved performance but caused some undesirable behaviour that could cause some of the AI ships to ram objects or fly too close to ships. This patch should help with that behaviour but can introduce a performance drop.
0.462.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Additional ways to interact and make business with pirates.

Feedback Focus: Pirate life! Once you get friendly with our resident anarchists, see what they have to offer.
0.463.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Mechanics that are not onboard your ship will still repair it when you are back on Enceladus Prime.
- A new story event.
- The Space Bar won't explode from a stray thruster sweep.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate! Please report anything you feel is worse than in the current stable branch.
0.464.2 hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- One more story event.
- If you brought only anomalies back, with no ore, there was no way to sell or store them using gamepad or keyboard alone.

Feedback Focus: Still a release candidate. Please report anything that worse than In current stable branch.
0.465.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Eagle Prospector HUD adjusted to look better on small displays.

Feedback Focus: Eagle HUD.
0.466.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Waring levels for Elon Interstellar Model E HUD set to values more befitting fission ships. This prevents alarms going off when this HUD is retrofitted into a fission-powered craft.
- Drone camera overlay on the EIME LIDAR display is more subtle now.
- New gravimetric drone display shader, which has much less noise - apparent mostly on EIME or Bald Eagle HUD.

Feedback Focus: EIME HUD.
0.467.5 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Offline achievements storage. If you manage to satisfy achievement requirements but it can't be uploaded to a server - because you are offline, there is a server problem, you are playing a demo or a pirated version, or anything else - the achievement will be stored locally and uploaded next time when you launch an eligible version of the game.
- Trading now requires you to actually agree to the deal. Obonto habitats won't take your processed cargo unless you specifically agree.
- Increased speed of processed minerals unloading at the Obonto stations by 500%.

Feedback Focus: Habitat trading.