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0.443.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Re-worked the XASER burn event to reduce risks of photosensitive epilepsy.
- When launching the game for a very first time, you'll not be able to skip past the photosensitive epilepsy warning, to ensure everyone sees it at least once.

Feedback Focus: New xaser event effect, here for your viewing convenience:
0.443.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted collider on Cothon-212 spaceship, including cargo baffles and all mountable mineral processing units. This will prevent ore poking through the sides of your cargo, should prevent ore from piercing the cargo bay and escaping - however, the whole cargo bay is a bit smaller - up to 50cm in width.
- You can now clearly see where your cursor is in the Onboard Maintenance System when you play with a gamepad or keyboard.
- A bug in the audio subsystem could cause a division by zero, which flooded the logs with error messages and caused performance drops.

Feedback Focus: Changed the physical model of Cothon-212 can make it behave differently, so I'm looking for any glitches related to this ship.
0.443.2 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- When your ship has a low thrust/mass ratio, it will not flip during the initial cutscene, so it can decelerate with your torch all the way.
- Both THI Cargo Containers and NT Mining Companions now count as cargo when placed inside a big enough cargo hold. This will cause your AR1500 manipulator to release them.
- Label for ore that was not identified and marked by your geologist on geologist detail control tab changed from "unclassified" to "unmarked" to be more clear as what it represents.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: No particular focus with this release.
0.444.2 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted cargo bay shapes on Elon Interstellar Model E, so ore hitting the edge between open jaws and ship hull from behind are not counted towards cargo temporarily, thus losing autopilot targeting and geologist marks.
- You will now trigger automatic return protocol when you get into the Encke Gap, over 3005km, just as you get the achievement. Any POI you could have in your save deeper will be moved to maintain savegame compatibility.
- Clicking on the menu buttons when you have the Dive Target Selection screen open will now close it.
- Keyboard focus will move correctly to the last menu item you had selected on Enceladus when you close the Dive Target Selection screen.

Feedback Focus: Surprisingly, the most significant change in this release are the menus at Enceladus - please keep an eye for anything weird going on, especially if you play with a gamepad or keyboard.
0.444.4 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Four fours.
- Background won't turn black on Enceladus when you set the background FPS down to 0 and then change your HUD size.
- AI-controlled ships won't forget that they talked to you when they get grabbed by a docking arm.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.444.5 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Cargo carried in an attached THI Cargo Container will now count towards the "Blue Gold" achievement.
- You won't be able to tell habitats multiple times about the same event.
- Improved performance of the AI by making them a little bit dumber.

Feedback Focus: The most significant change in this release is the AI performance update. It makes it a bit worse at avoiding obstacles but should perform much better in turn. I'm looking for feedback on both the AI being unreasonably stupid as well as any performance improvements. This update is meant to remedy performance issues observed on AMD FX-8350 processors, but the performance improvement should be universal.
0.444.6 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- The "missing child" quest won't conclude unless you had some kind of prior interaction with the search.
- Drop Point for Vilcy won't extend over the 30 days if you ask them about it multiple times - ship is waiting there for you for a set time and it won't wait longer simply because you ask for directions over and over again.
- You can't buy more than one round of drinks at the space bar at a single visit.
- Bartender at The Space Bar won't order the docking arms to smack you into rocks while he is talking to you and taking your orders, even if he is mad at you. Will still make them break your ship if you manage to get on his bad side while docked.
- Added temporary story flags to the dialogue system to make new kinds of interactions possible.
- Ships that lost all the propellant during the astrogation sequence won't be able to finish the jump anymore.
- Power consumption warning levels for the Eagle Prospector HUD were raised to 150MW for warning and 500MW for severe warning to match other HUDs.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch and could stop us from releasing it later today.
0.444.7 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when astrogating with an unusual object held in the salvage manipulator.
- Adjusted Cothon-212 cargo bay shape to make it work as it looks. This does decrease your cargo space a bit.
- Adjusted RSLS Voyager shape on Cothon-212 to make it less prone to choking with ore.
- Fixed typos, expanded translations.

Feedback Focus: The most prominent change is the adjustments in the Conlido Cothon-212, I'm looking into feedback on how it behaves and mines.
0.444.9 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a possible crash if you returned to the station with something unexpected in your cradles.
- Only valid cargo will be shown in the dive summary screen. This prevents having your mining companions from appearing as salvage.
- Multiple installed Point Defence Microwave Generators can now be tuned separately.
- Astrogation targets will not be generated outside of the available game area. Any such targets that were generated before will be adjusted automatically.
- Fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Due to a fixed possible CTD bug, this is a release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.445.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- The Storyteller module is aware that derelicts are valuable and uses that knowledge to present you with a more engaging story.
- Friendly ships will now come closer to you before they hail you.
- Fixed another rare condition that could lead to game crashing when it changed between the Enceladus station and the Rings.
- Fixed several typos.

Feedback Focus: Salvage ops. The storyteller will now consider that some ships are pretty new on the market, others are long-established reliable crafts that are unlikely to break up completely, knows how much profits can be gained from salvage, and will combine all that knowledge to present you with a more engaging story.
0.445.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- When crewmember tells you that they quit once you get back to the station actually quit once you get back to the station, not immediately.
- Times displayed in the astrogation panel menu and the details on the map will match now for all locations.
- Fixed a number of typos.
- Re-phrased quit messages to make it obvious that it doesn't save the game, but does not delete the save either.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch.
0.445.2 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved performance of physics simulation of mass driver bullets.
- Improved collision performance of ships.
- Collected bullets should not pass through the walls of your cargo hold. They can still be displaced through the front if you have a lot of heavy minerals inside.
- Collected bullets won't disappear from your cargo hold when you do rapid manoeuvres.
- Mass driver bullets will now collide with themselves.
- When your crew is getting back from sick leave, but there is no free space left in your craft, "crew leaving active rooster" animation won't play as they are added and immediately removed from your active crew, and their portrait won't pop into the active crew area.
- Improved performance at Enceladus when you are skipping time forward.
- Ores of very high or very low purity won't have exactly the same mineral content anymore.

Feedback Focus: We had some tuning of the game's underlying physics engine, and while it should only improve performance and fix glitches - as with any physics engine tuning, please be on the lookout for new glitches that I could miss.
0.445.4 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted front and rear-facing NTTR thrusters for Tsukuyomi-class frigates so they don't burn ships on clumsy approaches when docking.
- Pirate lifepods caught in a side-mounted cradle have their ownership automatically transferred to the player anymore. This prevented getting bounty when you brought them in the cradles.
- When docking to Big Bad Wolf with an AR1500 Salvage Manipulator, your manipulator arm won't go above the hull of the frigate.
- Pirates discussing monetary exchange with the player should not fire at your ship until they are done talking.
- THI Cargo Container will now wait for your command when detached, even if you manage to sling it away from your ship. If you don't reply for a period of time, it will initiate a return protocol on its own.
- Unusual cargo brought in to Enceladus won't explode in the dive summary screen, even if you give it a lot of time.

Feedback Focus: Most changes were made in the bounty-hunting gameplay loop - interactions with Big Bad Wolf and various evidence-gathering activities. Calling all bounty hunters for the feedback!
0.445.5 just hit the Experimental branch, fixing a nasty bug introduced in 0.445.2 - most of the ships didn't take kinetic damage at all, you could hit them with dozens of bullets without any effect. Fix for this bug will probably mitigate some performance improvements we got in 0.445.2 - because they were caused by damage not being traced. If you experienced good performance with 0.445.2-0.445.4 and it got worse in 0.445.5 - please let me know, I have some ideas on how to fix that. We should still be faster than pre-0.445.2.

Feedback Focus: Performance.
0.447.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Turning off your onboard computer will now make it immune to overheating and short circuit damage.
- New interaction options with pirates. You can now talk to them even while fighting them.
- Fixed a bug that could cause your personal reputation with ships to go over 100%, locking them into specific modes - like not being able to stop firing at you.
- Improved dialogue loading performance.

Feedback Focus: Pirates and computer damage.