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0.514.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Performance enhancement in a number of rendering subsystems. The way the game renders autopilots, lidars and similar vector graphics was changed to use much less memory, in the hope to prevent the L3 cache overflow that was plaguing some systems. While this enhancement is targeted mostly to address the "very bad framerate when AI ships are near" problem, it should improve performance all overboard.

Feedback Focus: Performance. Since the rendering of most of the vector displays was changed, please also be on the lookout for any rendering quirks.
0.514.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved performance of the mineral market. Pooling from improvements introduced in 0.514.0 for HUD and autopilot displays, this release introduces the same optimization to the mineral market.

Feedback Focus: Performance, rendering quirks.
0.514.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved performance of the game when there are thrusters active around your ship, especially when you meet other ships.

Feedback Focus: Performance and stability. New rendering code disposes of some inter-thread locks, which should not be required at all now - but, as with any threading code - this could potentially cause crashes. If you get any, let me know. If you don't - let me know too!
0.514.5 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- If you already have the Vilcy Drop Point coordinates, asking patrols about where to take prisoners won't extend its validity.
- When you travel from one encounter to another one of the same class, you ended up in an empty space instead.
- When your crew goes aboard the derelict ship during a personal quest, they won't open fire on you, even if you fired on the derelict before they boarded it.
- Fixed some typos.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that's worse than in the current stable branch. The significant changes are in the handling of astrogation events you gain in dialogues.
0.514.7 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- When a pirate asks himself for a truce, he won't be hostile when you accept it, even if he really hated you.
- Jury-rigging the components and hitting them again for extra damage won't fix them anymore.
- Fixes some typos.

Feedback Focus: Damage in the Rings and repairs on the station. The damage system changed, while it should not have any really visible effect, please be on the lookout for weird damage-related quirks.
0.514.8 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Replaced EMIE excavator steel plating with an impact-absorbent version.
- The EIME's cargo bay door actuators should now be smoother.
- Adjusted EIME HUD LIDAR fade-out range to make the LIDAR display more usable on medium ranges.

Feedback Focus: EIME. The changes in the physical model were made to address an unexpectedly high bounciness of the craft when you collided with something massive beak-on, which - while following the physics process exactly - could look a bit off. Collisions should now be a bit more plausible. As with any physical model changes, a number of quirks might appear, so please take a close look at how your EIME and its cargo bay behave as you mine.
0.515.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Containers and drones spawning together with your ship could tangle their wavefunctions with each other, resulting in a collision back in the limbo and a collapse to unexpected configuration.
- AT-K225 now comes with Rusatom-Antonoff MPU as stock equipment.
- Fixed incorrect equipment on your K37 when starting a new game.
- Mining companion's microwave dishes appeared to poke through AT-K225 docking bays.
- Fixed racing prediction colours on ships with complex shapes.
- Racing predictions for Cothon-212 are now using the correct size.
- AI of NPC flying Cothon-212 used to think their ships were 30% smaller than they were.

Feedback Focus: AT-K225.
0.516.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed course predictions for ER-42 autopilot that were often offset from the ship.
- New tuning option for haul drones - proximity buffer. Default settings can now depend on the ship you install the drones on.
- You can now mount claim beacons in the frontal docking bays of AT-K225.
- Updated the simplified shape perception of AT-K225 for AI to make drones and ships not ram it.
- Adjusted point defence microwave mounting slots in the docking bays of AT-K225. You can now see the installed dishes.
- Adjusted performance/spawn throttling ranges. This makes the rings more populated with asteroids and prevents flying in empty space when accompanied by multiple mining companions, but the increased load can degrade performance in busy areas.
- On-board processed storage of AT-K225 reduced to 7000kg/mineral. The ship is supposed to rely on cargo containers to carry the cargo.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: AT-K225, ring perceptions and performance. The most significant change in this update is how the game handles the throttling of the asteroids - you will see more asteroids and further away, but you can also see framerate drops, as the increased number of objects has larger requirements for your CPU. Please let me know how this version plays out for you.
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0.516.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Haul drones will release targets that are in cargo holds immediately.
- Fine-tuned physics and simulation range settings.

Feedback Focus: AT-K225, ring perceptions and performance. In this release, I further tuned the physics and simulation range settings. It should now offer better performance, while still maintaining the proper ring density. Please let me know what kind of performance you get from this version.
0.517.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- AT-K225 radiators now fold and roll up when not in use.
- Isolated a physics glitch in the EIME excavator that could cause it to jerk open rapidly when the physics engine reached an undefined state; this could result in both graphical glitches and phantom kinetic damage, which manifested as rapid damage to multiple systems without any apparent impact.

Feedback Focus: EIME physics stability.
0.517.2 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Excavator open with a double-tap will stay open when you enter the OMS screen.
- Mining Companions were excited back on Enceladus Prime station and caused the reconnaissance drone camera to zoom out far more than it should.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on performance.
0.517.4 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted physics settings of the EIME excavator.
- Added missing mipmaps to EIME excavator beak, making it look better when zoomed out.
- When tuning the proximity buffer of haul drones you can now tune them above the default value of your ship.
- AT-K225 reactor can now be damaged by kinetic impacts.
- Removed specks floating near AT-K225 radiator tips.

Feedback Focus: EIME excavator. Recent changes in the physics settings seemed to expose instability resulting in the excavator jerking open. They are infrequent and difficult to pinpoint, so please report any weird glitches going around with EIME.
0.518.0 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- AT-K225 HUD. It is fit by default on all newly acquire AT-K225 ships - but if you acquired one before this patch, you might need to install it yourself.
- Improved performance of some of the graphical displays on all the HUDs

Feedback Focus: AT-K225 HUD.
0.518.5 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed placements and colour schemes of various elements on AT-K225 HUD, including dialogue positions, autopilot overlay text, proximity warnings and others.
- Correct position of the boot screen on AT-K225 HUD.
- Flight data panel moved to the bottom-right on AT-K225 HUD.

Feedback Focus: AT-K225 HUD. I have some vague reports of performance issues, please be on a lookout for these too.
0.518.8 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Workaround for crashes on OSX caused by switching display modes between the full-screen and borderless window.
- Performance improvements in the thruster physics simulations, especially noticeable if you take multiple cargo containers or encounter drone swarms.
- Performance improvements for charts, both in the hardware menu back on the station and on HUDs that use charts (Bald Eagle, EIME)
- Obonto Habitats will now keep your ship 20m further away, making both docking easier and possible to dock large ships safely.
- AT-K225 HUD cargo container display will not fire for haul drone systems anymore.
- Adjusted frequency of music changes and tracks available in different regions of the rings.
- Swapped LIDAR and Visual Feed displays on AT-K225 HUD.
- Taking multiple drones with you won't prevent the game from changing the music anymore.
- Support for new achievements for the AT-K225 ship.

Feedback Focus: Performance and thruster quirks. I expect you to have much better performance flying AT-K225 with cargo containers and better performance near drone swarms - but I changed the way thrusters are handled, so please be on the lookout for any thruster-related quirks, especially with gimballed thrusters and torches. I would also appreciate information if the workaround for OSX systems works.