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0.431.5 hit experimental branch, featuring:
- Stealing drones not owned by you and selling them at Enceladus is considered a hostile act now.
- People won't like when you turn them in for bounties.
- Rescued crews are now grateful.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate.
0.431.7 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- When your comms screen was already full with dialogue, when a new ship approached you, the window sometimes did not scroll to reveal all reply options, showing only the first one. While you could still scroll down with both mouse, keyboard and gamepad to reveal remaining replies, some players missed that.
- It's now easier to pay off your entire bounty if you accumulate one.
- When there was a bounty on you Vilcy sometimes called you with combat dialogue, requesting your support instead of asking to pay up.
- Rescuing stranded friendly ship now counts as a friendly action and will improve your faction standing.
- Abducting a pirate ship will make pirates dislike you.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything that feels worse than in the current stable branch. Final call for feedback.
0.431.9 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Nakamura-Titan Mining Companions cannot be anymore bought for the Bald Eagle.
- Fixed conversations after you look up miner ships in the bounty hunters database - you should now be able to continue conversation if there are no matches.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: Bounty hunting.
0.431.13 hits the experimental branch, featuring changed texture format. This update ships with more texture format to improve hardware compatibility and removes some formats that were causing problems on M1 macs.

Feedback Focus: Graphical glitches, missing textures, performance, video ram usage. This update might affect AMD Radeon card users, M1 mac users and probably more. Please report anything unusual, as well as improvements, if any.
0.431.15 just hit the experimental branch, featuring Big Bad Wolf defense upgrades. As a former military frigate, the Tsukuyomi class ship is now equipped with military-class point defense, able to recognize weak points of hostile craft to neutralize them swiftly.

Feedback Focus: BBW encounters.
0.431.16 hits experimental branch, featuring faction defiance. NPC now can become fully hostile towards you even if you have a really good faction standing.

Feedback Focus: NPC encounters.
0.432.0 hits the experimental branch, featuring:
- Ability to lock cursor to game window.
- Custom hardware cursor shape.

Feedback Focus: New mouse options. Locking the cursor to the window will currently switch it to hardware mode - this is an engine limitation.