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0.547.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Improved background particle performance.
- Improved LIDAR rendering performance.
- Additional performance logging data to reflect the recent disconnect of physics and rendering framerates.

Feedback Focus: Performance, especially framerate stability. The aim of this patch is to address uneven performance.
0.549.1 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- Additional save game slot.
- Roadmap link in the main menu.
- 3 New Achievements.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. As this release contains achievements for things you can already do in the Stable branch, I want to publish it for everyone as soon as possible. Please report anything that works worse than in the Stable branch.
0.549.3 just hit the experimental branch, featuring:
- AI now knows that bumping into ships at any velocity is not okay. This prevents mining companions from bumping into a host ship while collecting high-value ore.
- Fixed main menu alignment on small screens.

Feedback Focus: NT Mining companions behaviour.
0.549.5 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed excessive bloom on HAL-9000 HUD and adjusted some controls to make it more readable.
- Pilots will not freak out and trigger an adrenaline boost when flying with heavy attachments, claim beacons or cargo containers.

Feedback Focus: HAL-9000 HUD.
0.550.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Ore nuggets now vary in size. This slight variance both makes the bare-bay excavation a bit more profitable and should help naturally resolve ore jams in Mineral Processing Units that have bottlenecks. Do note that some jams, just as in real-life equipment, are expected.
- Approaching friendly ships will now take a course that would not result in a collision should their thrusters be damaged. This should probably be a common courtesy in the rings. No one wants 80 metric tons of spaceships with failed RCS ruining their cargo bay.

Feedback Focus: NPC AI behaviour, MPU ore jams. In order to report meaningful feedback on ore jams, please record: your ship, MPU you are using, total time spent in the dive (can be looked up in your ship logs back on Enceladus) and the number of jams experienced. These values will let us determine if the steps taken move us in the right direction.
0.550.1 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- NDCI autopilot will not warn about collisions with light objects, like ore nuggets.
- Sometimes "Serene Ballad" achievement was granted before you met the requirements.
- Fixed dialogue tree for a singer crew.

Feedback Focus: Still looking for feedback on NPC behaviour and ore jams.
0.550.3 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a race condition that could cause game to crash if you brought back and tried to sell a lot of raw ores.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Since this release introduces a bugfix for a save-persistent bug that could prevent people from progressing, I'd like to push it out to the default branch as soon as possible. This release changes how your output is evaluated and sold, so please be on the lookout for any glitches there.
0.550.4 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a bug that caused some ore to not be accounted for in the per-ship rundown of the dive summary screen.

Feedback Focus: Release candidate. Please report anything going worse than in the current stable branch.
0.550.5 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- If you visited a unique destination that hid inside a moonlet, astrogated away before discovering its secret, and then came back - the original moonlet mark could persist as your astrogation target, alongside the newly discovered secret.
- When you had two crewmembers perusing the same quest and one of them left your ship during the conversation, his final farewell line was spoken by the second crewmember instead.
- Going on sick leave will not confuse the quest system anymore.

Feedback Focus: Crew quests.
0.551.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- The geologist panel now contains a LIDAR overlay with range markers, so you can position the detected veins easier.
- Improved contrast of the nearby items on the LIDAR screen inside the OMS menu (Pilot and Geologist tabs)
- Adjusted the scale of the Geologist Vein Map to match that of the LIDAR.
- Pressing the Cancel button on the keyboard (Esc key) or gamepad will now collapse an open section of upgrades in the Hardware menu.
- Installed hardware is now visible in the Hardware menu without opening the sections.

Feedback Focus: New features.
0.551.1 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- On small screens, such as Steam Deck, the dive summary screen could lose focus, requiring you to use a touchscreen in order to sell your output.
- Launch fees will now be listed in the ship logs.

Feedback Focus: General.
0.552.0 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Revised asteroid generation code. Recent improvements in the physics simulation performance and AI performance made it feasible to extend some limits imposed on the physics engine.
- Support for 120Hz monitors.

Feedback Focus: Look of the Rings and performance. The revised asteroid generation code will make the local area you are in look different, with more asteroids available and visible in all directions. Besides a possible performance impact, this might have a lot of other undesired consequences, like making the anomalies harder to find in the noise, impacting the frequency of station encounters and other unforeseen things emerging from the different composition of the local simulation space. When reporting performance issues, please be sure to include logs, as they contain critical performance data.
0.552.2 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Adjusted the event frequency of some very rare events to not be so rare.
- Interlunar transit data in ship logs are now vertically aligned similar to all the other log data.
- Fixed a race condition in the Dealer which could cause severe performance degradation on some systems during a time skip (repairs, services).
- Improved performance of the Dealer.
- Updated translations.

Feedback Focus: The significant changes in this release are the changed dealer ship examination routines and the new event frequency tune. I added a visualization tool that simulated millions of dives to different areas of the rings and plotted the event density map from this; based on this data, I adjusted requirements for some events, which I found to have a one-in-a-million chance, which seemed much too rare for anyone to encounter. In effect, there are additional encounters that you can come across now, that were technically in the game already, but actually encountering them was very unlikely. On the Enceladus, the dealer has new ship initialization routines, which both improve performance and fixes a race condition that could, on some systems, severely degrade performance. Please be on the lookout for any glitches when trading and examining ships.
0.552.6 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- You could hail some derelict ships and send your crew on an EVA mission while being far away.
- Fixed a memory leak that caused memory consumption when spending time on Enceladus to increase each day you spent there.
- Fixed a lag spike that happened on Enceladus when a day passed.
- Improved memory management of the Hardware and Tuning menus.
- After visiting the Tuning or Hardware menu once, the Dealer would start listing new ships much slower.

Feedback Focus: There are fixes in Enceladus ship, time and crew management in this version. Please report any quirks you spot in these areas. If you were affected by performance degradation after staying on the Enceladus station, I'd like to know if this version fixes it for you.
0.552.9 just hit the Experimental branch, featuring:
- Fixed a memory leak that was triggered by storing a dive output. It caused performance degradation and corrupted ship initialization, causing ships with illegal equipment to be spawned.
- Fixed race conditions that could cause the game to crash if you exited the Tuning or Hardware menu quickly after entering it.
- Some entities could travel with you through astrogation when they were not supposed to.
- Fixed a bug that could crash the game when loading a save. All affected saves will be automatically corrected.

Feedback Focus: I would like to call this a release candidate, as it fixes a bug that affects certain playstyles badly, but I still need to gather feedback on performance and the general feel of the rings. Please also report any other quirks you come across.