Weekly Sale: Up to 80% on 2K games | -75% on Mafia III

Killing gangsters and aliens for fun and profit… THAT will be the title of your upcoming autobiography after you adventure into our weekly sale, dedicated to 2K games!
Thirsty for tears and gunpowder? Give a shot to Mafia (-33%), Mafia II (-80%) and Mafia III (-75%). Tommyguns and alligators are a match made in heaven. Who knew.
It takes muscles to dominate New Bordeaux, but it takes neurones to build empires! In Sid Meier's Civilization IV (-75%), explore, expand, exploit and exterminate your way into becoming the dominante civilisation.
Finally, get your hands on the X-COM franchise (up to 80% off) to give your tactical skills a stress-test, or become the space engineer you always wanted to be in Kerbal Space Program (-50%).
The 2K sale ends on May 20th, 10PM UTC.