Release: Startopia

Build and manage an Utopia among the stars!
Startopia, the one of a kind cosmic-themed city building and managing simulation, is now available on for only $5.99.
Envision a gigantic network of starships and space-stations housing a diverse population of alien races living together in harmony. Imagine the thriving intergalactic commerce, the flourishing culture, the booming scientific and technological advancement! Picture the perfect society living in luxury and peace of this utopia--or a Startopia, if you will. I'll have you know that such place really existed until the disastrous intergalactic war brought an end to this cosmic paradise. But not all hope is lost! If you prove to be a capable Stationmaster--skillful in economy, city planning, interspecies politics, and brutal corporate rivalry--Startopia will rise again!
Startopia takes the classic city-builder genre to the stars! Manage a fully simulated alien society of nine distinctive races in which each citizen's mood, needs, and goals can be individually tracked. Supply your station with commerce, security, leisure, and habitation. Design bio-decks and use terraforming technology to shape them to your liking. But these are only some of the tasks that lie ahead of you. All of this will be much easier with the help of VAL--your AI advisor--brilliantly voiced by William Franklyn, the British actor famous for his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio performance.
Prove to be a worthy administrator of Startopia and restore the perfect stellar society to its former glory, for only $5.99!