Release: Star Wars™: Shadows of the Empire

The cult classic strikes back!
Star Wars™: Shadows of the Empire, the beloved action/arcade game set between Episode V and Episode VI, is now available DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.
Who among us hasn't dreamt of being offered a spot in the venerable Rogue Squadron? And when Han Solo himself is the one approaching you to ask for help against the Empire, it's hard to refuse, even if you are the hard-as-nails smuggler Dash Rendar.
The fight will take Rendar, his co-pilot droid Leebo, and his trusty spaceship The Outrider through iconic locations where Star Wars™ history was made. Whether he is taking down AT-ATs on Hoth, fighting off assassins sent after Luke Skywalker, or dueling Boba Fett, the adventures of Dash evoke that unmistakable Star Wars™ vibe that quickly turned him into a fan favorite. Because once you've experienced the varied gameplay and atmospheric cutscenes telling the story of Dash's struggle against the villainous Prince Xizor, you can't help but feel that his exploits are a significant part of the epic saga.
Join the daring Dash Render as he helps the Rebellion escape Star Wars™: Shadows of the Empire, DRM-free on The 20% discount will last until May 9th, 12:59 PM UTC.