Release: Guild of Dungeoneering - Ice Cream Headaches & Pirates Cove Adventure Packs

Welcome to Pirates Cove, Dungeoneers!
UPDATE: A new threat emerges: Ice Cream Headaches
A new bundle of adventure arrives, as it should, with tons and tons of NEW: new quests, monsters and bosses, new Dungeoneers for the guild, loads of new loot, more Bardic tunes, and a new way to play with the brand new Favour mechanic.
The Ice Cream Headaches adventure pack is available now!
Guild of Dungeoneering - Pirates Cove, a downloadable adventure pack for the dungeon crawler with a 180-twist, is available now, DRM-free on
The expansion ships free of charge to everyone who pre-ordered the base game. You can also pick up Guild of Dungeoneering at 30% off until Tuesday, September 29.
In Guild of Dungeoneering, the adventure is you. Or rather, comes to you. It gets in line until you're good and ready for it. Are you ready? Quit being a helicopter-hero and let your Dungeoneers do their own thing, your job is to provide them with the ultimate playing field. Collect unique cards, enjoy some roguelike progression, and a bit of deck-building and craft the perfect adventure. Whether things go as planned, or hilarious wrong, get ready to send some interns to their deaths.
The Pirates Cove expansion features a whole new region of adventure and 21 new quests to swash and to buckle. 3 new Dungeoneer classes await rescue (including the Drunken Sailor and H20Mancer) and two handfuls of new monsters and equippable items are here for a breath a rum-laced air.
Yarr, welcome to the Pirates Cove, available now, DRM-free on