Release: Dark Matter

Note: Following some discussions with Iceberg Interactive, we have been asked to remove Dark Matter from sale while the developer addresses the fact that the game's ending has some problems. The game will remain available for download for anyone who has already bought it. The developers have stated that they are working on a patch as a solution to this, and as we mentioned yesterday, anyone who wants a refund on their copy of their game is free to contact Support and we'll take care of you. Our apologies about this, and we hope that this helps address the problem. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below.
Dark Matter, a Sci-Fi thriller that challenges you to explore the dark corridors of a defunct spacecraft where light is as scarce as the resources you need to survive.
What is Dark Matter? Imagine you're stranded in a giant defunct space exploration vessel, and you are not alone on board. There's an ominous alien parasitic presence lurking at every corner, hiding away in the air-shafts, creeping through the conduits. This is a metroidvania-type title set in deep space, where no one can hear you scream, curse at your enemies, or call for mummy when you're lost in the vast labyrinth of dark corridors. In this non-linear survival and exploration action game you'll be challenged to make it through 14 danger-filled areas designed in the spirit of the darkest gritty hard S-F. With four upgradable guns, crafting mechanics, resource management, dynamic lightning that genuinely affects gameplay, and a reactive soundtrack, this gripping game is sure to stop your heart a few times as you play.